Ghana’s Canopy Trail

Today’s Ghanaian journey started at the Kakum National Park in southern Ghana, near the coast. The park’s prominent landscape is tropical forest, accounting for 90% of its area. It is one of three places in Africa with a canopy walk through the trees. Within the park boundaries are 266 species of birds, buffalo, forest elephants, civets, Colobus monkeys, red river hogs, giant forest hogs, pangolins, and dwarf crocodiles.

We experienced the unique canopy trail. It stretches between 7 trees, cross rivers, and ravines. At the end of the trail, we tried fresh coconut water and cocoa. It was naturally sweet and helped us cool down our bodies from the high temperature. It was a wonderful day of engaging nature.

Local experience

We shopped in a souvenir store near the National Park. We tried to bargain as the locals taught us. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. We eventually got assistance from locals.

At the end of the day, we returned to Accra to attend Sunday’s sunrise service at Grace Presbyterian Church. However, we got stuck in a traffic jam, which took us 7 hours to arrive. Most locals couldn’t wait and were tired of cutting in line, making traffic more chaotic. Seeing how locals drive is an interesting observation.

–Peggy Wen
April 27, 2024