City grants Union Seminary request for deferment of Westwood Tract special exception

Union Presbyterian Seminary appeared before the City of Richmond Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) today on its request for a Special Exception to a zoning issue affecting existing structures on 19 acres of the Westwood Tract.

In response to the neighboring community’s request for more discussion about the Special Exception, the seminary asked for — and received — a 30-day deferment on the case.

“Be assured, this action does not affect the seminary’s commitment to the development of the apartment community on the 15-acre portion of the Westwood Tract,” said President Brian K. Blount. “We will work with the neighborhood task force to organize a community meeting in advance of the BZA’s November hearing.”

The Special Exception only affects what happens to the eight homes, physical plant, Rice Apartments, and McGuire Cottage on the eastern 19-acre portion of the Westwood Tract. Without the Special Exception, city zoning requires that the buildings be removed prior to moving forward with planned development of the western 15-acre portion of the tract.

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