"we are ONE" Campaign

By the grace of God, over $51.2 million has been entrusted to Union Presbyterian Seminary over the past six years. We want you, our faithful supporters, to know how the money is being used and — even more importantly — the outcomes you are making on Union Presbyterian Seminary.

Here is how the seminary is using the entrusted gifts:

Richmond Hall Renovation: $9.1 million

Outcome: Renovations to Richmond Hall are providing improved single student housing, dining services, a recreation center, and community-building opportunities. Offices for the Syngman Rhee Global Mission Center for Christian education will serve as a hub for visiting leaders from developing countries.

Seminary Operations: $8.5 million

Outcome: These funds are dedicated to supporting facility maintenance, utilities, and salaries to sustain the mission of the 205-year-old seminary.

Charlotte Campus Construction: $7.2 million

Outcome: The construction of a permanent campus in Charlotte means we are able to provide theological degree training for 75 second-career students and 150 that graduated from the program; an educational resource for area pastors, educators, and churches; and a spiritual center for over 500 people.

Student Scholarships: $6.2 million

Outcome: Scholarships enable seminary students who need financial assistance to make the most of their theological education.

Christian Education Faculty Chairs: $3.7 million

Outcome: The endowment of two Christian Education faculty chairs equips students seeking a degree in Christian education and offers Christian education training for pastors and educators from developing countries through the Global Mission Center programs.

Faculty Support: $2.8 million

Outcome: Of these funds, $1 million is dedicated to supporting the Charlotte faculty, and $1.8 million supports all other faculty.

Global Mission Center for Christian Education: $2 million

Outcome: The fund will be used for program support and curriculum resources development for the Global Mission Center in Christian education.

Seminary Endowment: $2 million

Outcome: These funds secure the seminary’s financial future.

Communities of Learning Program: $970,000

Outcome: This new summer orientation program prepares incoming students for their theological education and helps build stronger communities on campus. Two-hundred students have benefited from this unique introductory program so far.

Leadership Institute Programs: $820,000

Outcome: Union’s Leadership Institute equips leaders from churches around the country with new skills. To date, more than 1,700 church members and leaders have been served.

Library Without Walls Technology: $560,000

Outcome: The Library Without Walls makes Union library resources available online for alumni and churches around the world.

Evangelism Program: $480,000

Outcome: The Evangelism Program teaches students and churches about church revitalization and development. Two presbyteries and 15 churches, along with Union students, have already participated.

Other campaign funded programs: $6.4 million

Impact: This funding enhances all aspects of Union’s teaching and learning for the purpose of preparing the future generations of church and society leaders here and abroad.

The seeds you have helped plant with your gifts will continue to grow and bear fruit. With your help and God’s help, it is our hope that Union’s service to the Church in the World will be manifested. We extend our gratitude to all who participated in this ministry. You are faithful stewards of God’s Kingdom.

Particularly, we extend our deep appreciation to all the volunteers, campaign cabinet members, faculty, staff, and students whose relentless efforts brought conclusion to the “we are ONE” Campaign. We also remember campaign leaders who have passed on: William W. Berry, Barbara Boyle Lemon, James L. Mays, and Syngman Rhee.


John W. Kuykendall*
Peter A. Bynum*

Elizabeth A. Harkey
William A. White, Jr.

One Ho Park*
Jong Hyeong Lee*

Samuel L. Adams
Richard C. Anderson
Richard N. Boyce*
Katie G. Cannon
Margaret Gardner
Deborah Hodde
John C. Jester IV
Steven C. Lilly
Elizabeth Link
Katherine Belk Morris
Katherine W. Paterson*
John B. Rogers, Jr.*
J. Marcus Shim
Lillian J. Smith
O. Benjamin Sparks III*
Claire W. Trexler
Jane R. Vann

Edward L. Roberson III, Chair
Susan Forester DeWyngaert*
Fairfax F. Fair*
Carol Anne Love Jennison
Anne H. Logan
Matthew A. Rich*
Peter S. Ro



