Union Forum: Caste and Race: Solidarity Across the Oceans

  1. Union Forum: Chaplaincy & COVID-19
  2. Union Forum: What should white Christians do about racism?
  3. Union Forum: Why do racist symbols have to go?
  4. Union Forum: How can Christians respond to unjust policing?
  5. Union Forum: Reimagining Community and Public Safety
  6. Union Forum: Caste and Race: Solidarity Across the Oceans

Is God doing a new thing in the world today?

As we have seen years of exploitation and dehumanization of Dalits in the caste system in India, and a similar history unfolding in the United States with African Americans, have we arrived at a new moment? Is the Spirit of the Lord at work in a new way drawing us from our organizing silos into a larger shared intersectional work that explores multiple modes of oppression?

Join a cross-cultural conversation on the common histories of oppression among African Americans and Dalits, the larger global movement to lift the importance of the lives of marginalized peoples, and how we can begin to work together to more effectively struggle for mutual liberation and full equality of every human being created in God’s image.

Co-sponsored by Andhra Christian Theological College and Union Presbyterian Seminary, under the auspices of the seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation and Syngman Rhee Global Mission Center for Christian Education.