Not Presbyterian?

Over 36 percent of our student body come from denominations other than Presbyterian.

While we are historically Presbyterian, we have always and continue to train leaders from many different backgrounds and denominations. UPSem believes that different theologies, backgrounds, and cultures enhance theological education and prepare students to serve the church in the world.

Denominations Represented


United Methodist Information

Union Presbyterian Seminary, on both the Richmond and Charlotte campuses, is fully accredited by the University Senate of the United Methodist Church for the instruction of United Methodist students who seek to be pastors.

UPSem has a consortium agreement with Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC which allows UPSem students to take courses at Wesley. Registration information can be found at the Wesley Theological Seminary website or from UPSem Registrar and United Methodist Advisor Stan Hargraves’ office located in Watts 307, phone 804-278-4379. You can also go directly to the form by going here. Before you submit your application you will need to see Stan Hargraves for a special code that will bypass your needing to have transcripts or recommendations. After submitting your application you will also need a verification letter from the UPSem registrar or dean that you are in good standing.

Because different United Methodist conferences may have different requirements, we have provided you links to specific conference information. Please check with the appropriate United Methodist conference office for the specific requirements of your conference and contact either Tim Moore for the Charlotte campus or Stan Hargraves for the Richmond campus.

You can download a listing of Wesley and UPSem courses that meet common United Methodist requirements for ordination. Please note that travel seminars may or may not meet the mission requirements of a particular conference. Additionally a preaching course is not mandated by the Discipline so not all conferences will require preaching.

UPSem courses will apply to Wesley’s course prerequisites if there are any. Also both seminary’s policies state that students may not take supervised ministry and another course. However students can set up their supervised ministry contract to possibly allow one course as long as they do not overlap.

Wesley Course Listings