  • Alumni

    • Dr. Charles L. Aaron, Jr.
      The Rev. Nicole P. Abdnour
      Dr. Robert M. Abel
      Mrs. Margaret K. Abernathy
      The Rev. Onsy Y. Abousoliman
      The Rev. Katherine M. Achtemeier
      Dr. P. Mark Achtemeier
      Ms. Adele Acrey
      Mrs. Kitty Wade Adair
      Ms. Jana R. Adams
      Dr. Carol C. Adams
      Mr. Yao Thomas Agbemenou
      Mr. Byong Hyup Ahn
      Dr. O. George Aichel
      The Rev. Gregory F. Albert
      Ms. Esther E. Albertson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Holly P. Albrecht
      The Rev. Fred P. Albright, Jr.
      The Rev. Rebecca D. Albright
      Ms. Fran Ruggles Albro
      The Rev. Blan C. Aldridge
      The Rev. William E. Alexander
      The Rev. Terry L. Alexander
      The Rev. C. Spears Alexander, Jr.
      Dr. James G. Alexander
      The Rev. Merriam S. Alexander
      The Rev. Robert M. Alexander
      Mrs. Charlotte N. Allbright
      The Rev. James H. Allen
      The Rev. Donald R. Allen, Jr.
      Mrs. Barbara S. Allen (Deceased)
      The Rev. Karen C. Allen
      Mrs. Betty E. Allen
      Ms. Alexa J. Allmann
      The Rev. Margaret T. Almeida
      The Rev. Wallace M. Alston, Jr.
      Mrs. Carolyn N. Altrock
      Dr. Paul W. Alverson, Jr.
      The Rev. R. Jackson Alwood
      Mrs. Claudia H. Alwood
      Mrs. Barbara L. Ambrose
      Mrs. June H. Ammirati
      The Rev. Sharon H. Amstutz
      The Rev. David A. Anderson
      The Rev. George C. Anderson
      Dr. David Traynam Anderson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Rebecca M. Anderson
      Mrs. Elizabeth A. Anderson
      Mrs. Millie P. Anderson
      Mr. Charles C. Anderson
      Mrs. Priscilla A. Andre-Colton
      Dr. Richard S. Andrews
      The Rev. Louie V. Andrews, III
      Mrs. Jeannie F. Andrews
      Dr. Nancy C. Andrews
      The Rev. Joshua T. Andrzejewski
      Mrs. Doris L. Apperson
      Mrs. Catherine T. Applewhite
      Ms. Carolyn W. Arbuckle
      The Rev. Billy Archibald
      The Rev. Thomas L. Are, Jr.
      Mrs. Edna S. Armstrong
      The Rev. H. Randolph Arrington
      The Rev. Stephen E. Aschmann
      The Rev. Kimberly Secrist Ashby
      Mr. Cary S. Ashby
      Mrs. Molly Corkhill Ashby
      Mrs. Diana H. Askins
      The Rev. W. James Athearn
      The Rev. John A. Atkinson, Jr.
      Ms. Mary Vivian Atkinson (Deceased)
      Dr. Roxana M. Atwood
      Dr. James E. Atwood
      Dr. Myron S. Augsburger
      Dr. Gary C. Augustin
      The Rev. Lawrence W. Avent
      The Rev. Elizabeth M. Ayscue
      Mrs. Marcia W. Bacon
      Ms. Marian S. Badgett
      The Rev. Hyun Soo Bae
      Dr. Rudy E. Baergen
      The Rev. Ward P. Baggett
      The Rev. Thomas B. Bagnal, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Caitlyn F. Bailey
      The Rev. Melbourne H. Bailey
      Mrs. Beverly S. Bailey
      The Rev. F. Russell Baker
      The Rev. Paul S. Baker
      Mrs. Virginia H. Baker
      The Rev. Susan E. Balfour
      The Rev. Nicole C. Ball
      Dr. Anita J. Baly
      The Rev. Edwin J. Banasiak, III
      The Rev. Rosalind E. Banbury
      The Rev. Janet W. Banker
      Mr. Glenn Q. Bannerman
      Mrs. Rosemary Beachy Banta (Deceased)
      Ms. Amantha L. Barbee
      Ms. Katherine K. Barham
      Dr. John Oscar Barksdale (Deceased)
      Mrs. Edna Miller Barnard
      Dr. Michael D. Barram
      The Rev. Sheila S. Barrick
      Ms. Adelaide Barringer
      Ms. Brenda C. Barrows
      The Rev. D. Clyde Bartges (Deceased)
      Mr. Jonah K. Bartlett
      The Rev. J. Thomas Bashore
      Dr. Stuart G. Baskin
      The Rev. Clarence M. Bassett (Deceased)
      Dr. Matthew D. Bates, Jr.
      Mrs. Cynthia A. Bathgate
      The Rev. Paul R. Bauer
      Ms. Maryjo Baughman
      Mrs. Jan K. Bazow
      Dr. Timothy A. Verhey
      The Rev. Kathryn A. Beach
      Mrs. Lorena S. Beach
      The Rev. Walter E. Beamon
      Mr. David A. Bean
      Mr. Proctor N. Beard
      The Rev. Jack M. Beaver
      Mrs. Ann H. Beckemeyer
      The Rev. Edward K. Beckes
      Mrs. Wynelle Wilson Beecher (Deceased)
      The Rev. Carolyn C. Behrendt
      The Rev. Benjamin C. Behrendt
      Mr. Richard A. Bell
      Mr. Raymond C. Bell
      The Rev. W. Glen Bell
      Ms. Harriette Sue Bell
      The Rev. Catherine Y. Belles
      Mrs. Kathleen S. Bellis
      Ms. Ruth T. Bello
      Mrs. Edye W. Bender
      The Rev. Ivan Lee Benedict
      Mrs. Julia W. Benner
      The Rev. Christopher M. Bennett
      Mrs. Laura Prim Benson
      Mrs. Colleen D. Bentley
      Dr. Wilbur A. Benware
      The Rev. Keith C. Benze
      Dr. Paul S. Berge
      The Rev. Edward B. Bergen
      The Rev. Sara Anne Berger
      The Rev. Betty S. Berghaus
      Dr. Mary Catherine Berglund
      The Rev. James F. Bernhardt
      The Rev. John M. Best
      Mrs. Eileen B. Best
      Ms. Jeanette A. Bethea
      The Rev. Richard E. Bethune
      The Rev. Thomas J. Biery
      The Rev. Thomas Tucker Biggs (Deceased)
      Mr. David Nignan Bindati (Deceased)
      Mr. Lynn F. Binnie
      The Rev. Mary Jean Bird
      The Rev. Edwin L. Bishop
      Mrs. Gretchen N. Bishop
      Dr. James R. Black
      Dr. Robert E. Black
      Mr. Thomas R. Blackshear
      The Rev. Ronald T. Blade
      Ms. Cynthia L. Blaine
      Dr. William E. Blake, Jr.
      The Rev. Nancy R. Blakely
      The Rev. Charles E. Blakely
      The Rev. Louise B. Blanchard
      The Rev. W. Powell Bland, Jr.
      Mrs. Luanne C. Blankenship
      The Rev. Darla J. Blatnik
      Mr. John S. Bleakly, Jr.
      The Rev. Robert Bluford, Jr.
      Mrs. Katherine Blumer
      Ms. Katherine A. Boardman
      Dr. Donald F. Bobb
      Dr. Robert P. Boell
      The Rev. Eugene J. Boelte
      The Rev. Dr. William W. Boldin
      Mr. Lawrence E. Bolt
      The Rev. Gregory G. Bolt
      The Rev.  Dr. John W. Bolton
      Mrs. Miriam E. Bolton
      The Rev. Charles Booker-Hirsch
      The Rev. Nelle McCorkle Bordeaux
      The Rev. Thomas P. Borland
      The Rev. Hendrik J. H. Bossers
      The Rev. Leonard G. Boswell
      Dr. Donald N. Bowdle (Deceased)
      Dr. David H. Bower
      The Rev. Clyde F. Bowie, Jr.
      The Rev. George W. Bowman, III (Deceased)
      The Rev. Mary Henderson Bowman
      Dr. Richard N. Boyce
      The Rev. L. Adlai Boyd
      The Rev. Richard C. Boyd
      Mrs. Shirley Gibson Boyd (Deceased)
      The Rev. Keith E. Boyer
      Mrs. Rita L. Boyer
      The Rev. Grace E. Boyer
      The Rev. Grace E. Boyer
      Dr. John M. Bracke
      The Rev. David M. Bradley
      The Rev. Walter Lee Bradley (Deceased)
      Mrs. Theresa K. Bradley
      Dr. William W. Branch, Jr.
      Mrs. Elizabeth R. Branch
      The Rev. Richard A. Brand
      The Rev. Troy S. Braswell
      The Rev. Donald E. Bratton
      The Rev. Robert M. Brearley
      The Rev. John C. Brearley
      Mrs. Marietta E. Breidenthal
      Dr. E. Harold Breitenberg, Jr.
      The Hon. Robert S. Brewbaker, Jr.
      Mrs. Betty H. Brice
      Ms. Pamela R. Bridgeforth
      Dr. Carl B. Bridges, Jr.
      The Rev. Stewart G. Bridgman
      Mrs. Anna D. Bridgman
      The Rev. Larry Ann Bridgman (Deceased)
      The Rev. Ralph G. Bright
      The Rev. Billie Starr Brightwell (Deceased)
      Mr. Chaille M. Brindley
      Ms. Susan L. Broaddus
      Ms. Angier Brock
      Ms. Vikki Lynn Brogdon
      The Rev. Jerry D. Bron
      Dr. Claire V. Brooks
      The Rev. Joe W. B. Brooks
      Mrs. Isabelle Ford Brooks
      Ms. P. Ann Broom
      Dr. John A. Brothers, Jr.
      Dr. J. Theodore Brothers
      Dr. Sandra R. Brown
      The Rev. William Brown (Deceased)
      The Rev. William P. Brown
      The Rev. Hoffman F. Brown, III
      The Rev. Matthew S. Brown
      The Rev. Karen  V. Brown
      Mrs. Wendy B. Brown
      Mrs. Martha H. Brown
      Mr. Angus T. Brown
      Ms. Doris Jean Brown
      Mrs. Dora Lee Brown
      Mr. William H. Brown
      The Rev. Robert D. Brown
      Mr. Wilfred H. Brownfield, II
      The Rev. J. Malcolm Brownlee, Jr.
      The Rev. Vernon S. Broyles, III
      The Rev. Robert H. Brozina
      The Rev. William P. Bruening
      Mrs. Carmen M. Brushwood
      Mrs. Cornelia H. Bryans
      Dr. Robert A. Bryant
      The Rev. Ralph L. Buchanan (Deceased)
      The Rev. William S. Buchanan
      Dr. Clinton O. Buck
      The Rev. Ronald W. Buckalew
      Mr. Efrain P. Buenfil
      The Rev. Marie L. Buffaloe
      Mrs. Margaret Smith Buford (Deceased)
      The Rev. James R. Bullock, Jr.
      The Rev. Dr. Daris S. Bultena
      Mr. James D. Bundrant
      Mrs. Jackie L. Bundy
      Mr. Daniel H. Burch
      Mr. John R. Burger
      Dr. D. Wayne Burkette
      Dr. Robert E. Burkhardt
      Dr. H. Denmark Burnette
      The Rev. Jonathan L. Burnham
      The Rev. Robert S. Burns
      Mrs. Gloria P. Burns
      Mrs. Melvina H. Sprunt Busby
      The Rev. Mary Ann Buscher
      Mr. John E. Bush
      The Rev. Amy L. Busse
      The Rev. Gerald A. Butler
      The Rev. Henry D. Butler
      Mrs. Heather L. Butler
      Ms. Cornelia M. Butler
      Mrs. Susan B. Butterworth
      Mrs. Kristina H. Button
      Mr. Robert J. Button
      Mr. Earl W. Button
      The Rev. Peter A. Bynum
      Dr. Helen B. Byrd
      The Rev. Stephen W. Caddell, II
      The Rev. Clifford D. Caldwell (Deceased)
      Mrs. Louise P. Caldwell
      Mr. Jason S. Callahan
      Mrs. Robin G. Callahan
      Dr. Phillip G. Camp
      Mr. Frank A. Campbell, Jr.
      The Rev. J. Gary Campbell
      Dr. Charles L. Campbell
      The Rev. Virginia S. Campbell
      Mrs. Jenna M. Campbell
      The Rev. Sally J. Campbell-Evans
      The Rev. Gene E. Canestrari (Deceased)
      The Rev. Veronica E. Cannon
      The Rev. Amelia B. Cannon
      Dr. William G. Caperton
      Mrs. Irene Dixon Caperton
      Mrs. Kay L. Carleton
      Dr. Richard P. Carlson
      Mrs. Sadie Mansell Carlson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Charles M. Carlsson, Jr.
      Ms. Elizabeth A. Carlstrom
      Ms. Alison Carmack
      The Rev. George C. Carpenter
      The Rev. Katherine L. Carpenter
      The Rev. C. Owen Carriker, III
      Mrs. Cheryl A. Carson
      The Rev. Kevin M. Cartee
      The Rev. Richard Hughes Carter (Deceased)
      Mr. William C. Caruso
      Mrs. Rebekah K. Caruso
      Mrs. Ellen M. Caruthers
      Mrs. Anita M. Carwile
      Dr. Fernando A. Cascante
      Mrs. Bette B. Case
      The Rev. Katherine H. Cashwell
      Ms. Whitney C. Caswell
      The Rev. Stella D. Causey
      The Rev. John N. Causey
      The Rev. David J. Causey
      The Rev. H. Starke Cauthorn, III
      Mrs. Gloria S. Cauthorn
      Ms. Roberta B. Cauvel
      The Rev. Gary D. Cecil
      Mr. Scott R. Chambers
      The Rev. Robert F. Chambers
      Mrs. Louise Pendergast Chambers
      The Rev. R. Proctor Chambless, Jr.
      The Rev. Barry W. Chance
      The Rev. Doris E. Chandler
      Dr. Sung Hee Chang
      Mr. Lawrence C. Chapin, Esq.
      The Rev. George W. Chapman, III
      Mrs. Myra H. Chapman
      The Rev. William Henry Chappell
      Dr. Gary W. Charles
      Dr. Carole F. Chase
      The Rev. George A. Chauncey
      The Rev. Nicholas T. Cheek
      Mrs. Sandra Sung Chen
      Mrs. Chien Shou Lu Chen
      Mrs. Ruth Ramsay Cheney (Deceased)
      Mrs. Charlotte F. Chesnutt
      The Rev. Stewart L. Childress
      Ms. Nicole L. Childress
      Mrs. Janet A. Chin
      The Rev. Janet D. Chisom
      Dr. Nam Hong Cho
      The Rev. Hun Jung Cho
      The Rev. Dwight O. Christenbury, Jr.
      The Rev. Dwight O. Christenbury, III
      Dr. Richard L. Christensen
      Ms. Damaris E. Christensen
      Dr. William E. Christian
      The Rev. Huw Christopher
      Mrs. Grace Chung
      The Rev. Kiel Soo Chung
      The Rev. Moffett S. Churn
      The Rev. Theodore E. Churn
      The Rev. Michael O. Clang
      The Rev. William M. Clark (Deceased)
      The Rev. Robert N. Clark
      The Rev. William N. Clark, Jr.
      Mrs. Greta S. Clark
      Mrs. Mary Lee Clark
      Mrs. Jane A. Clark
      Dr. T. Erskine Clarke
      The Rev. Carol J. Clarke
      The Rev. Thomas C. Clay (Deceased)
      The Rev. John M. Cleghorn
      Mrs. Elaine H. Cleland
      The Rev. Eldon Von Clemans
      The Rev. Richard A. Clements, Jr.
      The Rev. Lynne T. Clements
      Dr. A. J. Edwin Clever
      The Rev. Mary B. Click
      The Rev. Randall K. Clow
      Mr. Allan N. Clower
      Dr. Louis R. Cobbs
      The Rev. Larry J. Cochran
      Dr. William G. Cockrill
      Dr. R. Gent Cofer
      The Rev. David G. Coffey, Jr.
      Dr. C. McDonald Coffey (Deceased)
      The Rev. E. Allen Coffey
      The Rev. James A. Cogswell
      Mrs. Margaret Griffin Cogswell (Deceased)
      The Rev. G. Wayne Cole
      Ms. Helen Ruth Cole (Deceased)
      The Rev. Dr. Milondra B. Coleman
      Mrs. Romona K. Colglazier
      The Rev. James M. Collie
      The Rev. Roger M. Collier
      Mrs. Nancy D. Collins
      Mrs. Jane C. Collins
      The Rev. Cheryl N. Colt
      The Rev. Daniel J. Commerford
      Dr. Michael B. Compton
      Dr. A. Mark Conard (Deceased)
      The Rev. Michael T. Condrey
      Dr. Joseph F. Condro
      The Rev. Ira D. Conley (Deceased)
      The Rev. George M. Conn, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Judith K. Conn
      The Rev. Edward G. Connette, Jr.
      Dr. Albert S. Connette
      Mr. James N. Connor
      Dr. John G. Cook
      The Rev. Walter G. Cook
      Ms. Jessica L. Cook
      Ms. Donna M. Cook
      The Rev. Ruth Diane Cooke
      Mrs. Margo R. Cooke
      Dr. William G. Cooley
      The Rev. Jean Hill Cooley
      The Rev. Gale H. Cooper
      Dr. Brant S. Copeland
      Mrs. Andra W. Copeland
      Mr. R. Matthew Copple
      Mrs. Sheila K. Cordle
      The Rev. Keith A. Cornfield
      The Rev. Jesse M. Corum, III (Deceased)
      The Rev. Peter G. Cosby, III (Deceased)
      Dr. Richard H. Coston
      The Rev. Susan H. Cothran
      Mrs. Mary E. Cottingham
      Mrs. Cheryl Couch-Thomas
      The Rev. Dr. W. Riley Covin
      The Rev. John W. Cowan
      Ms. Dorothy H. Cowan (Deceased)
      Mrs. Dakie C. Cowan
      The Rev. Charles C. Cowsert
      The Rev. Claude E. Cox
      The Rev. Kay M. Cox
      The Rev. C. William Cox
      The Rev. Celestine S. Cox
      Mrs. Mary Lou Cox
      The Rev. David B. Cozad
      The Rev. F. Edward Craft
      The Rev. Scott T. Crane
      The Rev. April Cranford
      The Rev. W. Dudley Crawford
      The Rev. Dr. A. Elaine Crawford
      Mrs. Carolyn J. Crawford
      Mrs. Sylvia P. Crawford-Davis
      Mr. Michael R. Creasman
      Mrs. Mary P. Creed
      The Rev. Jana Light Creighton
      The Rev. Robert H. Crewdson
      Mrs. Lisa Thompson Cross
      The Rev. Thomas E. Crowder
      Dr. Robert H. Crumby
      Mrs. Barbara H. Crump
      Dr. Robert S. Crutchfield
      Ms. G. Rachel Culler
      Mrs. Kathy G. Culley
      The Rev. Cecil G. Culverhouse
      The Rev. Frank L. Cunningham, III
      Dr. Ruth D. Currie
      Dr. Thomas W. Currie
      The Rev. Suzanne Z. Currie
      Ms. Elizabeth Jeannette Currie (Deceased)
      Dr. B. Madison Currin (Deceased)
      Dr. Richard C. Cushnie
      The Rev. William D. Cushnie
      Mrs. Margaret Williams Dail (Deceased)
      The Rev. James W. Dale
      Ms. Helen E. Dalrymple
      Dr. Russell W. Dalton
      Dr. E. Randolph Daniel
      Dr. A. Andrew Das
      The Rev. Kirk A. Dausman
      Miss Emma K. Davenport
      The Rev. Charles N. Davidson, Jr.
      Mrs. Erin B. Davidson
      The Rev. Denton T. Davidson
      The Rev. Michael R. Davis
      The Rev. Kenneth K. Davis
      Dr. M. Ott Davis (Deceased)
      The Rev. Russell Reid Davis (Deceased)
      Dr. James C. Davis
      Dr. Donald Mark Davis
