Mandate for Justice: Inside and Outside

A Prayer for Justice in the Everyday

By Emily R.H. Nyce

Today we wake,
even with the sun hidden
behind the rain.
Today we work,
even without a fire of inspiration.
Today we commit,
even with doubts by our side.
Today we love,
even with the fragility of the world
at our fingertips.
Because today is the day
for which we were made.
Today might not be
the harvest.
But today is for seed-planting and
weed-pulling, gratitude
for the garden, and the prayers
that sustain it.
Today we are alive,
and Goodness meets us

Emily Hodges Nyce (she/her) is the founder and director of Yaupon Place at Union Presbyterian Seminary. She was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and has loved this unique land and people since. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious and Intercultural Studies from Eastern Mennonite University (2014), which included a full semester in the Middle East. Emily graduated from Union Presbyterian Seminary with a Master of Divinity (2020). She has also since completed a Certificate in Community Storytelling through The Hearth in Ashland, Oregon. Emily has over a decade of professional experience working in a broad range of churches, non-profits, and volunteering to support local peace efforts. Emily and her husband, Travis, are new parents to their daughter, born in October 2021. When time (and sleep) allows, Emily also enjoys nature walks, poetry, spirituality, cooking, social time with friends and family, and exploring local food scenes.

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