Students taking Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) engage in the practice of emotional, spiritual, and pastoral care in clinical settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, or prisons. CPE course credits fulfill the agency/institutional requirement for M.Div. or Dual degree programs. To discern your supervised ministry options, consult with your denominational representative and your instructor. Students may take CPE as general electives.

Degree Requirements

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To identify an accredited CPE program, go to the ACPE directory


Have you
  1. contacted your CPM/BOOM or judicatory representative concerning CPE requirements?
  2. consulted with your supervised ministry instructor concerning your CPE plans prior to applying a CPE program?
  3. applied to the CPE program?
  4. checked for the CPE course designation and carefully reviewed the course overlap policy?


  1. Submit your acceptance letter and tuition invoice to your instructor.
  2. The seminary pays CPE tuition charged by the CPE provider. Students pay the tuition for the academic CPE course only!
  3. Register in SONIS.