      The Rev. Rebecca L. Davis
      The Rev. Shelton D. Davis
      The Rev. Jonathan R. Davis
      The Rev. Jordan B. Davis
      Mrs. Doris G. Davis (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sharon K. Davis
      Mrs. Harriet Stimson Davis (Deceased)
      The Rev. Creed S. Davis, Jr.
      Ms. Susan C. Davis
      The Rev. Frank A. Davison
      The Rev. Nancy B. Dawson
      Chaplain Lewis E. Dawson
      Dr. Kathy L. Dawson
      The Rev. Betty G. Dax
      Mr. William O. Day, Jr.
      The Rev. Jennifer L. Day
      Dr. Daniel Jacobus deBeer
      The Rev. Robert W. Debnam
      The Rev. Deborah R. DeBoer
      Mrs. Elizabeth D. Degges (Deceased)
      The Rev. W. Guy Delaney
      The Rev. Elena E. Delgado
      The Rev. Nathan Dell
      Mr. Charles A. Demm
      The Rev. Robert S. Dendy
      Dr. William A. dePrater, III (Deceased)
      The Rev. Margaret L. dePrater
      The Rev. Lucy M. Der-Garabedian
      Mr. Roger A. DeSalme, Jr.
      Mrs. Catherine M. Devins
      The Rev. Susan F. DeWyngaert
      The Rev. James F. Dickenson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Daniel D. Dickenson, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. David A. Dickerson
      Dr. Glenn W. Dickson
      The Rev. Sarah T. Diehl
      Ms. Maureen Diffley
      Ms. Gladys R. Dillard
      The Rev. Frances D. Dille
      Mrs. Sherilyn Dittman
      The Rev. Harry T. Dixon, Jr.
      Ms. Jo Ann Dixon
      Mrs. Sara A. Dixon
      The Rev. Sue Dobbs-Key
      Mrs. Janice W. Dobson
      Mrs. Estelle P. Dominick
      Dr. Renny Domske
      The Rev. Ellen M. Donnan
      The Rev. Edward W. Donnell
      Dr. Malcolm C. Doubles
      The Rev. Tonya M. Douce
      Mr. Thomas E. Dougherty, III
      The Rev. Mindy Douglas
      The Rev. Delano P. Douglas
      Dr. Felecia T. Douglass
      Mrs. Ann B. Downs
      The Rev. Willard N. Doyle
      The Rev. Belle Drake
      Mrs. Amelia A. Dress
      Mrs. Catherine S. Drum
      Mrs. Susan Drumwright
      Dr. William T. DuBose
      Mr. Tyler J. Duckworth
      The Rev. John C. Dudley
      The Rev. Kathryn G. Dudley
      The Rev. David M. Dudley
      Mrs. Peggy A. Dufek
      The Rev. Jill J. Duffield
      Dr. William H. Duke, Jr.
      Dr. Angela S. Duncan
      Mrs. Shirley S. Duncan
      Mrs. Licia F. Duncan
      Dr. Robert E. Dunham
      Mrs. Leslie S. Dunham
      Mrs. Carol R. Dunlap
      The Rev. Sarah M. Dunson
      Dr. Robert C. Dunston
      The Rev. Charles M. Durham
      Ms. Clarisse Durnell
      Mrs. Kathleen DuVal-Joynt
      Dr. David H. Dyer
      The Rev. Robert J. Dyer
      The Rev. William A. Dysard, Jr.
      Ms. Margaret Ann Dyson
      The Rev. Cecil O. Eanes
      Mr. James L. Earhart, Jr.
      The Rev. Glenn S. Edgerton, Jr.
      Dr. Christopher H. Edmonston
      The Rev. Gene B. Edmunds
      Mrs. Barbara S. Edwards
      Ms. Kathleen Egger-Price
      The Rev. John C. Elam
      Mr. Derek Bo Elkins
      Mrs. Tama Rebecca Eller
      Mr. Roger Kent Elliott
      The Rev. Charles D. Elliott
      Mrs. Caryl K. Elliott
      Mr. Marshall H. Ellis
      Mrs. Marilyn S. Ellis
      Mr. Robert L. Ellis
      The Rev. Jeffrey Paul Ellis
      The Rev. Nadine Lynn Ellsworth-Moran
      The Rev. Stephen T. Emick
      The Rev. Roland L. England, Jr.
      Dr. Hans Engler (Deceased)
      The Rev. Kerra Becker English
      Ms. Marian E. English
      The Rev. Larry Lakeith Enis, Jr.
      The Rev. Edgar L. Ensley, Jr.
      Dr. Eugene Curtis Ensley (Deceased)
      Ms. Leah Elizabeth Epps
      The Rev. Richard Erikson
      The Rev. Daniel H. Ervin
      Mrs. Myrna L. Erwin
      The Rev. Nancy C. Essig
      Dr. Bradley K. Estep
      Mrs. Evalyn M. Estes
      The Rev. Dr. Alexander W. Evans
      The Rev. Leila Eden Evans
      Ms. Christina Nicole Evans
      Mrs. Jennifer K. Evans
      Mrs. Virginia T. Evans
      Dr. A. Joseph Everson
      Mrs. Barbara N. Ewing (Deceased)
      The Rev. Lisa Eye
      Dr. Jo D. Faddis
      Dr. Fairfax F. Fair
      The Rev. LoAnn C. Fairman
      Ms. Brenda Thyressa Faison
      Dr. Benjamin W. Farley
      The Rev. Thomas Keith Farmer
      Mrs. Ellen A. Farrior
      The Rev. Eric M. Faust
      Mrs. Julia N. Fegley
      Dr. J. Brett Fenwick (Deceased)
      Dr. Enikö Ferenczy
      Ms. Carol H. Ferguson
      Ms. Ann E. Ferguson
      Ms. Heather H. Ferguson
      The Rev. Robert H. Fernandez
      Dr. James F. Ferry, Jr.
      The Rev. Robert A. Fiedler
      The Rev. Dusty Kenyon Fiedler
      The Rev. Katherine Fiedler
      The Rev. Robert F. Field
      The Rev. Robert Ernest Fields, Jr.
      Ms. Ruth B. Finley
      Mrs. Pauline M. Finney-Moore
      The Rev. Merle Leroy Fisher, Jr.
      Dr. George H. Fitzgerald
      The Rev. Charles G. Fitzpatrick
      The Rev. Ernest H. Flaniken
      Mrs. Mary Louise G. Flaniken
      Mr. Harvey A. Fleming, Jr.
      The Rev. Ragland N. Fletcher
      The Rev. James S. Flora
      The Rev. Louis A. Florio, Jr.
      The Rev. Gloria W. Flowers
      Dr. W. Robert Floyd (Deceased)
      The Rev. Jane Brawley Fobel
      The Rev. Margaret Anne Fohl
      The Rev. Miriam Moore Foltz
      The Rev. Joseph J. Fontana
      The Rev. Richard A. Forbes, Jr.
      The Rev. Bruce E. Ford
      Dr. Roy N. Ford, Jr.
      Dr. Ann E. Fordham
      The Rev. Nancy L. Forinash
      Mrs. Ruth Hafner Forlines
      The Rev. P. Edward Forsyth
      The Rev. Kerry Foster
      Dr. W. Maynard Fountain, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Rosanna Barnes Fountain (Deceased)
      Dr. Lewis W. Fowler, Jr.
      Mrs. JoAnn G. Fowler
      The Rev. Margaret A. Fox
      Dr. Susan E. Fox
      The Rev. Aaron D. Frank
      The Rev. Arthur Howell Franklin
      The Rev. Janice Louise Fraser
      The Rev. James T. Frazier
      The Rev. Steven L. Frazier
      Ms. Susan L. Frazier
      The Rev. David Ralph Freeman (Deceased)
      The Rev. Robert O. Freeman
      The Rev. William R. Freeman
      The Rev. Dr. Charles Spence Freeman
      Mrs. Mary B. Freeman
      The Rev. Berry G. French, III
      Mrs. Lydia Nomi Frias
      Mrs. Margaret H. Frissell
      Mr. David Robert Fronk
      The Rev. Kary Ann Fry
      Mrs. Frances C. Frye
      Mr. Larry F. Fuller
      Mrs. Dawn B. Fullerton
      Mr. Kenneth D. Fuquay
      The Rev. Fred Dewitt Furrow, Jr.
      The Rev. Carol B. Gailey
      The Rev. A. Willis Gaines, Jr.
      The Rev. Herbert F. Gale, Jr.
      Dr. Lewis F. Galloway
      Ms. Bernardita M. Galolo
      Dr. Connolly C. Gamble (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sarah Belk Gambrell
      The Rev. Jean Y. Ganzel
      The Rev. Julius S. Garbett (Deceased)
      Dr. Freda A. Gardner
      The Rev. Gordon F. Garlington, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Gordon F. Garlington, III
      Dr. Ophelia E. Garmon-Brown
      Mrs. Cecilia Turnage Garner
      Mrs. Molly M. Garnett
      Mrs. Shirley M. Garren
      The Rev. Benjamin Rhyne Garris
      The Rev. John D. Garrison
      Dr. David K. Garth
      Dr. Jennifer L. Garvin-Sanchez
      The Rev. Joseph S. Gaston
      The Rev. Arthur S. Gatewood
      The Rev. James E. Gayhart
      Mrs. Mary Francis Beckner Gaynor
      Ms. Molly A. Gee
      The Rev. Patricia S. Geerdes
      The Rev. Philip R. Gehman
      Ms. Diane E. Gehman
      The Rev. Miriam C. Gelfer
      Dr. Frances Taylor Gench
      Mr. Charles Michael Gentilini
      The Rev. Calvin P. Gentry
      The Rev. Matthew Lewis George-Drumheller
      The Rev. Claire George-Drumheller
      Mrs. Kathrine F. Getske
      Ms. Jean L. Gettys
      Mrs. Diane Bell Giannola
      Dr. John G. Gibbs
      The Rev. Ann R. Gibbs
      Dr. J. Sherrick Gilbert
      The Rev. Carter B. Gillespie
      The Rev. Leigh B. Gillis
      Dr. Bryce Ronald Gilmer, II
      The Rev. Philip K. Gladden
      The Rev. Robert M. Glasgow
      Mr. Joseph E. Glaze
      Mrs. Carolyn R. Gleaton
      The Rev. James R. Glenn, III
      The Rev. Kimberly Baker Glenn
      Mrs. Louise D. Glover
      Ms. S. Eleanor Godfrey
      Mrs. Frances B. Godwin
      The Rev. Eric F. Goforth
      The Rev. Aimee Goldmeyer
      The Rev. Dan Elliott Goldsmith (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ellen E. Good
      Dr. James C. Goodloe, IV
      The Rev. John R. Goodman
      Dr. William R. Goodman, Jr.
      The Rev. William C. Goodnight, Jr.
      Mrs. Elisa Gonzales Goodson
      The Rev. Gregory A. Goodwiller
      Mrs. Helen Jenkins Goodwin
      The Rev. Marina C. Gopadze
      The Rev. Howard H. Gordon, Jr.
      Mrs. Bettie Kersey Gordon (Deceased)
      The Rev. L. Monica Gould
      Mr. Everett Earl Gourley, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Jane T. Govan
      The Rev. W. Stephen Goyer
      Mr. Daniel Graber
      Mrs. Ann Elmore Graham
      Mrs. Janice T. Grana
      Dr. James Henry Grant, Jr. (Deceased)
      Ms. Catherine M. Grant
      The Rev. J. Segar Gravatt
      The Rev. L. Spottswood Graves, Jr.
      The Rev. Lucius A. Gray
      Mr. Owen J. Gray
      Colonel George H. Gray
      The Rev. Dawes B. Graybeal
      The Rev. Robin A. Greene
      The Rev. Patricia H. Greene
      The Rev. Henry D. Gregory, IV
      Mrs. Judy W. Gregory
      The Rev. Rachel B. Greiner
      The Rev. L. Frederick Griffie
      Mrs. Leila Stephens Griffin
      Lt. Col. Ralph A. Guetersloh
      Dr. R. Yale Gunn
      Mrs. Landis C. Gunn (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margaret B. Guthrie
      Mrs. Ernestina M. Gutierrez
      Dr. Jong Kwan Ha (Deceased)
      The Rev. William E. Habicht
      Dr. R. Jackson Haga
      Dr. Anne Judkins Hager
      The Rev. Kitty Hahn-Campanella
      The Rev. David L. Hale
      Mrs. Elizabeth B. Hale
      Mrs. Marcia L. Hale
      Dr. T. Hartley Hall, IV (Deceased)
      Ms. Anne L. Hall
      Mrs. Gin Reid Hall
      Dr. Patricia R. Hall
      Ms. Mary S. Hall
      Mrs. Ann Hartzog Hall
      Ms. L. Victoria Hall
      Dr. Hugh F. Halverstadt
      Ms. Kelly D. Hames
      The Rev. F. Chancellor Hamilton
      The Rev. John G. Hamilton
      Mr. Richard M. Hamm
      Mrs. Campbell W. Hammill
      The Rev. Lisa A. Hampson
      Mr. Laurence M. Hamric
      The Rev. John H. Haney
      The Rev. Ronnie A. Hankins
      Mrs. Virginia Albertson Hanks (Deceased)
      The Rev. Shelby Etheridge Harasty
      Mrs. Sara Goodson Haraway
      Dr. Richard T. Harbison
      Mrs. Carolyn R. Hardy
      Mrs. Vivian M. Hare-Grogg
      The Rev. Phillip L. Hargrove, Jr.
      Mrs. Lucille W. Harkey
      The Rev. Peden E. Harley
      Mr. Thomas W. Harley
      The Rev. Melissa L. Harmon
      Dr. Curtis P. Harper, Jr.
      Mrs. Elisabeth S. Harper
      Dr. Alan F. Harre
      Dr. Albert G. Harris, Jr.
      The Rev. J. S. Randolph Harris
      The Rev. Carol Ann Moore Harris
      The Rev. Kelsey H. Harris
      Mrs. Amy Johnson Harris
      Ms. Sandra L. Harris
      The Rev. L. Randolph Harrison (Deceased)
      Ms. Vera M. Harrison
      Mrs. Elnoria Lofton Harrison
      Mrs. Katherine Harrold
      Mrs. Katherine W. Hart
      The Rev. John B. Hartman, II
      The Rev. Walter H. Hartmann (Deceased)
      Ms. Marian Hartness (Deceased)
      The Rev. Vaughn E. Hartsell
      Mr. Charles R. Hartzell, III
      Mr. Gregory R. Hartzler-Miller
      The Rev. Collier S. Harvey, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. E. Bruce Harvey, Jr.
      Mrs. Betty M. Harvey
      Mrs. Margaret K. Harwell
      The Rev. John E. Harwood, Jr.
      The Rev. John R. Hastings
      The Rev. Charles R. Hasty
      The Rev. William D. Hasty, Jr.
      Mrs. Lois D. Hasty
      The Rev. James B. Hatch
      The Rev. William L. Hawkins
      Ms. Annie Vanessa Hawkins
      The Rev. Jimmie R. Hawkins
      The Rev. Richard D. Hawks
      Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hayes
      The Rev. R. Talmadge Haynes, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Martha Farr Haynes (Deceased)
      Mrs. Judy C. Hays
      Dr. Holly E. Hearon
      Ms. Nancy B. Heath
      The Rev. Marilyn A. Heckstall
      The Rev. William C. Hedrick
      The Rev. Paul D. Heidt
      The Rev. Marilyn E. Hein
      The Rev. Barton L. Hellmuth
      The Rev. Everett A. Hellmuth, Jr.
      Mrs. Shirley Wooton Hellmuth
      The Rev. Jerry F. Helms (Deceased)
      The Rev. Maggi Henderson
      Ms. Doris A. Henderson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Bobbie J. Henley
      Ms. Mary V. Henry (Deceased)
      Dr. John W. Herbst
      The Rev. Lynda S. Hergenrather
      Mr. Josh B. Herrin
      The Rev. Billy H. Herring
      Mrs. Donna Lynn Herring
      The Rev. Thomas C. Herrington
      Dr. Robert Wayne Herron (Deceased)
      The Rev. Julia C. Hester
      The Rev. Melvin S. Hester
      Ms. Charlotte A. Hett
      The Rev. Mary M. Hicks
      The Rev. Robert S. Hill, Jr.
      The Rev. L. Douglas Hill, Jr.
      Dr. Hunter R. Hill
      The Rev. Richard H. Hill
      The Rev. Kirby Lawrence Hill
      The Rev. Julie M. Hill
      The Rev. Sarah L. Hill
      Mrs. Susan R. Hill
      Ms. Amanda K. Hill
      Ms. Jocelyn Hill
      Mrs. Lorma W. Hill
      Ms. Sally J. Hinchman
      Dr. David M. Hindman
      Mrs. Jane Browder Hines
      Mr. Michael B. Hinson
      Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty
      The Rev. Linda B. Hirst
      Dr. Peter H. Hobbie
      The Rev. Todd M. Hobbie
      The Rev. J. Richard Hobson
      Mrs. Flora M. Hobson
      Mrs. Linda F. Hobson
      Chaplain, Colonel Albert Hockaday
      The Rev. Stephen L. Hodges
      Dr. Fred A. Holbrook
      Mrs. Laura Wells Holbrook
      Mr. Horace Pope Holden, Sr.
      The Rev. Thomas J. Holden, III
      The Rev. Donna C. Holder
      Mrs. Jean S. Holder
      The Rev. Susan W. Holderness
      Dr. James Braswell Holderness (Deceased)
      The Rev. Haywood D. Holderness
      Mrs. Ginny Ward Holderness
      Mrs. Vernalese J. Holdman
      Dr. Timothy L. Holland
      Mrs. Peggy L. Hollandsworth
      Dr. Zeb N. Holler, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Julianne L. Hollingsworth
      Mrs. Helen C. Holmes
      Mrs. Susan S. Holt
      The Rev. Daisy J. Holt
      Ms. Mabel Hancock Holt (Deceased)
      Mrs. Amy P. Holtz
      Mr. Sung Woo Hong
      Mr. Ernest E. Hood
      Dr. Paul K. Hooker
      Mrs. Cecile M. Hooks
      Mrs. Elaine O. Hooley
      Dr. Samuel R. Hope
      The Rev. Minette R. Hope
      The Rev. Dr. Ronald Everett Hopkins
      Mrs. Eunice E. Hopkins
      The Rev. Galen F. Hora
      Mrs. Helen Joan Hornbuckle (Deceased)
      The Rev. Paul Adams Horne (Deceased)
      The Rev. Matthew B. Horne
      The Rev. Roger E. Horne
      Ms. L. Delores Horne
      The Rev. Frederick R. Horner
      The Rev. Leah P. Horton
      Dr. Julie M. Hostetter
      Mr. Eugene Hotinger, Jr.
      The Rev. Samuel Miller Houck (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary Catherine Houck
      Mrs. Debra L. Hough
      The Rev. James A. Houghton
      The Rev. Douglas J. House
      The Rev. Billie D. Houston
      The Rev. Bryan E. Hovey
      The Rev. Curtis W. Howard, III (Deceased)
      Mrs. Jennie S. Howe
      Mr. Billy S. Howell, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. David B. Howell
      Mrs. Bobbye J. Hubbard Howell
      Mrs. Jean Lewis Howie
      The Rev. Valena M. Hoy
      Dr. Michael J. Hoyt
      The Rev. D. Chadwick Hrbek
      Ms. Jean Hubbard
      Mr. W. Marsh Hudson
      Mrs. Cornelia H. Kneedler Hudson
      The Rev. Walter Hudson
      Ms. Frances L. Huetter
      Dr. Barry R. Huff
      Mrs. Marylyn Z. Huff
      Dr. James H. Huffaker
      The Rev. Richard L. Huggins
      The Rev. Charles R. Huggins
