Mandate for Justice: Inside and Outside

This Is a Deserted Place

(Inspired by the Spartanburg Opportunity Center)

By DiAndra Brooks

(based on Matthew 14:13-21)

This is a deserted place.
Who would be in this place?
Jesus. Jesus?
How can Jesus be in this deserted place?
Jesus was here before…alone.
What is Jesus doing here?
He is waiting to see us.
He is waiting to love us.
He is waiting to heal us.

Don’t you see?
This is a deserted place.
We don’t have time.
Have them go back to the community.
I see them!
I love them!
I heal them!

Right Here!

Now it’s time for you to feed them!

We are sitting on the grass
At the feet of Jesus

And there is more…

More food
More healing
More love
More notice
More Jesus

Right Here…

At this deserted place

DiAndra Brooks lives in Spartanburg SC with her husband and five sons. She is a 2nd-year MDiv/M.A.C.E. student at UPsem. DiAndra enjoys running, reading, and cooking. She is still discerning and open to where God is leading her to serve after Seminary.

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