Supervisor and Mentoring Team Guidelines

Expectations of a Supervisor

Supervisors are important partners in the covenant relations between student, congregation or agency, and the seminary.

Each supervisor must be willing to:

  • Submit the site application to the supervised ministry instructor directly. The internship hours required are a total of 200 hours/term. Ordinarily a total of 16 hours, no fewer than 11 hours per week must be completed at the setting or in direct ministry on site. The remaining 5 hours per week may include preparation for class participation.
  • Complete a required supervisor orientation as a prerequisite for mentoring an intern. Orientations are generally held before the start of the term and may be available online
  • Assist the intern in identifying members of the mentoring team. Most will be members of the congregation.
  • Establish and honor regularly scheduled supervisory times with the intern and meet with the intern once a week for at least an hour. See Weekly Time Log.
  • Provide in-process and final assessment.

Supervision Policy:

A supervisor must not be a spouse or relative of the intern, nor the student’s current pastor. Site supervisors must serve at the internship site. If approved by the supervised ministry instructor, an off-site supervisor may serve as the intern’s supervisor.

Mentoring Team Information

All congregational internship settings are required to provide 3 to 5 mentors who will be available to meet with the interns on a regular basis for feedback and support.

Mentoring Team Requirements:

  • The supervisor is not a participant in the mentoring team meetings but should ensure that mentoring team members understand their responsibilities.
  • Mentoring team responsibilities are:
    • ministry reflection
    • prayer
    • support
    • feedback
    • vocational discernment
    • writing mentoring team assessment report is a part of the final assessment
  • The intern sets and communicates the agenda for each meeting.
  • The mentoring team meeting should occur three times per term.
  • Mentoring team feedback is a part of the final assessment: attach a one to two page (maximum) statement from your mentoring team that includes their:
    • assessment of the mentoring relationship
    • assessment of student’s strengths and professional development needs
    • Self-assessment of their work as a mentoring team