      Mrs. Debbie M. Hughes-Lara
      Dr. G. Carswell Hughs (Deceased)
      The Rev. Joanne R. Hull
      Mr. Roger A. Hull
      The Rev. Patricia Hunt
      Dr. M. Hampton Hunter, III
      The Rev. Charles Betts Huntley (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary L. Hupper (Deceased)
      The Rev. Gerald B. Hurst
      The Rev. Ricky R. Hurst
      Ms. Stella E. Hurst
      Ms. Donna Hurt
      Mrs. Marilyn L. Husnik
      The Rev. Fletcher C. Hutcheson, Jr.
      The Rev. Norman W. Hutchinson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Robert L. Hyatt
      The Rev. Harold E. Hyde, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Diane J. Hymans
      The Rev. William J. Ingersoll
      The Rev. Roberta D. Ingersoll
      Mrs. June Mansour Ingram (Deceased)
      The Rev. Barbara E. Ingram
      Dr. Robert F. Inman
      The Rev. W. Ray Inscoe
      The Rev. Laura D. Inscoe
      The Rev. Robert G. Inskeep
      Mrs. Sandra R. Irby
      Dr. John M. Irvine, Jr.
      Mrs. Nancy H. Irvine
      Mr. G. Lee Isdell, II
      Mr. Daniel A. Iselaiye
      The Rev. John H. Jackson
      Dr. William H. Jackson
      Dr. Byron H. Jackson
      Dr. Randon H. Jackson
      The Rev. Diana R. Jackson
      The Rev. Barbara M. Jacobs
      Dr. Paul L. Jacobsen, M.D.
      Dr. Allix Bledsoe James (Deceased)
      The Rev. William M. Janes
      The Rev. Marcia L. Jaureguizar
      Dr. David Bruce Jenkins
      Mrs. Ann Powell Jennings
      The Rev. Arthur F. Jensen
      Ms. Hee Kyung Jeong
      The Rev. Laura Hollandsworth Jernigan
      The Rev. Cecil M. Jividen, Jr.
      Mrs. Sandra Spencer Jividen (Deceased)
      The Rev. Mary H. Johns
      The Rev. Harry E. Johns, Jr. (Deceased)
      Ms. Frances E. Johns (Deceased)
      Dr. G. Wallace Johnson
      Dr. Merwyn S. Johnson
      The Rev. Dr.  Erik T. Johnson
      Dr. Thomas L. Johnson
      Dr. Robert A. Johnson, Jr.
      The Rev. Edward R. Johnson, II
      Mr. Ernest P. Johnson
      Mrs. Margery Mallard Johnson
      Ms. Beverly D. Johnson
      Mrs. Doreen E. Johnson
      Mrs. Victoria Samburg Johnson (Deceased)
      The Rev. John W. Johnson
      The Rev. John Hubert Johnston
      The Rev. Keith A. Johnston
      Mrs. Florence Monroe Johnston
      Dr. Sally N. Johnston
      Mrs. Mary G. Johnston
      The Rev. Vann S. Joines, Jr.
      The Rev. David F. Jones
      The Rev. H. Gary M. Jones (Deceased)
      The Rev. William D. Jones
      The Rev. Michael R. Jones
      The Rev. Jeffrey W. Jones
      Mr. David A. Jones, II
      The Rev. Constance M. Jones
      The Rev. Franklin S. Jones
      Mrs. Linda S. Jones
      Ms. Marguerite Tinsley Jones
      The Rev. Herbert H. Jones
      Mrs. Bertha H. Jones
      Mrs. Susan W. Jones
      The Rev. Vicki B. Jones-Johnson
      The Rev. William H. Jordan, Jr.
      The Rev. Martha W. Jordan
      The Rev. Lynn Jostes
      The Rev. Sara C. Juengst
      Dr. L. Shannon Jung
      Dr. WonHo Jung
      The Rev. David J. Kalas
      The Rev. Donald W. Kaller
      Mrs. Geraldine P. Kaller
      The Rev. Theodore W. Kalsbeek
      Chaplain Philip D. Kalyanapu
      Dr. Edwin E. Kang
      The Rev. Douglas Wayne Kanney
      The Rev. David B. Kaplan
      Mrs. Deborah H. Katz
      The Rev. John E. Kaufman
      Mrs. Hriiyia Kayina
      Dr. Richard J. Keever
      Mrs. Dianna F. Kegley
      The Rev. Jeffrey S. Kellam
      Mr. Joseph M. Kelleher, Jr.
      The Rev. Albert H. Keller, Jr.
      The Rev. John S. Keller
      Ms. Monec Katrina Kelley
      Ms. JaJuan MackKelly
      Ms. Allison S. Kelly
      Ms. Laura Ann Kelly
      The Rev. Eugene H. Kendall, Jr.
      The Rev. David C. Kennedy
      Dr. James M. Kennedy (Deceased)
      The Rev. J. Whitner Kennedy (Deceased)
      Mrs. Frances H. Kennedy
      The Rev. Ira K. Kennerly
      Mrs. Margarette F. Kennerly
      The Rev. Larry Dale Kennon
      The Rev. John C. Kepley
      The Rev. Sandra B. Kerner
      Dr. C. Phillip Kestner
      Mrs. Katherine S. Key
      Mr. William A. Key
      The Rev. Roberta S. Kidd
      Ms. Myra Lee Kight
      Dr. Sang Eui Kim
      Dr. Jae-Hie Lee Kim
      The Rev. Sungte Kim
      The Rev. Chang Ho Kim
      Dr. In Soo Kim
      The Rev. Daeho Kim
      Ms. Mi On Kim
      Ms. Hesun Kim
      Dr. Douil Kim
      Dr. John E. Kimbirl
      The Rev. Walter William King
      The Rev. Melinda M. King
      The Rev. Alexandra C. King
      Mr. Dick R. Kinser
      Mrs. Mary H. Kinser
      Mrs. Jamie Dale Kipfer
      Dr. Charles L. Kirby (Deceased)
      The Rev. Barrie M. Kirby
      Dr. Randal V. Kirby
      Chaplain Alston S. Kirk
      The Rev. David A. Kirk
      The Rev. William L. Kirk
      Dr. Deborah A. Kirk
      Mrs. Leslee H. Kirkconnell
      Mrs. Cynthia Merrin Kirkman (Deceased)
      Mr. James W. Kirkpatrick
      The Rev. Ross B. Kirven
      Mrs. Joanne H. Kirven
      The Rev. Albert D. Kissling
      Dr. William M. Klein
      The Rev. Deborah H. Klein
      Dr. William R. Klein
      Mr. Frederick G. Klein
      Dr. Richard K. Knowles
      Mrs. Nancy V. Knowles-Tuell
      The Rev. Robert E. Knox, III
      Mrs. Ann Thomas Knox
      Mr. Kwang Moon Ko
      Mr. Eric A. Koenig-Reinke
      Mrs. Geraldine Hensley Kohl (Deceased)
      The Rev. Richard Allan Koster
      Mrs. Evelyn M. Koudal
      The Rev. James Krauss-Jackson
      Dr. J. Nelson Kraybill
      The Rev. Sarah J. Kromer
      Mrs. Ann Kelton Krotchko
      Mrs. Emily J. Krudys
      The Rev. Dr. Todd Daniel Kube
      The Rev. Agnes D. Kuentzel (Deceased)
      Dr. John Wells Kuykendall
      Mr. Thomas H. Kyle
      The Rev. Thomas J. LaBonte
      Mr. Kevin Y. Lacson
      Mrs. Eloise B. Ladd (Deceased)
      Dr. Robert R. Laha, Jr.
      Dr. Hung-Chuan Lai
      Mrs. Bernice Stroup Lake (Deceased)
      The Rev. Rebekah A. Lamar
      The Rev. Nathan B. Lamb
      Mrs. Katharine S. Lamb
      The Rev. Zeta T. Lamberson
      Dr. John H. LaMotte
      The Rev. Mark D. Lampley
      The Rev. Patrick R. Lanaghan
      The Rev. John William Lancaster (Deceased)
      The Rev. Lewis H. Lancaster, Jr.
      Mrs. Kara N. Landefeld
      Mrs. Elizabeth B. Landes
      The Rev. Dr. Wallis D. Landrum
      Mrs. Mary Jane Landstrom (Deceased)
      Dr. Thomas K. Lane
      Mrs. Kelley Lane
      The Rev. Stewart C. LaNeave, Jr.
      The Rev. John Bradford Langdon
      Dr. Donn K. Langfitt
      The Rev. Diana A. Lantz
      The Rev. Emily S. Larsen
      Mrs. Danna L. Larson
      Ms. Roma E. Larson
      The Rev. Brandon Scott Larson-McGuire
      Mr. Phillip M. Lasater
      The Rev. Margaret P. Lauterer
      The Rev. Stewart B. Lawrence, Jr.
      Dr. Eric P. Lawson
      Mrs. Doris H. Lawson
      Mr. Charles Alan Layman
      The Rev. Michelle E. Leaverton
      The Rev. Eugene LeCouteur
      The Rev. Robert S. Ledbetter (Deceased)
      Mr. In Seh Lee
      Dr. Jong Hyeong Lee
      The Rev. Ronald K. Lee
      Ms. Sonia D. Lee
      The Rev. Sung Eun Lee
      The Rev. Kyungwook Lee
      Mrs. Kimberly N. Lee
      Ms. Stellar Eujnee Lee
      Mrs. Eun Ja Kim Lee
      Dr. Timothy W. T. Lee
      Professor Hyo-Chae Lee
      Dr. Fitzhugh M. Legerton
      Mrs. Emmy Capps Legerton (Deceased)
      The Rev. William A. Leist
      Mrs. Marcia Brandt Leitch
      The Rev. Wiloughby H. Lemen
      The Rev. Howard Carr Leming (Deceased)
      Dr. Mengistu Lemma
      The Rev. Ruth A. Lenger
      The Rev. John E. Leonard (Deceased)
      The Rev. Troy C. Lesher-Thomas
      The Rev. W. Carter Lester, Jr.
      Mrs. Dantzler F. Lewallen
      The Rev. Robert Lewandowski
      The Rev. Calvin Lewers
      Dr. Paul A. Lewis
      Dr. Joseph T. Lewis
      Ms. Rena C. Lewis
      The Rev. Herbert T. Lewis
      The Rev. Dr. Daniel F. Lewis
      Mrs. Melvinie F. Lewis
      The Rev. Barbara Denise Lewis
      The Rev. Susan H. Lewis
      Mrs. Diana Lewis-Chun
      The Rev. Sandra M. Libhart
      Mrs. Lois M. Lietz
      The Rev. J. Wendell Ligon (Deceased)
      The Rev. In Soo Lim
      Dr. James W. Limburg
      Ms. Lily Pai Ho Lin
      The Rev. Arthur M. Lindsay
      The Rev. D. Scott Lindsay
      The Rev. William Marvin Lindsay, III
      Mrs. Kelly Sue Lindsay
      The Rev. Richard H. Lindsey, Jr.
      Dr. Stephen B. Lindsley
      The Rev. Elizabeth Howell Link
      Dr. Jan Gary Linn
      The Rev. John B. Linton
      Mr. J. Anderson Little
      Mrs. Kathryn M. Little
      The Rev. Jamie Bibee Lloyd
      The Rev. Evon Lloyd
      Mr. Phillip G. Lockard
      The Rev. Robert S. Lockhart
      The Rev. Arthur L. Lodge
      Mrs. Shirley M. Logsdon
      The Rev. Eric G. Lohe
      The Rev. Amanda Marie Davee Lomax
      Dr. David A. Long, III
      Dr. William F. Long
      The Rev. Thomas Meade Long
      Dr. Ann Hammond Long
      The Rev. Karen J. Long (Deceased)
      The Rev. David B. Looney
      Dr. Richard L. Loringer
      Dr. Carl P. Losen
      The Rev. Charles R. Love
      Dr. Jean Floyd Love
      Mrs. Catherine I. Lovejoy
      The Rev. Laurel Plumstead Loveless
      Dr. Arnold B. Lovell (Deceased)
      Mr. Seth Lovell
      Dr. John W. Lown
      Mrs. Anne D. Lowrance
      Mrs. Carol H. Lucas
      The Rev. James E. Lunde
      The Rev. Rebecca Patterson Luter
      Ms. Florence G. Lutz
      Dr. John S. Lyles (Deceased)
      The Rev. W. Patterson Lyles
      The Rev. Susan T. Lynch
      Mr. Robert P. Lynn
      The Rev. Lawrence Allen Lyon
      The Rev. Fred Crane Lyon, II
      Mrs. Beth Lyon-Suhring
      The Rev. William Elbert Lytch (Deceased)
      Dr. Charles P. MacArthur
      Mrs. Jeanne M. MacArthur
      The Rev. W. Clay Macaulay
      Mrs. Pamela M. Macaulay
      The Rev. Lara Lyn MacGregor
      Ms. Sara L. Mackey
      The Rev. Robert S. Maclin, III
      The Rev. Douglas B. MacMillan, Jr.
      The Rev. Debra C. Madden
      The Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn D. Magby
      The Rev. Clarence O. Magee, Jr.
      Mrs. Frances C. Magruder
      Ms. Helen P. Mahy
      The Rev. Davis L. Main
      The Rev. Thomas F. Mainor
      Dr. William H. Malas
      The Rev. Stephen G. Maling
      The Rev. Howatt E. Mallinson
      Mrs. Minnie H. Mallinson
      Colonel Jerry J. Mallory
      Dr. Samuel D. Maloney
      Mr. Roger Wright Mancastroppa
      The Rev. Inger O. Manchester
      Mrs. Sophie White Maness
      The Rev. Lynne Manilla
      The Rev. Charles I. Mann, Jr.
      Dr. J. Walter Mann, Jr.
      The Rev. Dr. Jane V. Mann
      The Rev. W. Franklin Mansell, Jr.
      The Rev. William T. Manson, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Gordon B. Mapes, III
      The Rev. Donald D. Marsden, Jr.
      Mrs. Linda Hess Marsh
      The Rev. Elizabeth L. Marshall
      The Rev. Gary W. Marshall
      Mr. David H. Marshall, Jr.
      Mr. James Gray Marshall
      Mrs. Tanya K. Marshall
      Dr. Steve A. Martin
      The Rev. Marcus Dubois Martin
      Mr. Sidney A. Martin, Jr.
      Mrs. Yvonne Etter Martin
      Ms. Frances McKay Martin (Deceased)
      The Rev. Richard T. Martindale
      The Rev. Robert Freeman Mashburn (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary Ann Mason
      The Rev. Samuel E. Massengill
      The Rev. Richard C. Massey (Deceased)
      Dr. Daniel W. Massie
      The Rev. Rachel P. Mastin
      Dr. Frank J. Matera
      The Rev. Rachel M. Matthews
      The Rev. Matt Matthews, Jr.
      Mrs. Patricia G. Maxwell
      The Rev. Nancy C. Mayes
      The Rev. James Luther Mays (Deceased)
      The Rev. Anita Ellen Mays
      Dr. Edgar C. Mayse
      The Rev. Elizabeth D. McAliley
      The Rev. Erin D. McArdel
      Mrs. Barbara B. McBride
      The Rev. Chad McCain
      The Rev. James L. McCall
      Dr. Alfred C. McCall, Jr.
      The Rev. Lyndsey M. McCall
      Mrs. Jane Montgomery McCalla
      The Rev. Herbert M. McCallum (Deceased)
      Dr. Jerry C. McCann
      Mrs. Helsine Cortez McCarty
      Ms. Ida K. McCaskill
      The Rev. James M. McChesney, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Graham C. McChesney (Deceased)
      The Rev. Charles S. McChesney
      Dr. James S. McClanahan, Jr.
      The Rev. Lynn McClintock
      Mr. John Caleb McClure
      The Rev. Patricia A. McClurg
      Mrs. Daphne G. McCord
      Dr. Scott McCormick, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. J. Benjamin McCoy, III
      Mr. Todd E. McCoy
      Ms. Zipporah Denise McCoy
      Mrs. Shauna D. McCranie
      The Rev. Elizabeth L. McCrary
      Mrs. Kathryn Hickman McCrary
      Dr. Edward Daniel McCreary (Deceased)
      Ms. Bonnie Roddenbery McCrosky
      Dr. Robert A. McCully, Jr.
      The Rev. Joseph C. McCutchen
      The Rev. Jennifer McDevitt
      The Rev. Carlyle Adolph McDonald (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sheryl Blowe McDowney
      The Rev. Sandra M. McDuffie
      The Rev. Deborah A. McEachran
      Mr. Patrick Edward McElwaine
      Dr. Kenneth J. McFayden
      The Rev. Samuel L. McFerran
      The Rev. William R. McGary
      Dr. D. Patrick McGeachy, III (Deceased)
      Mrs. Coline T. McGehee
      The Rev. Elizabeth L. McGehee (Deceased)
      The Rev. James H. McGill
      The Rev. Angus W. McGregor, Sr.
      Mrs. Monica Jackson McGregor (Deceased)
      Mrs. Wynn H. McGregor
      The Rev. Elizabeth L.C. McGuire
      Mrs. Anna K. McIlwain
      Ms. Elizabeth G. McIntosh
      Mrs. Rosellyn O. McIver
      Dr. Clifford A. McKay, Jr.
      The Rev. Woodrow McKay, Jr.
      Dr. William S. McKee (Deceased)
      The Rev. David W. McKee
      Mrs. Barbara S. McKee
      The Rev. J. Harold McKeithen, Jr.
      The Rev. J. Dicks McKell, Jr.
      Mrs. Karen D. McKemy-Enslen
      The Rev. James Michael McKenzie
      The Rev. James H. McKinnon, Jr.
      The Rev. John C. McKinnon
      Mrs. Louise C. McKinnon
      Ms. Marilyn McLauchlin-Elder
      The Rev. Meg Peery McLaughlin
      The Rev. William H. McLean
      The Rev. B. Denton McLellan, Jr.
      Mrs. Lisa R. McLennan
      Dr. Edward A. McLeod, Jr.
      Mrs. Patsy M. McLeod (Deceased)
      Ms. Leslie Ann McLeod
      Dr. Neil M. McMillan
      Mrs. Catherine P. McMillan
      The Rev. Claude A. McMillion
      Mr. Cary McMullen
      Mr. J. Harlan McMurray
      Ms. Sue Berry McMurray
      Mrs. Eleanor M. McNair
      Mrs. Mary R. McNair
      Mrs. Ann Jordan McNeill
      Mrs. Helen Tillinghast McNeill
      Mr. Angus A. McQueen, III
      Dr. Sandra M. McQueen
      Mr. Leo V. McQuillen
      The Rev. Teresa Kannan McRoberts
      The Rev. William David McSwain
      Dr. Allen C. McSween, Jr.
      The Rev. Robert E. Meanor (Deceased)
      The Rev. Kenyon G. Meeks, Jr.
      Mrs. Sally B. Meeth
      Dr. George C. Megill
      Dr. John E. Mehl
      Mrs. Alison C. Meier
      Mr. Melvin K. Melton
      Mrs. Anne Hopkins Melton
      Mrs. Ann K. Melton
      The Rev. Raymond W. Mendenhall
      Dr. James G. Mentzer
      The Rev. Alton D. Merchant
      The Rev. Robert E. Merrell
      The Rev. Harland C. Merriam, Jr.
      Ms. Elise Merriam (Deceased)
      Dr. Amy C. Merrill-Willis
      Dr. Daniel B. Merry
      Mr. Matthew D. Messenger
      The Rev. William S. Metzel
      Dr. Joseph C. Meux
      Dr. Alan G. Meyers
      The Rev. Herbert Meza (Deceased)
      Mr. Fred W. Middleton
      Ms. Jessie A. Mikell
      The Rev. David M. Milbourn
      The Rev. Larry C. Miles
      The Rev. Alane C. Miles
      The Rev. Elizabeth Lovell Milford
      Dr. Richard H. Miller
      The Rev. Vernon D. Miller
      The Rev. James Bradley Miller
      Dr. John N. Miller, Jr.
      Dr. Patrick D. Miller, Jr.
      The Rev. David V. Miller
      The Rev. Beth Ann Miller
      Dr. E. Thomas Miller (Deceased)
