UTS Entering Class of 1979 Reunion

A great idea and concept came to fruition this fall as some of our UPSem alumni returned to the Richmond campus for a ‘mini-reunion’! Members of the Union Theological Seminary entering class of 1979 made plans to reunite on campus, September 23 – 25, 2019. Spearheaded by a trio of alums from that class, Susan Forrester DeWyngaert, Sally Hughes, and Roy Martin, planning for the reunion occurred over the past year. Joining them here were Will Berger, Frances Taylor Gench (and Roger Gench), Wally Landrum, Beth Ann Miller, Jane Stewart, Stan Webster, George Whipple (and Janice Whipple).

What a true delight it was for the current seminary community to welcome them back to Union! Students, faculty, staff, and fellow alums who remain here, greatly benefitted by their presence among us…for meals shared, storied remembrances on the old Westminster porch, worship together, a NT class with an esteemed professor (and classmate) Frances Taylor Gench, and lively conversation at table in the Holderness Dining Room!

Alumni Director, Clay Macaulay wrote to those who attended: “We thank you all for enriching us, and our community life, with your return to the seminary some 40 years after you enrolled! Please come again, and invite your classmates to do the same!”

In the Alumni photo gallery, you may see some photos taken during their three-day visit to the Richmond campus in late September. We trust you will enjoy reviewing some of the photos, recalling some of those who enrolled here at Union Seminary in the summer or fall of 1979.