Union Forum: Reimagining Community and Public Safety

  1. Union Forum: Chaplaincy & COVID-19
  2. Union Forum: What should white Christians do about racism?
  3. Union Forum: Why do racist symbols have to go?
  4. Union Forum: How can Christians respond to unjust policing?
  5. Union Forum: Reimagining Community and Public Safety
  6. Union Forum: Caste and Race: Solidarity Across the Oceans

Unjust Policing Part II: We are hosting a conversation which is designed to acknowledge and move us beyond the current broken law enforcement system. You will be challenged, along with us, to step outside political echo chambers and be uncomfortable.

This is not a debate. We are pondering, “What might God have to say about community and public safety?”

We will center the voices of the marginalized. These are voices often unheard in mainstream discourse and these are the voices that God lifts up; the widows, orphans, aliens, impoverished, afflicted, imprisoned, marginalized, and, dare we say, racialized. We hope that you will not only enjoy this dialogue but be challenged, motivated, transformed, and activated to serve as a co-worker with God.

May we work that God’s Kingdom/ Kindom would come, that God’s will would be done in part through our actions in this world.

Sponsored by Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation and Katie Geneva Cannon Center for Womanist Leadership.


Top photo: Black Lives Matter Youth and Children’s March, Richmond, VA. (Photo by Richmond Free Press.)