      The Rev. Roy L. Miller
      Dr. Gerald M. Miller
      Dr. John N. Miller, Sr.
      Dr. John E. Miller
      Ms. Melissa M. Miller
      Mrs. Catherine B. Miller
      The Rev. Vincent M. D. Miller
      Mrs. Mary Catherine Miller
      Mrs. Polly Y. Miller
      Mrs. Yvonne R. Miller
      Mrs. Elva W. Miller
      Mrs. Cida Da Silva Miller
      The Rev. Marnie S. Miller-Gutsell
      The Rev. Kellie Weekly Mills
      Mrs. Erin W. Mills
      The Rev. Bill Burns Mims
      The Rev. John J. Mims
      The Rev. Byung D. Min
      The Rev. Carlton P. Minnick, Jr.
      The Rev. Ineke Kappers Mitchell
      Miss Jennifer L. Mitchell
      The Rev. Jane E. Mitchell
      Dr. Pamela P. Mitchell-Legg
      The Rev. T. Jeffreys Mitchiner, Jr.
      Mrs. Sydnor Johnson Moberg (Deceased)
      Mr. Dale O. Mobley
      The Rev. Robin Donald Moffat
      The Rev. Harold E. Moffitt, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary M. Mohr
      Mr. S. Brook Moles
      Dr. James H. Monroe
      The Rev. John R. Monroe
      Mr. James H. Montgomery
      Dr. H. Reid Montgomery
      The Rev. James Noel Montgomery
      Dr. Robert L. Montgomery
      Mrs. Sarah Grace Montgomery
      The Rev. Warren L. Moody, Jr.
      Ms. Catherine Mooney
      The Rev. Zane M. Moore
      Dr. William O. Moore, Jr.
      The Rev. Charles W. Moore
      The Rev. William Hartley Moore
      The Rev. Emily Anne Moore
      Ms. Joan Shirley Moore
      Mrs. Sara W. Moore
      The Rev. Christopher Moore-Keish
      The Rev. Jennifer M. Moran
      The Rev. Anne C. Morgan
      Dr. David L. Morgan
      The Rev. Richard L. Morgan
      The Rev. Andy Philip Morgan
      Mrs. Sarah P. Morgan
      Mrs. Betsy L. Morgan
      Mrs. Karen Dunn Morgan (Deceased)
      Mrs. Martha S. Morgan
      The Rev. Kenneth F. Morris
      The Rev. John W. Morrison, Jr.
      Mrs. Josephine H. Morrison
      The Rev. Mary A. Morrison
      Mr. J. Dabney Morriss, Jr.
      The Rev. Karen W. Morrow
      Mrs. Susan D. Moseley
      The Rev. James L. Moseley
      The Rev. John W. Moses
      Mrs. Kathleen Rausin Moses (Deceased)
      Mr. Mark Andrew Moss
      Ms. Gay D. Mothershed
      Dr. C. Eric Mount, Jr.
      Mrs. Eleanor W. Moylan
      Mrs. Sharon R. Mueller
      Dr. David E. Mullen
      The Rev. Joseph B. Mullin
      Dr. John L. Murad
      Mr. Humphrey Thumi Muraya
      Dr. D. Cameron Murchison, Jr.
      Dr. Samuel H. Murdock
      Mrs. Victoria Gay Murdock
      The Rev. Andrew T. Murphy, Jr.
      The Rev. Charles Morton Murray
      The Rev. James N. Murray
      Dr. Albert A. Myers
      The Rev. John W. Myers, III
      Mrs. Virginia Groves Nambiar
      The Rev. Warren G. Nance
      Dr. Donald C. Nance
      The Rev. Donald E. Neel (Deceased)
      Dr. E. Perry Neel
      Dr. W. Richard Neelly
      Mrs. Susan P. Neelly
      Dr. Diedrik A. Nelson
      Dr. Joseph L. Nelson, Jr.
      Mr. Lamar F. Neville
      Ms. Susan Wingfield Neville (Deceased)
      The Rev. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr.
      Mrs. Patricia T. Newbold
      Mrs. Martha M. Newcomb
      Mrs. Paula Ball Newkirk
      The Rev. Dr. M. Douglas Newman
      The Rev. Amanda Hill Newman
      Ms. Darlene L. Newman
      Dr. Ernest B. Newsom
      Mr. William D. Ng
      Mrs. Ann Faucette Niblock
      The Rev. H. Gudger Nichols, Jr.
      The Rev. James A. Nichols
      Mrs. Martha B. Nichols
      The Rev. William W. Nickels
      The Rev. Gerald L. Niece
      Mrs. Alice L. Niece
      Ms. Vei Kho Ning
      Mrs. Jean Patton Nisbet
      The Rev. Kim Ruth Nofel
      Mrs. Barbara Swearingen Noland
      Dr. Kurt L. Noll
      The Rev. Agnes W. Norfleet
      Dr. Owen Lennon Norment, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Frank C. Norris
      Ms. Margaret A. Norris
      The Rev. Charles King Norville
      Mrs. Marion McClelen Notestein (Deceased)
      Mr. John Nowaczewski
      Mr. George P. Nowlin, Jr.
      The Rev. Clyde D. Nuckols, Sr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Raymond M. Nunez
      The Rev. Ronald L. Obenchain
      Mrs. Elsie R. Oberst
      The Rev. Alice A. Odell
      The Rev. Paul A. O’Gorek
      Mr. Byung Soon Oh
      The Rev. Diarmuid O’Hara
      Dr. Douglas W. Oldenburg
      Mrs. Clara A. Olivas
      Chaplain Preston C. Oliver
      Ms. Elizabeth G. Olker
      The Rev. Dr. Robert B. Oltman
      Mrs. Jean Arnot O’Neill
      Mrs. Christina B. Opdycke
      The Rev. J. William Orders, Jr.
      Mrs. Martha B. Orth
      Mrs. Linda H. Osborn
      The Rev. Robert S. Osborne
      Mrs. Martha R. Osborne
      Mr. Paul E. Osborne
      Mrs. Paula F. Osborne
      The Rev. Anthony R. C. Osimo
      Ms. Carol A. Osweiler
      Dr. W. Rush Otey, III
      The Rev. Kyle R. Otterbein
      The Rev. Barbara Brancheau Outland
      The Rev. Joseph M. Owen (Deceased)
      Mrs. Glenda S. Owen
      The Rev. Michelle Freeman Owens
      Ms. Meghann E. Pabst
      Ms. Marilyn J. Pace
      The Rev. William L. Painter, Jr.
      Mrs. Louisa S. Painter
      The Rev. Bradley E. P. Palmer
      Mr. Forrest C. Palmer, Jr.
      Mrs. Barbara H. Palmer
      The Rev. Tony R. Palubicki
      Ms. Eugenia Pannell
      The Rev. Dr. Henry G. Paris
      Mrs. Anita A. Parish
      The Rev. Young Hee Park
      Dr. One Ho Park
      Dr. Sang-Jin Park
      The Rev. Paula O. Parker
      Ms. Nancy M. Parker
      Mr. Calvin R. Parks, Jr.
      Mrs. Katherine Eisenhart Parse (Deceased)
      The Rev. Carl S. Parsons, Jr.
      Dr. Shelly Barrick Parsons
      Mrs. Audrey S. Parsons
      The Rev. David C. Partington
      Mr. John M. Partridge, Jr.
      Dr. Jeffrey P. Paschal
      Mr. Terry L. Pasco
      Mrs. Florence H. Pasquale
      Mrs. Katherine W. Paterson
      The Rev. S. Curtis Patterson
      The Rev. Finley C. Patton
      The Rev. Howard C. Paul
      The Rev. Scott P. Paul-Bonham
      Dr. William E. Pauley, Jr.
      The Rev. Jessica L. Paulsen
      The Rev. James A. Payne, Jr.
      The Rev. Rickey E. Payne
      Mrs. Margaret W. Payne
      Ms. Virginia C. Payne (Deceased)
      The Rev. Stratton Lee Peacock
      The Rev. Lennart Pearson (Deceased)
      The Rev. George M. Pearson, Jr.
      The Rev. George W. Peelen
      Dr. George J. Peery
      The Rev. Albert G. Peery, Jr.
      The Rev. Lindsey Wells Peery
      Mrs. Carolyn H. Pegram
      Dr. Norbert C. Peil
      Mrs. Virginia Pelling
      The Rev. Dee F. Pendley, III
      The Rev. Preston Parker Perkins, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Gail R. Perkins
      The Rev. Francis M. Perrin (Deceased)
      The Rev. Thomas L. Perry
      Dr. Lance A. Perry
      Dr. Martha J. Perry
      Mrs. Linda E. Perry
      Mrs. Sarah F. Peters
      Mrs. Mary T. Peters
      Mrs. Valeria M. Peters
      Mrs. Karen B. Petersen
      The Rev. Carmen D. Peterson (Deceased)
      Dr. Brian K. Peterson
      The Rev. Robert E. Peterson
      The Rev. John C. Peterson, III
      Mr. Colin Pettigrew
      The Rev. Cedric C. Pettigrew
      Dr. Troy W. Petty
      The Rev. Steve Macon Pharr
      Dr. Homer C. Phifer, Jr.
      The Rev. Zolton J. Phillips, III
      The Rev. Harry H. Phillips
      The Rev. Robbie C. Phillips
      The Rev. James Lee Philpott
      The Rev. Jaechul Pi
      Ms. Josefina C. Pia
      Mrs. Annette Pickard
      The Rev. Karen Pidcock-Lester
      The Rev. Robert P. Piephoff
      Mr. J. Ronald Pierce
      The Rev. Carol A. Pierson
      The Rev. Phyllis Snyder Piluso
      Mrs. Virginia V. Pinkerton
      The Rev. Leslie M. Piper
      The Rev. Richard W. Pitcher
      Mr. Robert F. Pittman, III
      Mrs. Margaret Lodwick Pittman (Deceased)
      The Rev. Stacie Danielle Pitts
      Mrs. Linda H. Pitts
      The Rev. Richard A. Ploen
      The Rev. William M. Plonk, Sr.
      Dr. Glenn LaRue Plott (Deceased)
      The Rev. Ted Jackson Plott (Deceased)
      Mrs. Nancy K. Plummer
      Mr. Timothy Thomas Pohmer
      The Rev. Richard L. Pollock
      Dr. Stefan H. Pomrenke
      Mr. Richard F. Pool
      The Rev. Dr. Scott M. Poole
      Mrs. Ida Poole
      Ms. Helen R. Popa
      The Rev. Samuel H. Pope, III
      Mrs. Mary M. Porter
      The Rev. Timothy M. Porter
      The Rev. Lawton W. Posey (Deceased)
      The Rev. Vanessa C. Potter
      Ms. Margaret F. Potts
      Mr. Charles F. Pratt, III
      Dr. Jack R. Presseau
      Mr. William L. Prestwood
      The Rev. Diane K. Prevary
      The Rev. Philip John Price, II
      Dr. James J. H. Price
      The Rev. Norman G. Price
      The Rev. Teresa G. Price
      Mrs. Katherine K. Price
      Ms. C. Rives Priddy
      Dr. Anabel C. Proffitt
      Mrs. Sarah Lee Province
      The Rev. Edyth P. Pruitt
      Mr. Malcolm H. Pryor
      The Rev. Rebecca Z. Purcell
      Mrs. Madeline Hall Purcell (Deceased)
      Ms. Dianne C. Purdin
      Mrs. Linda E. Purves
      Dr. William P. Putman (Deceased)
      The Rev. Edgell F. Pyles, Jr.
      Dr. Charles W. Quaintance, Jr.
      Mrs. Carole S. Queen-Hamby
      Ms. Frances C. Query (Deceased)
      The Rev. Ann Marie Quigley-Swanson
      Mrs. Cynthia C. Quillen
      Mr. John H. Quinn, Jr.
      Mrs. Michelle S. Rackley
      Dr. Heath K. Rada
      Mrs. Peggy F. Rada
      Mrs. Carolyn Ragans
      Mrs. Caryl Anne Ragland
      The Rev. Annette V. Ragsdale
      The Rev. Lori A. Raible
      The Rev. Lutrelle D. Rainey
      The Rev. Roland W. Rainwater (Deceased)
      Dr. Robert H. Ramey, Jr.
      Dr. Nancy J. Ramsay
      The Rev. Mark Rudolph Ramseth
      Dr. George Wilson Ramsey
      Mrs. Elizabeth Apperson Ramsey (Deceased)
      The Rev. James M. Rand
      Dr. Joseph O. Rand, Jr.
      The Rev. Matthew D. Randolph
      Mrs. Marjorie J. Raney
      Mrs. Anne Kort Rankowitz
      The Rev. Paul Ransford, Jr.
      The Rev. Cynthia M. Rasmussen
      The Rev. Robert W. Ratchford (Deceased)
      Ms. Carolyn Noell Rathbun
      Ms. Marcia A. Rauch
      Dr. Richard A. Ray
      Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ray
      Mr. Thomas E. Rayburn
      Mrs. Kelly-Ann Rayle
      The Rev. Jack D. Raymore (Deceased)
      The Rev. Gordon W. G. Raynal
      Dr. Charles E. Raynal, III
      The Rev. Robert J. Rea, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Carolyn P. Rea
      The Rev. Lee T. Read
      Dr. Clarence L. Reaser
      Ms. Rosemary Rector
      The Rev. Jon W. Regen (Deceased)
      Dr. William T. Reinhold
      Ms. Karon D. Reinhold
      Mrs. Virginia S. Reinhold
      Mrs. Peggy T. Reinhold
      The Rev. Paul T. Reiter
      The Rev. John Frederick Reiter
      The Rev. Timothy J. Remaley
      The Rev. David W. Renner
      Dr. David A. Renwick
      The Rev. Mairi O. Renwick
      The Rev. Stephen C. Rettenmayer (Deceased)
      The Rev. Barbara Ann Retzloff
      Mr. Nelson M. Reveley
      Mr. W. Taylor Reveley, IV
      The Rev. R. Shawn Reyburn
      The Rev. Paul David Reynolds
      Mr. Allen H. Reynolds
      The Rev. Gina Tate Rhea
      Mrs. Judye C. Rhea
      The Rev. H. Robert Rhoden
      The Rev. M. Elaine Rhodes
      Mr. Chad Anthony Rhodes
      The Rev. H. Carson Rhyne, Jr.
      Ms. Elizabeth R. Rice
      Dr. Matthew A. Rich
      Dr. Paul H. Richards
      Ms. Geraldine C. Richards
      The Rev. Robert P. Richardson, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Leland A. Richardson
      Dr. Christopher K. Richardson
      The Rev. Homer T. Rickabaugh (Deceased)
      The Rev. Amy H. Rickard
      Dr. George Harriss Ricks, Jr.
      The Rev. Mary J. Ricks
      The Rev. Matthew S. Ricks
      The Rev. Franklin Ray Riddle, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Margaret Dee Rightmyer
      Mrs. Leigh Anne Ring
      The Rev. James M. Rissmiller
      The Rev. Henry Rivers
      Mrs. Margaret M. Roberson
      The Rev. Earle D. Roberts, Sr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Ruth C. Roberts
      Dr. Raymond R. Roberts
      The Rev. Stephen C. Robertson
      Dr. Leslie Cranford Robinson (Deceased)
      The Rev. John A. Robinson, Jr.
      Mr. William E. W. Robinson
      Ms. Martha L. Rockenstein
      The Rev. Barbara H. Rodgers
      The Rev. Decatur H. Rodgers, III
      Mrs. June D. Rodgers
      The Rev. Judith Gabel Roeling
      The Rev. Robert M. Rogers
      Dr. John B. Rogers, Jr.
      Dr. Lona T. Rogers
      The Rev. E. Veronica Rogers
      Dr. Holmes Rolston, III
      The Rev. Ramiro Ros
      Mr. William A. Rose, Jr.
      The Rev. David E. Ross
      Dr. Arthur Ross, III
      The Rev. Doris Ann Rossell
      The Rev. Deborah S. Rounds
      Mr. William H. Rountree
      The Rev. Nancy L. Rowland
      Mrs. Carla J. Rowlett
      Mrs. Diana L. Ruby-Sanderson
      The Rev. Vicki J. Rucker
      Mrs. Shirley Ann Rudd
      The Rev. Irving G. Rudolph (Deceased)
      Mr. Jeffrey Lynn Ruff
      Mrs. Nancy E. Ruh
      Mrs. Sylvia C. Rumer
      The Rev. Carl A. Rush
      The Rev. Janet A. Russell
      The Rev. Mark C. Russell
      Dr. Brian D. Russell
      Ms. Christine Russell
      Mrs. Jean F. Russell
      The Rev. John P. Ryan
      Ms. Jean K. Ryburn
      Dr. Dae Young Ryu
      Dr. John D. Sadler
      The Rev. R. Jackson Sadler
      The Rev. Dr. M. Anderson Sale
      The Rev. Lisa Calos Salita
      The Rev. Betty H. Salmond
      The Rev. Beverly J. Samford
      The Rev. James P. Sample, Jr.
      Mrs. Ruth Lever Sample
      Ms. Isabel Howard Sampson (Deceased)
      Ms. Scarlett Ann Sams (Deceased)
      The Rev. James D. Sanders
      Mrs. Mary T. Sanders
      The Rev. D. Eleanor Sanders (Deceased)
      Ms. Sylvia W. Sanders
      The Rev. Joe W. Sandifer, Jr.
      Mrs. Kathryn H. Sandifer
      The Rev. Louis Angel Sandos
      Rev. Joseph A. Sandoval
      The Rev. Xel Sant’Anna
      Mr. Samuel Sarpong
      The Rev. Zachary S. Sasser
      The Rev. Edwin H. Satterwhite
      Mrs. Mary P. Saunders
      Ms. Marsha D. Saurs
      Mr. James H. Saxon
      The Rev. Philip Clarkson Scalera
      The Rev. Roy Foster Scarbrough
      The Rev. Ronald W. Scates
      The Rev. Allysen Elizabeth Schaaf
      Dr. Janet R. Schaller
      Dr. Friedrich Schilling, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Luke F. Schlimme
      Dr. John M. Scholer
      The Rev. Robin L. Schreiber
      Mrs. Linda H. Schroeter
      Mrs. Evelyn H. Schuessler
      Ms. Melissa C. Schutt
      Ms. Merodine Gault Scott
      Mrs. Virginia L. Scott
      Ms. Ashley E. Scruggs
      The Rev. Frank L. Seaman
      The Rev. M. Buie Seawell, Jr.
      The Rev. Paul S. Seelman
      The Rev. Peter A. Sethre
      Mr. Stephen G. Sewell
      The Rev. Pattie D. Sewell
      The Rev. Susan S. Sexton
      The Rev. Larry J. Seymour
      The Rev. Will P. Shackleford, Jr.
      The Rev. C. Patrick Shaffer (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sandra L. Shaner
      The Rev. Grant M. Sharp
      Mrs. Sara K. Sharp
      The Rev. Linda K. Shatzer
      Mrs. Margaret M. Shaw
      The Rev. Barbara B. Shefelton
      Dr. Patrick D. Shelley
      Mrs. Anna H.Shelton
      The Rev. Rachel Jenkins Shepherd
      The Rev. Roy Talmadge Sherrod, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. C. Jonathan Sherrod
      The Rev. David B. Sherrod
      Dr. Jerold D. Shetler
      The Rev. Thomas T. Shields
      The Rev. Paul J. Shields
      Dr. Patricia L. Shipley
      Ms. Joslyn Elaine Shipman
      The Rev. Stephen A. Shive
      Dr. Ronald L. Shive
      The Rev. Burwell J. Shore, III
      The Rev. J. Richard Short
      Dr. Judith E. Short
      The Rev. Heather Grace Shortlidge
      The Rev. G. David Shreeves
      Dr. Donald W. Shriver, Jr.
      Dr. Thom M. Shuman
      The Rev. Philip L. Sieck
