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Pamela Fusting graduates from Union Presbyterian Seminary with fond memories, new challenges to listen to how God is calling her to serve, and a Master of Arts in Christian Education degree she earned conveniently online from her home in Baltimore, Maryland.

A California native, Fusting’s career path began as an economist after graduating from UCLA before working in a church. In 2008, she stepped in to assist as an interim director of family ministry at her church in Severna Park, Maryland, when the Christian educator on staff took a sudden medical leave. That interim position eventually became permanent and she served in that position for seven years.

Fusting was attracted to Union because it allowed her to get the theological training and degree needed for that job online. “Union’s Blended Learning Program allowed me to pursue the education while I was working, raising a family and living my life in Baltimore,” she said.

The best part of her seminary experience was twofold. First was the community of people that went through the program with her. “The friendships I have made and the resources and support they offer has been the best part of the seminary journey.” Fusting also said the professors and coursework have been wonderful. “I cannot say enough about Dr. Cindy Kissel-Ito, who served as the advisor to those of us in the program. She has been a mentor, colleague, and friend.”

As for what will happen after graduation, Fusting is listening to God. “I’m going to close no door to whatever God is calling,” she said.  “Although I’m no longer serving in a children’s ministry capacity, I now work with adults and focus most of my attention to assisting with a faith based non-profit.  At the same time, I work with the youth on a volunteer basis.” Fusting said her call has evolved since she started her studies five years ago. She was working with kids, and that has evolved to working with adults and working with those in need in the Baltimore area.

While most of her classes were not physically on campus, there are many things she will miss about Union. “I’ll miss the constant contact and the challenges that were presented in class to consider new ideas,” she said. “I’ll miss the academic rigor, so I’ll have to fill that void.”

If there is one thing Fusting would advise those considering seminary, it would be to be to have an open mind and heart. “Listen to what God has placed in your heart,” she said. “Listen to what those around you are saying. I really had my eyes opened while I was there and I’m really appreciative of that.”