Cross-Registration Process

  1. Explore the course offerings available at our sister institutions, and decide which course you would like to take
  2. Contact the Registrar’s Office (Stan Hargraves or Carolyn Day Pruett) and give them the details of the institution and course you would like to take as a cross-registration.
  3. The UPSem Registrar’s Office will contact the school where you wish to cross-register (also known as the host school) to inquire about availability in the class. If the host school confirms a space is available, you will be registered for the course and it will be entered on your transcript.
  4. You will be billed for tuition by UPSem and your grade will be recorded on your UPSem transcript.
    The UPSem Registrar’s Office is also available by phone at 1-800-229-2990 ex.t 233 or 804-278-4233.
  5. Guidelines for Cross-Registration at Other PC(USA) Schools


Master’s degree-seeking UPSem students in good standing, in Charlotte, Extended Campus Program, or Richmond, and who are members of the PC(USA) may cross-register for courses at any of the other ten theological institutions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Students must be certified in good standing by the UPSem registrar, and certain restrictions (available from the registrar) may apply.  Registration is completed through the UPSem registrar’s office, as part of the regular registration process.

Guidelines for Cross-Registration at Richmond Theological Consortium Schools

Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Richmond campus is a member of the Richmond Theological Consortium (RTC).  Along with UPSem, the RTC is composed of The Virginia Union School of Theology and the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.  The RTC welcomes and facilitates cross-registration among students in its member schools within certain restrictions set by each school, such as space-available, prerequisites met, etc.

A student studying at any member school of the RTC who desires to apply for cross-registration in an elective course contacts her or his school’s Registrar, who in turn makes a formal request to the Registrar at the school where the requested course is to be offered.   The student will be notified by her or his Registrar when the request is decided.

Union Presbyterian Seminary permits its students to apply for cross-registration in electives at other RTC schools, but not for courses that at UPSem are core/required courses.   UPSem does not accept RTC students for cross-registration in its core/required courses unless the Dean of the student’s school and the Dean or the Associate Dean at UPSem have approved the request, and tuition is paid to UPSem before the course begins. Travel seminars may be subject to other restrictions, including but not limited to permission of the instructors in addition to the permissions noted above, and additional costs. The following courses at UPSem are not available for RTC cross-registration unless an exception is granted by the Dean of the student’s school and the Dean or Associate Dean at UPSem.

  • Hebrew I and II
  • Greek I and II
  • NT I and II (MACE and MDiv)
  • OT I and II (MACE and MDiv)
  • History of Christianity I and II
  • Theology I and II
  • Intro to Christian Ethics
  • Intro to Pastoral Care
  • Preaching and Worship (PRA103)
  • The Teaching Ministry of the Church
  • The Christian Life
  • Understanding Congregations and Agencies
  • Group Process and Leadership Skills
  • Theory for Education in Religion
  • Aspects of Human Growth and Development
  • Supervised Ministry and Field Education
  • CPE
  • All doctoral seminars, including INT604 and INT605
  • Directed Studies
  • Travel seminars

Master’s level students at UPSem may cross-register for one elective course (three UPSem credit hours) per term at an RTC school without requesting special permission, up to a limit of nine credit hours in an academic year, and a total of twelve credit hours during the MACE or MATS program, or a total of eighteen credit hours during the MDiv program.  MACE/MDiv dual degree students from UPSem may take a maximum of twenty-four credit hours at other RTC schools.  UPSem students register for all RTC courses through the UPSem registrar’s office, as part of the regular course registration process.

Self Service

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union University

Guidelines for Cross-Registration at Virginia Commonwealth University

Full-time UPSem students in Richmond are eligible to take one graduate-level course at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in each fall or spring term.  Certain restrictions apply (contact the Registrar for details), and VCU courses count toward cross-registration limits defined above under “Guidelines for Cross-Registration at Richmond Theological Consortium Schools.”  Permission to take a VCU course must be given in advance by the associate dean for academic programs.  Students register for all VCU courses through the UPSem registrar’s office. Interested students are asked to direct questions to the UPSem Registrar’s Office.

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Graduate School

Grading Policy for Cross-Registered Courses

UPSem students enrolled in courses at schools with whom UPSem maintains cross-registration agreements will receive the host school’s grades on their UPSem transcript.