      Ms. Jennifer J. Sieck
      Ms. Mary M. Siff
      The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Sigmon
      The Rev. Shauna L. Silmon
      Dr. Marvin L. Simmers
      The Rev. Julia P. Simmons
      The Rev. Albert Elliott Simmons (Deceased)
      The Rev. Martha B. Simmons
      Mrs. Marilou M. Simmons
      The Rev. Harry E. Simmons
      The Rev. J. Bradford Simpson, IV
      The Rev. Suzanne S. Simpson
      The Rev. John R. Sims
      Dr. Angela D. Sims
      Mrs. Eulethia N. Sims
      The Rev. Jonyrma R. Singleton (Deceased)
      The Rev. Leonard B. Sirbaugh, Jr.
      The Rev. Fred R. Skaggs, Sr.
      Dr. J. Eric Skidmore
      Dr. Louis A. Skidmore
      The Rev. Margaret Shaw Skidmore
      Mrs. Lynn T. Skinner
      The Rev. Stanley H. Skreslet
      Dr. Joseph A. Slane
      The Rev. George R. Slaton
      The Rev. James K. Sledge
      Mrs. Kelly B. Sloan
      Mrs. Carol C. Sloan (Deceased)
      The Rev. Deborah K. Sluder
      The Rev. Lorenzo R. Small
      The Rev. E. O’dell Smith (Deceased)
      The Rev. Sherwood F. Smith
      Ms. Cheryl Ann Smith
      Dr. Claire A. Smith
      Mr. Robbie Dale Smith
      Mrs. Judith H. Smith
      Mrs. Cathy L. Smith
      The Rev. Jeffrey Steven Smith
      Mrs. Lillian J. Smith
      Mrs. Mary Emma Smith
      Ms. Nancy Irving Smith
      Mrs. Margaret K. Smith
      Mrs. Sybil H. Smith (Deceased)
      Mrs. Elizabeth Chester Smith (Deceased)
      Ms. Deanne Smith
      Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith
      Ms. Jane Short Smith
      Mrs. Elizabeth P. Smith
      Ms. Jackie M. Smith
      The Rev. Elizabeth A. Smith-Bartlett
      The Rev. Carrie L. Smith-Coons
      Mrs. Charmaine Smith-Miles
      Mrs. Elizabeth R. Smylie
      Dr. J. Allan Smyth
      Mrs. Alese H. Snavely
      Mr. Paul R. Snell
      The Rev. Stradford T. Snively (Deceased)
      The Rev. Walter S. Snowa, Jr.
      Mrs. Virginia Sisler Soll
      The Rev. Susan Poole Solomon
      The Rev. Christopher Solomon
      Mr. William N. Solomon
      Mrs. Anne C. Marshall
      The Rev. Richard L. Sommers
      Mrs. Julia G. Sommers
      Ms. Jane Ross Sommers
      Dr. Nam Soon Song
      Mrs. Mary W. Sorum
      The Rev. Eugene S. Soud
      Dr. James Thomas South
      The Rev. Jean K. Southard
      Mrs. Molly Roach Spangler
      Dr. Milton G. Spann
      Dr. Irving Alan Sparks
      The Rev. Thomas F. Sparks
      The Rev. O. Benjamin Sparks, III
      Dr. John L. Speight
      The Rev. Charles Fred Speight, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Thomas K. Spence, Jr.
      Mrs. Virginia M. Spence
      The Rev. Frank Clark Spencer
      The Rev. William Eric Spoon
      Mr. Charles E. Spraker
      The Rev. George B. Spransy, Jr.
      The Rev. James C. Sprouse, Jr.
      Ms. Jo Ann Staebler
      Ms. Kimberly D. Stamey
      The Rev. Tammy L. Stampfli
      Mrs. Janet G. Stanfield
      Mrs. Rozolen D. Stanford
      The Rev. William F. Stanley, III
      The Rev. J. Mark Stanley
      Mrs. Carol Anne Stanley
      Mrs. Sandra C. Stanley
      The Rev. Edward J. Stansfield
      Mrs. Janet Kay Stark
      Ms. Alma D. Steading
      Dr. Donald M. Steele (Deceased)
      The Rev. Donald R. Steele
      The Rev. Kathleen D. Steele
      The Rev. Carol D. Steele
      Mrs. Florrie Beitman Steele
      The Rev. J. Kim Steinhorst
      Ms. Margaret L. Sterling
      The Rev. Linda D. Stevens
      Mrs. Frances B. Stevens
      Mrs. Darlene E. Stevens
      Mr. Reginald E. Stevens (Deceased)
      Dr. Jack Lovett Stevenson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Donald S. Stewart, Jr.
      Mrs. Anne R. Stewart
      Mrs. Florence M. Sthreshley
      The Rev. Millard Gray Stimpson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Eva G. Stimson
      The Rev. Daniel G. Stitt
      Mr. John D. Stitt
      Ms. Catherine G. Stivers
      Dr. Edwin W. Stock, Jr.
      Dr. Ernest Lee Stoffel, Sr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Klaus Eckhard Stolze
      Mr. John Scott Stone
      Dr. Samuel M. Stone, IV
      The Rev. John Douglas Storey
      The Rev. Patricia L. Stout
      The Rev. Thomas R. Stout
      The Rev. David Charles Stover (Deceased)
      Mr. Percy Lee Strickland
      Mrs. Martha M. Strickland
      Mrs. Megan F. Strollo
      Dr. John T. Strong
      Mrs. Edna Vass Stucky
      Mr. Rodney L. Suddith
      Mrs. Virginia H. Sugg
      Mrs. Martha Aycock Sugg
      The Rev. David H. Suh
      The Rev. Nancy Crow Summerlin
      The Rev. William F. Summers
      Ms. Kathryn L. Summers
      Mrs. Nan A. Summers
      The Rev. Larry E. Summey
      Ms. Cheryl V. Sumner
      Mr. James G. O. Sumner
      The Rev. Judith A. Sutherland
      The Rev. Frank W. Sutterlin, Jr.
      Mrs. Marilyn J. Sutterlin
      The Rev. David H. Sutton
      Mrs. Finley T. Sutton
      Dr. Yugo Suzuki
      Mrs. Elizabeth K. Suzuki
      Mrs. Mary Gray Swan (Deceased)
      The Rev. Margaret Sessler Swann
      Mrs. Margaret Cater Swarts
      Dr. William B. Sweetser, Jr.
      Ms. Nellie S. Swensen
      Dr. Charles M. Swezey
      Mr. Roy W. Swisher
      Mrs. Monica L. Swofford
      Ms. April Swofford
      Dr. Donald Edward Swope
      The Rev. Clement A. Sydnor, III
      Mrs. Margaret W. Sydnor (Deceased)
      The Rev. Crystal R. Sygeel
      The Rev. Charles D. Symons, Jr.
      The Rev. Yak-Hwee Tan
      Dr. James E. Taneti
      Mr. Ray U. Tanner
      The Rev. G. Thomas Tate
      The Rev. Jessica E. Tate
      The Rev. Richard A. Tatum
      Ms. Rebecca L. Tatum
      The Rev. Roy Dail Taylor
      The Rev. J. Dexter Taylor
      Mr. Thomas N. Taylor
      The Rev. Catherine Taylor
      Mr. Nathan L. Taylor
      The Rev. Lillian M. Taylor
      Mrs. Cynthia C. Taylor
      Dr. Gloria C. Taylor
      The Rev. Andrew S. Taylor-Troutman
      Dr. Francis B. Teague, Jr.
      The Very Rev. Robin T. Teasley
      Mrs. Anne K. Tedder
      Mrs. Kristin H. Temple
      Dr. William Holt Terry (Deceased)
      Mr. Leon J. Testa
      The Rev. Edwin G. Thomas
      The Rev. R. Davis Thomas (Deceased)
      The Rev. Saunda K. Thomas
      The Rev. Samuel Norman Thomas, Sr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. R. Zach Thomas, III
      The Rev. Alfred E. Thomas
      Dr. William K. Thomas
      The Rev. William Leonard Thomas (Deceased)
      The Rev. Arthur D. Thomas, Jr.
      The Rev. Veronica M. Thomas
      Mrs. Virginia C. Thomas
      Mrs. Frances L. Thomas
      Mrs. Doris T. Thomas
      The Rev. Glenn C. Thomason
      Dr. Philip E. Thompson
      Mr. James J. Thompson
      The Rev. Ernest T. Thompson, Jr.
      Dr. William E. Thompson, Sr.
      Dr. Dean K. Thompson
      The Rev. Ernest T. Thompson, III
      The Rev. Laura K. Thompson
      The Rev. Jamie L. Thompson
      Dr. Karen B. Thompson
      The Rev. Larry Dean Thorson
      The Rev. Kenneth Lee Thrasher
      The Rev. Robert M. Throckmorton, Jr.
      Dr. Mark Alan Throntviet
      The Rev. Charles Tillapaugh
      Mrs. Charlene B. Tinglof
      Ms. Tammy Tipton-Nay
      Dr. Leonora T. Tisdale
      Mrs. Merlin P. Tiwari (Deceased)
      The Rev. Hal Todd, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. John Y. Todd, III
      The Rev. Mary H. Todd
      The Rev. W. Newton Todd
      Ms. Audrey M. Todd
      Chaplain Ermine Todd, Jr.
      Mrs. Elsie T. Todd
      Mrs. Paige Leist Tolar
      The Rev. Eugene W. Tolstedt
      Dr. Larry O. Toney
      Dr. David J. Torbett
      Mrs. Katharine H. Townsend
      The Rev. W. Emory Trainham, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Joshua Lee Trautmann
      The Rev. Anna George Traynham
      Mr. James H. Trexler
      Mrs. Claire W. Trexler
      The Rev. Dorothee E. Tripodi
      The Rev. John Boone Trotti (Deceased)
      The Rev. Ellen C. True
      Mrs. Beverly D. Trytten
      The Rev. James B. Tubbs
      Ms. Ann P. Tully
      Dr. Lynn A. Turnage
      Mrs. Anne Shaw Turnage
      The Rev. Philip W. Turner
      Mrs. Catherine S. Turner
      The Rev. Carrie Alvin Turner
      Ms. Emily L. Turner
      The Rev. Patricia Turner-Olds
      Mrs. Marie Faith Turnipseed (Deceased)
      Mrs. Olive W. Turnipseed
      The Rev. Christina B. Tutterow
      The Rev. Robert J. Tuttle
      Mr. Christopher Matthew Tweel
      Dr. Karen B. Tye
      The Rev. William D. Tyree, III
      The Rev. Janet R. Tyson
      Dr. Daniel W. Ulrich
      The Rev. Lloyd F. Umbarger
      The Rev. Darren W. Utley
      The Rev. Elizabeth S. Utley
      The Rev. Sven L. Van Baars
      The Rev. Arthur Vance, Jr.
      Mrs. Joyce J. Vance
      The Rev. James L. Vande Berg
      Mrs. Dean Glass Vandegrift
      Mrs. Eugenia H. Varker
      The Rev. Robert C. Vaughan, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. E. Douglas Vaughan, Jr.
      The Rev. Joe F. Vaughan
      Mrs. Carole H. Vaughn
      The Rev. Kenneth W. Veazey
      Mrs. Sallie C. Verner
      The Rev. Joseph H. Vernon
      Ms. Mary Ellen Vernon
      The Rev. Joseph A. Verreault, III
      Mrs. Patricia H. Verreault
      Dr. Patricia Lynn Vesely
      Ms. Anne H. Vickers
      The Rev. Karl R. Viernstein
      The Rev. William S. Vincent, Jr.
      Mrs. Deanna L. Vincent
      Dr. Michael E. Vines
      Commander Pieter A. Visscher
      The Rev. Lindy Smith Vogado
      The Rev. Charles E. Von Rosenberg (Deceased)
      The Rev. David V. Voss
      Dr. Gerald L. Voye
      The Rev. Jerry C. Vuncannon (Deceased)
      The Rev. Byron A. Wade
      The Rev. G. Oliver Wagner
      Mrs. Heather H. Wagner
      The Rev. Shannon Patricia Waite
      The Rev. Harold Floyd Waldruff
      Mrs. Ruth Hale Wales (Deceased)
      Dr. Joseph W. Walker
      Mr. John M. Walker, III
      Mr. Albert Roscoe Walker, III
      Mrs. Betty Walker
      Mrs. Margaret Fulton Walker (Deceased)
      Ms. Kerri E. Walker
      The Rev. Joyce MacKichan Walker
      The Rev. Archibald Wallace, III
      Mrs. Eleanor B. Wallace
      Dr. Harold E. Wallof, Jr.
      The Rev. William B. Wallof
      Dr. Lynda Henley Walters
      The Rev. Julian W. Walthall
      The Rev. David F. Walton, Jr.
      Mr. Jack Hill Ward
      Dr. Theodore J. Wardlaw
      The Rev. Don Mark Wardlaw
      Ms. Alice G. Wardlaw (Deceased)
      Ms. Nancy L. Warman
      The Rev. Truman J. Warren, Jr.
      Dr. Francis Thomas Washburn (Deceased)
      Dr. William H. Waterstradt, Sr.
      The Rev. Robert N. Watkin, Jr.
      The Rev. John Miller Watkins
      The Rev. Elizabeth Watkins
      Dr. Thomas J. Watkins
      Mrs. Denise Beth Watkins
      The Rev. Michael C. Watson
      The Rev. Dr. Lance Dean Watson
      Ms. Betty Louise Watts
      Dr. Robert L. Waymack
      Dr. Dorothy Jean Weaver
      Dr. Wilfred B. Webb, Jr.
      Dr. W. Guy Webb
      Dr. Charles H. Webb, M.D.
      Mrs. Susan B. Webb
      Dr. Richard M. Webster
      The Rev. Stanley N. Webster
      Dr. Louis B.  Weeks
      The Rev. Brian D. Weger (Deceased)
      The Rev. Judith H. Weger
      Dr. Edwin Richard Weidler, Jr.
      The Rev. Mary Anne Welch
      The Rev. Joseph Welker, Jr.
      Ms. Eleanor Lee Wellford
      Mr. John R. Welton
      The Rev. Chester L. Wenger
      The Rev. Jane Nicholas Wesson
      Dr. Dan C. West
      Dr. Ben S. West
      The Rev. Leslie T. West, Jr.
      The Rev. Hillary Talbot West
      Mr. Nathaniel D. West
      Mrs. Kimberly J. Whaley
      Mrs. Elmira W. Whetstone
      The Rev. George P. Whipple
      The Rev. James W. White, Jr.
      Mrs. Deborah M. White
      The Rev. Kevin Andrew White
      Dr. Philip H. Whitehead
      The Rev. Jason C. Whitehead
      Dr. Barbara Moore Whitehead
      Mrs. Linda H. Whitehead
      Mr. James D. Whitehead
      The Rev. Robert B. Whitehouse
      Dr. Howard H. Whitehurst
      The Rev. Nancy S. Whiteley
      Mrs. Ruth S. Whitener
      The Rev. James Davis Whitesides
      Mrs. Stella Ward Whitlock
      The Rev. David R. Whitman
      The Rev. Patricia A. Whitmore-McCullum
      Dr. Merle J. Whitney
      The Rev. Dr. Matthew M. K. Whong
      The Rev. Kelly L. Wiant
      The Rev. Steven A. Wicks
      The Rev. Beth A. Wierman-Lambert
      Dr. Wayne D. Wike
      Dr. William N. Wilder
      The Rev. Paul Garland Wiley (Deceased)
      Dr. Marsha M. Wilfong
      The Rev. Constance S. Wilkerson
      Dr. John A. Wilkerson, Jr.
      The Rev. George G. Wilkes, III
      Mrs. Ann F. Wilkinson
      The Rev. Daniel S. Williams
      The Rev. Allison F. Williams (Deceased)
      The Rev. Dwight H. Williams
      Dr. Craven E. Williams
      The Rev. Benjamin F. Williams
      The Rev. Alexander B. Williams
      Mr. Michael Williams
      The Rev. Sandra Caldwell Williams
      The Rev. Faith A. Williams
      The Rev. Laurie A. Williams
      Ms. Carol L. Williams
      The Rev. George A. Williams, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Michael E. Williams
      Mrs. Barbara Louise Davis Williams (Deceased)
      The Rev. William W. Williamson, Jr.
      The Rev. Robert L. Williamson, Jr.
      Dr. Charles C. Williamson
      Dr. Lamar Williamson, Jr.
      Mrs. Nancy J. Williamson
      The Rev. Steven W. Willis
      Ms. Susan Armstrong Wills
      The Rev. Amelie Wilmer
      The Rev. Amos L. Wilson, Jr.
      The Rev. James K. Wilson, Jr.
      The Rev. Edward C. Wilson
      Dr. George C. Wilson
      The Rev. Donald W. Wilson
      The Rev. Douglas K. Wilson
      The Rev. Jane E. Wilson
      The Rev. Joan M. Wilson
      Mr. Dayton Wilson
      Ms. Miatta Lynne Wilson
      Mrs. Etta G. Wilson
      Mrs. Eleanor G. Wilson
      The Rev. T. Claude Wilson-Stayton
      Ms. Sarah J. Windes
      Ms. Nancy E. Winfree
      Mrs. Nell Palmer Wingfield
      The Rev. Albert C. Winn (Deceased)
      The Rev. Thomas W. Winstead
      The Rev. Hugh J. Winston, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. R. Milton Winter
      The Rev. John Richard Winter
      The Rev. Eugene D. Witherspoon, Jr.
      The Rev. Vera M. Witherspoon
      Mrs. Peggy Fitch Witherspoon
      The Rev. David R. Witt
      The Rev. Karen S. Witt
      Dr. Michele H. Wollert
      Mr. Jeremy Christopher Woltz
      Mr. James T. Womack, III
      Mr. Cameron M. Womack
      Dr. William P. Wood
      The Rev. W. Graham Wood, Jr.
      Dr. David J. Wood
      Mrs. Norma K. Wood
      Ms. C. Faye Wood
      The Rev. Henry H. Woodall
      The Rev. H. Earl Woodall (Deceased)
      The Rev. Sally Woodard
      Mrs. Jeanne R. Woodberry
      Dr. R. Scott Woodmansee
      The Rev. Dr. Willie Woodson
      Dr. Martha McDaniel Woodward
      The Rev. Ellen Woodworth
      The Rev. H. Ray Woody (Deceased)
      Mrs. Gayla S. Woody
      Dr. Jane Pendleton Wootton
      Mrs. Lucy R. Works
      Mrs. Hallett Jones Worrell
      The Rev. William J. Wrenn, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Todd R. Wright
      Ms. Michelle Martha Wright
      Mr. Joel P. Wright
      Ms. Bettye S. Wright
      Mrs. Amy Elizabeth Wright
      Dr. Y. Dianna Wright
      Mrs. Joyce F. Wu
      The Rev. Richard S. Wurst, Jr.
      Mrs. Marietta B. Wynands
      Mrs. Beverly C. Wynn
      Mrs. Sandra Wynne
      The Rev. Victor Neil Wyrick
      The Rev. Elizabeth Anne Yates
      Dr. H. Davis Yeuell
      Mrs. Louisa S. Yeuell
      The Rev. Maria E. Yocum
      Dr. Robert L. Yoder
      Dr. William Joseph Youmans
      The Rev. William B. Young
      The Rev. William G. Young
      Dr. Mary H. Young
      The Rev. Samuel T. Young
      Mrs. Madge Mixon Young
      The Rev. Chi Hyeon Yun
      Mr. Mark A. Zaineddin
      The Rev. Louis H. Zbinden, Jr.
      Dr. A. Lee Zehmer
      Mrs. Betty M. Ziegler
      Mrs. Margaret R. Zivney

