Class of 2018 profiles: Rosy Robson prepares for what comes next

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Before Rosy Robson (M.Div./ M.A.C.E) started seminary, she was given a piece of advice: “Everything you do in seminary is preparing you for what comes next. Whether that’s inside the classroom or outside.” Robson has definitely taken that advice to heart.

The Black Mountain, North Carolina, native balanced many activities while taking courses during her time at Union Presbyterian Seminary. She’s had internships at small churches, big churches, and she’s interned at a hospital. She’s also worked different on-campus jobs, including editing copy for Union’s communications office, and helping with events and community worship. She even helped start a new church in Richmond, Virginia.

In the summer of 2016, Robson was part of a hybrid internship and directed study under Visiting Assistant Professor of Evangelism John Vest.

“I was traveling up and down the East Coast and learning about different new worshiping communities — some that were traditional and some that weren’t,” Robson said. “Then I came back and reported my findings to Dr. Vest.” Robson said her research influenced what the new church would look like. The church is called The Joyful Feast and it focuses on the intersection of food and faith.

Before coming to Union, Robson was enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she said her coursework was rigorous. She wanted that same rigor in her graduate studies as well as a supportive academic community, which attracted her to Union. Coming from a big school like UNC, it was a bit intimidating for Robson to be in a smaller environment, but she was encouraged by everyone she talked to about the community at Union.

Robson said her accomplishments at Union have prepared her for the next step. “I think my experiences here have encouraged me to be bold and creative in ministry,” she said.  “Sometimes, that means taking some risks which inherently means that failure will come. It means being bold in proclaiming the Gospel and being bold in ministering to the people, even if that involves creative and new endeavors.”

Her new endeavor is, indeed, a bold one as she has accepted a call to be the associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Richardson, Texas, near Dallas. There, she will focus on Christian education, mission, and outreach and worship.

“In my conversations with them during the interview process, I saw a community that really loves one another and takes care of each other. I am excited to be a part of that community as we learn, grow, and worship together.”

Robson said there is a lot she will miss about Union, especially Wednesdays on campus with worship and community lunch. She will also miss the library and her classmates. “I have quite a few friends who are just a text message away who love to talk church as much as I do.” She will also miss Richmond’s unique and interesting neighborhoods, the tacos at Don’t Look Back, and the breweries in Scott’s Addition. And she will miss The Joyful Feast.

To those thinking about going to seminary, Robson said it’s important to say ‘yes’ to opportunities.

“Sometimes we say ‘no’ out of fear or doubt or the unknown. However, my time here has been enhanced by the different opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Some of them were risky but I’ve learned something from everything that I’ve done.”

Top photo: Rosy Robson at First Presbyterian Church in Richardson, Texas, where she will serve as associate pastor.