Travel Seminars

Every student has an opportunity to participate in our travel seminars.


Middle East: April 22 – May 11, 2018

Theme: Lands of Faith and History

Travel seminar professors: Samuel L. Adams and Carson Brisson

We will walk the places where Jesus lived and had his public ministry, explore famous historical sites like Petra and Masada, and learn more about present challenges in the region, especially among Israelis and Palestinians. This trip offers the chance of a lifetime to grow in one’s faith and experience this vital region.

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Central America: April 20 – May 3, 2018

Theme: Faith, Mission, and Justice in Guatemala

Travel Seminar Professors: Christine Luckritz Marquis and Paul Galbreath

This immersion seminar explores the worship of various faith communities and how those communities relate to the complex context of Guatemala and El Salvador today, a context marked by ethnic diversity, a legacy of armed conflict, and increasing inequality. The group will meet with organizations promoting human rights and working to end violence against women, among others. Throughout the seminar, participants will reflect on what kind of mission engagement by Christians in Guatemala and El Salvador with a special focus on those who have suffered and died as a result of their lives and witness. Two significant foci will guide our trip:

1) Questions of Christian Witness and Martyrdom.
2) Peace and Justice Initiatives, particularly that address issues of indigenous people in Guatemala and El Salvador.

This course meets the Church in the World: Community Witness requirement.

2019   India & Ghana

Exchange Programs

Union Presbyterian Seminary has three exchange programs — with the Institut de Theologie in Montpellier, France; the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea; and the Universitat Bern in Bern, Switzerland.