  • Businesses & Oganizations

    • 726SOLD, Inc.
      Alamont Dental Associates, P.C.
      Altria Group, Inc.
      American Business Women’s Association
      Annual Recreation Workshop
      Aston Properties, Inc.
      AT&T Higher Education Matching Gifts
      Banjoman, Inc.
      Bank of America
      Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
      Betty Barnes Knox Family Partnership
      Birdsong Peanuts
      Blue Water Counseling, LLC
      C S Alterations
      ChevronTexaco Companies
      College of Wooster
      Congo Mission Network
      Davidson College
      Dominion Resources, Inc.
      Donatic Corporation
      Drs. Kaugars and Miller PC
      Electrical & Mechanical Resources, Inc.
      Evangelism Institute
      Fountain Hill Charge
      Fremar, LLC
      GCS International New York Club
      Glave & Holmes Architecture
      Grand Chapter of NC Order of the Eastern Star
      Grand Chapter of Virginia, O.E.S.
      Holy Cow Consulting
      Hourigan Construction Corp.
      IBM Corporation
      International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons
      Kelleher Corporation
      Marsh and McLennan Agency
      McGuire Woods
      Morgan Stanley
      Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia
      Network for Good
      On Demand Publishing
      Pageantry Productions
      Parhelion Investments LLC
      Preferred Carolinas Realty, Inc.
      Presbyterian College
      Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina
      Quality Oil Company, LLC
      Randolph-Macon College
      Richmond Hill
      Slay Communications
      Southern Company Services, Inc.
      Starck Van Lines, Inc.
      The Association of Theological School in the US & Canda
      The Coca-Cola Company
      The Educational Center
      The Grove
      Trinity Episcopal School
      Virginia Interfaith Center For Public Policy
      Wells Fargo Bank
      Williamsburg Before 1942
      Woodfin Company

