Union Forum: Why do racist symbols have to go?

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  3. Union Forum: Why do racist symbols have to go?
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The removal of statues honoring Confederate heroes and Christopher Columbus, and the Confederate flag has long been viewed by some as an infringement upon freedom of speech and erasing history. But what happens when that same freedom of speech is not afforded equally to all? What happens when such freedom of speech incites violence against others? What does it mean for monuments and markers that bear witness to America’s tragic racial history to remain in public places and sacred spaces? How do these symbols continue to shape the identity of our national and local communities? How are they still speaking to us? Why should they go? What should replace them?

Please join us as we seek answers from a panel of theological scholars, clergy, and journalists. Sponsored by Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation and Katie Geneva Cannon Center for Womanist Leadership.

Panelists: Dr. Christine Luckritz Marquis, Host, Associate Professor of Church History Union Presbyterian Seminary Richmond, VA; Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler, Moderator, Associate Professor of Bible Director, Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation Union Presbyterian Seminary Charlotte, NC; Rev. Eboni Marshall Turman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology and African American Religion Yale University Divinity School New Haven, CT; Rev. Dr. Charles Dupree Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Richmond, VA); Steve Crump Steve Crump WBTV Reporter, WBTV News Charlotte, NC


Top photo: Robert E. Lee Monument, Richmond, VA. (photo by Mollie Trainum)