  • Churches

    • Alamance Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      Aldersgate United Methodist Church Shelby NC
      Alpharetta Presbyterian Church Alpharetta GA
      Altavista Presbyterian Church Altavista VA
      Asbury United Methodist Church Lincolnton NC
      Banner Elk Presbyterian Church Banner Elk NC
      Barbecue Presbyterian Church Sanford NC
      Bayside Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach VA
      Beaver Creek Presbyterian Church Kershaw SC
      Ben Salem Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Benton Heights Presbyterian Church Monroe NC
      Berea Baptist Church Rockville VA
      Bethany Presbyterian Church Charles City VA
      Bethel Presbyterian Church Cornelius NC
      Bethel Presbyterian Church–PW Staunton VA
      Bethel United Methodist Church Midland NC
      Bethesda Presbyterian Church Bethesda MD
      Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Mechanicsville VA
      Black Mountain Presbyterian Church Black Mountain NC
      Blacksburg Presbyterian Church Blacksburg VA
      Bon Air Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Bon Air United Methodist Church Richmond VA
      Bonds Grove United Methodist Church Waxhaw NC
      Briarwood Presbyterian Church Jackson MS
      Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church Southern Pines NC
      Burkeville Presbyterian Church Burkeville VA
      C. N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Calvary Presbyterian Church Davidson NC
      Calvary Presbyterian Church Wilson NC
      Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church Weems VA
      Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church Swansboro NC
      Cape Fear Presbyterian Church Lillington NC
      Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church Newport News VA
      Cary Presbyterian Church Cary NC
      Central Presbyterian Church Atlanta GA
      Central Presbyterian Church Terre Haute IN
      Central Presbyterian Church Bristol VA
      Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Central United Methodist Church Concord NC
      Chester Presbyterian Church Chester VA
      Christ Church Summit NJ
      Christ Presbyterian Church Edina MN
      Christ the King Lutheran Church Richmond VA
      Christian Church In Virginia Lynchburg VA
      Church of the Nazarene Potsdam NY
      Cimarron Presbyterian Resource Center Stillwater OK
      Clemmons Presbyterian Church Clemmons NC
      Clifton Presbyterian Church Clifton VA
      Clifton Presbyterian Church Maxwelton WV
      Clover Presbyterian Church Clover SC
      Coleman Place Presbyterian Church Norfolk VA
      College Park Presbyterian Church College Park GA
      Colonial Presbyterian Church Roanoke VA
      Congregation Beth El  Zedeck Indianapolis IN
      Cooks Memorial Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Cove Presbyterian Church Covesville VA
      Cove Presbyterian Church Charlottesville VA
      Covenant Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Covenant Presbyterian Church Staunton VA
      Covenant United Methodist Church Gastonia NC
      Cradock Presbyterian Church–PW Portsmouth VA
      Crestwood Presbyterian Church–PW Richmond VA
      Dalzell United Methodist Church Dalzell SC
      Davidson College Presbyterian Church Davidson NC
      Davidson United Methodist Church Davidson NC
      Davie Street Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      Diocese Of Southern Virginia Newport News VA
      Easley Presbyterian Church Easley SC
      East Point Presbyterian Church East Point GA
      Eastminster Presbyterian Church Columbia SC
      Edgewood Presbyterian Church Sanford NC
      Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church Richmond VA
      Fairfax Presbyterian Church Fairfax VA
      Fairfield Presbyterian Church Mechanicsville VA
      Fairlawn Presbyterian Church Radford VA
      Faith Memorial Chapel Greenville SC
      Farmville Presbyterian Church Farmville NC
      Farmville Presbyterian Church Farmville VA
      Farmville United Methodist Church Farmville VA
      First Baptist Church Greensboro NC
      First Baptist Church Greenville SC
      First Presbyterian Church Birmingham AL
      First Presbyterian Church Dunedin FL
      First Presbyterian Church Dunedin FL
      First Presbyterian Church Marianna FL
      First Presbyterian Church Sarasota FL
      First Presbyterian Church Brandon FL
      First Presbyterian Church Dalton GA
      First Presbyterian Church Marion IL
      First Presbyterian Church Winchester IN
      First Presbyterian Church Shreveport LA
      First Presbyterian Church Ann Arbor MI
      First Presbyterian Church Greenville MS
      First Presbyterian Church Ithaca NY
      First Presbyterian Church Concord NC
      First Presbyterian Church Henderson NC
      First Presbyterian Church Norwood NC
      First Presbyterian Church Lexington NC
      First Presbyterian Church Fayetteville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Waxhaw NC
      First Presbyterian Church Edenton NC
      First Presbyterian Church Mount Airy NC
      First Presbyterian Church Kings Mountain NC
      First Presbyterian Church Lumberton NC
      First Presbyterian Church Dunn NC
      First Presbyterian Church Newton NC
      First Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      First Presbyterian Church Eden NC
      First Presbyterian Church Burlington NC
      First Presbyterian Church Garner NC
      First Presbyterian Church Asheboro NC
      First Presbyterian Church New Bern NC
      First Presbyterian Church Asheville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Salisbury NC
      First Presbyterian Church Durham NC
      First Presbyterian Church Mocksville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Hickory NC
      First Presbyterian Church Kinston NC
      First Presbyterian Church Sanford NC
      First Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      First Presbyterian Church Gastonia NC
      First Presbyterian Church Roanoke Rapids NC
      First Presbyterian Church Rocky Mount NC
      First Presbyterian Church Greenville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Wilmington NC
      First Presbyterian Church Statesville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      First Presbyterian Church Cherryville NC
      First Presbyterian Church Lenoir NC
      First Presbyterian Church Marietta OH
      First Presbyterian Church Pottstown PA
      First Presbyterian Church Hilton Head Island SC
      First Presbyterian Church Spartanburg SC
      First Presbyterian Church Hartsville SC
      First Presbyterian Church Greer SC
      First Presbyterian Church Bristol TN
      First Presbyterian Church Kingsport TN
      First Presbyterian Church Tyler TX
      First Presbyterian Church Fort Worth TX
      First Presbyterian Church Waynesboro VA
      First Presbyterian Church Charlottesville VA
      First Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      First Presbyterian Church Martinsville VA
      First Presbyterian Church Covington VA
      First Presbyterian Church Lynchburg VA
      First Presbyterian Church Bluefield WV
      First Presbyterian Church Neenah WI
      First Presbyterian Church Casper WY
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Russellville AL
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Smithfield NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Norwood NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Lincolnton NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Concord NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Roanoke Rapids NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Asheboro NC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Sumter SC
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Gloucester VA
      First Presbyterian Church–PW Dunbar WV
      First United Methodist Church Gastonia NC
      First United Presbyterian Church Fayetteville AR
      First United Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      First United Presbyterian Church Norfolk VA
      First United Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Forest Hills Presbyterian Church High Point NC
      Forest Hills Presbyterian Church Martinsville VA
      Fountain City Presbyterian Church Knoxville TN
      Franklin Presbyterian Church Franklin VA
      Franklin Presbyterian Church–PW Franklin VA
      Franklin Presbyterian Church–PW Franklin WV
      Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte NC
      Front Royal Presbyterian Church–PW Front Royal VA
      Front Royal United Methodist Church Front Royal VA
      Galatia Presbyterian Church Fayetteville NC
      Gayton Kirk Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      General Board of Higher Education and Ministry Nashville TN
      Ginter Park Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Ginter Park Presbyterian Church–PW Richmond VA
      Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Richmond VA
      Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach VA
      Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Grace Presbyterian Church Winston-Salem NC
      Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church Katy TX
      Green Spring Presbyterian Church Abingdon VA
      Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church Greeneville TN
      Grier Heights Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Groves Memorial Church Hayes VA
      Groves Memorial Church–PW Hayes VA
      Guilford Park Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      Harmony United Methodist Church Concord NC
      Harrisburg Korean Presbyterian Church Camp Hill PA
      Hidenwood Presbyterian Church Newport News VA
      Highland Memorial Presbyterian Church Winchester VA
      Highland Presbyterian Church–PW Winston-Salem NC
      Hilton Presbyterian Church Newport News VA
      Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church Franklin TN
      Holmes Presbyterian Church–PW Cheriton VA
      Holy Covenant UCC Charlotte NC
      Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Charlotte NC
      Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church Tarboro NC
      Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      Huntersville Presbyterian Church Huntersville NC
      Idylwood Presbyterian Church Falls Church VA
      Immanuel Baptist Church Little Rock AR
      Independent Presbyterian Church Birmingham AL
      Ivey Memorial United Methodist Church Maiden NC
      John Calvin Presbyterian Church Salisbury NC
      John Knox Presbyterian Church Greenville SC
      Kings’ Chapel Presbyterian Church Doswell VA
      King’s Grant Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach VA
      Kirk Of Kildaire Presbyterian Church Cary NC
      Kirkwood Presbyterian Church Kannapolis NC
      Kirkwood Presbyterian Church Yorktown VA
      Korean Central Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Korean Presbyterian Church Fredericksburg VA
      Korean Presbyterian Church of Knoxville Knoxville TN
      Korean Presbyterian Fellowship Winterville NC
      Lane Memorial United Methodist Altavista VA
      Laurel Park United Methodist Church Richmond VA
      Lewinsville Presbyterian Church McLean VA
      Lewisville Presbyterian Church Falls Church VA
      Lexington Presbyterian Church Lexington VA
      Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church Liberty Hill SC
      Lillington Presbyterian Church Lillington NC
      Little Falls Presbyterian Church Arlington VA
      Lord Jesus Korean Church Richmond VA
      Lynnhaven  Presbyterian Church–PW Virginia Beach VA
      Lynnhaven Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach VA
      MacPherson Presbyterian Church Fayetteville NC
      Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Manassas Church of The Brethren Manassas VA
      Manassas Presbyterian Church Manassas VA
      Marvin A.M.E. Zion Church Waxhaw NC
      Mary Horner Walker Presbyterian Church Claudville VA
      Matthews Murkland Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Matthews Presbyterian Church Matthews NC
      Mayberry Presbyterian Church Meadows of Dan VA
      Maysville Presbyterian Church Buckingham VA
      McClintock Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      McGregor Presbyterian Church Columbia SC
      Memorial Presbyterian Church Midland MI
      Memorial Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Midway Presbyterian Church Anderson SC
      Mill Grove UMC (Sun Valley Campus) Indian Trail NC
      Mill Grove United Methodist Church Indian Trail NC
      Mission To The World (PCA), Inc. Lawreceville GA
      Montreat Presbyterian Church Montreat NC
      Moorings Presbyterian Church Naples FL
      Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church Steeles Tavern VA
      Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church Concord NC
      Mt. Moriah Methodist Church Marshville NC
      Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church Mount Olive NC
      Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Mulberry Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Myers Park Baptist Church Charlotte NC
      Myers Park Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Myers Park United Methodist Church Charlotte NC
      Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church Miami Gardens FL
      Nassau Presbyterian Church Princeton NJ
      National Korean Presbyterian Women Lynnwood WA
      National Organization of PW, Korean Presbyterian Church Seoul Korea
      National Presbyterian Church Washington DC
      Neuse Forest Presbyterian Church New Bern NC
      New Hope Presbyterian Church Fishers IN
      New Kirk Presbyterian Church Blythewood SC
      New Providence Presbyterian Church Raphine VA
      New York Cho Dae Church Jackson Heights NY
      North American Lutheran Church New Brighton MN
      North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Garner NC
      North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church North Wilkesboro NC
      Northminster Presbyterian Church Hickory NC
      Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church Rock Hill SC
      Old Auxvasse – Nine Mile Presbyterian Church–PW Williamsburg MO
      Old Presbyterian Meeting House Alexandria VA
      Old Stone Presbyterian Church–PW Lewisburg WV
      Olivet Presbyterian Church Charlottesville VA
      Opequon Presbyterian Church Winchester VA
      Orange Presbyterian Church Orange VA
      Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church Tampa FL
      Palms Presbyterian Church Jacksonville Beach FL
      Park Road Baptist Church Charlotte NC
      Patuxent Presbyterian Church California MD
      Paw Creek Presbyterian Church Paw Creek NC
      Peace River Presbyterian Resource Center North Port FL
      Pearsall Memorial Church–PW Wilmington NC
      Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Philadelphia Presbyterian Church–PW Charlotte NC
      Piedmont Presbyterian Church Day Circle Rocky Mount VA
      Pine Grove United Methodist Church Shelby NC
      Pinetops Presbyterian Church Pinetops NC
      Pioneer Presbyterian Church Belpre OH
      Poland Presbyterian Church Poland OH
      Pollocksville Presbyterian Church Pollocksville NC
      Potomac Presbyterian Church Potomac MD
      Praise Presbyterian Church Somerset NJ
      Presbyterian Church (USA) Louisville KY
      Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista Bella Vista AR
      Presbyterian Church of The Covenant Greensboro NC
      Presbyterian Church of the Covenant–PW Greensboro NC
      Presbyterian Church of the Way Shoreview MN
      Presbytery of Abingdon Wytheville VA
      Presbytery of Abingdon–PW Wytheville VA
      Presbytery of Baltimore–PW Joppa MD
      Presbytery of Charlotte Charlotte NC
      Presbytery of Charlotte–PW Charlotte NC
      Presbytery of Coastal Carolina Elizabethtown NC
      Presbytery of Coastal Carolina–PW Elizabethtown NC
      Presbytery of Eastern Virginia Portsmouth VA
      Presbytery of Flint River Albany GA
      Presbytery of Florida–PW Chipley FL
      Presbytery of Foothills Simpsonvile SC
      Presbytery of Greater Atlanta Atlanta GA
      Presbytery of Holston Kingsport TN
      Presbytery of Lake Erie Erie PA
      Presbytery of Lake Michigan Kalamazoo MI
      Presbytery of National Capital Rockville MD
      Presbytery of New Harmony Florence SC
      Presbytery of New Hope Raleigh NC
      Presbytery of Peace River North Port FL
      Presbytery of Peace River–PW North Port FL
      Presbytery of Philadelphia Philadelphia PA
      Presbytery of Prospect Hill Storm Lake IA
      Presbytery of Providence Rock Hill SC
      Presbytery of Providence–PW Rock Hill SC
      Presbytery of Salem Clemmons NC
      Presbytery of Shenandoah Harrisonburg VA
      Presbytery of South Louisiana Baton Rouge LA
      Presbytery of St. Augustine–PW Jacksonville FL
      Presbytery of the James Richmond VA
      Presbytery of the James–PW Richmond VA
      Presbytery of the Peaks Lynchburg VA
      Presbytery of the Peaks–PW Lynchburg VA
      Presbytery of Trinity–PW Lexington SC
      Presbytery of West Virginia South Charleston WV
      Presbytery of Western North Carolina Morganton NC
      Presbytery of Wyoming Casper WY
      Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church Roanoke VA
      Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Augusta GA
      Reveille United Methodist Church Richmond VA
      Rhode Island Conference Of The United Church Of Christ Pawtucket RI
      River Road Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      River Road United Methodist Church Richmond VA
      Rivermont Presbyterian Church Chattanooga TN
      Riverside Presbyterian Church Jacksonville FL
      Riverside United Methodist Church New Bern NC
      Rockfish Presbyterian Church Wallace NC
      Rockfish Presbyterian Church Nellysford VA
      Rocky River Presbyterian Church Concord NC
      Royster Memorial Presbyterian Church Norfolk VA
      Royster Memorial Presbyterian Church–PW Norfolk VA
      Salem Presbyterian Church Salem VA
      Salisbury Presbyterian Church Midlothian VA
      Sardis Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Second Episcopal District McLean VA
      Second Opequon Presbyterian Church–PW Winchester VA
      Second Presbyterian Church Indianapolis IN
      Second Presbyterian Church Charleston SC
      Second Presbyterian Church Norfolk VA
      Second Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Second Presbyterian Church Petersburg VA
      Second Presbyterian Church Roanoke VA
      Second Presbyterian Church–PW Indianapolis IN
      Second Presbyterian Church–PW Roanoke VA
      Second Presbyterian Church–PW Newport News VA
      Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church Knoxville TN
      Shallotte Presbyterian Church Shallotte NC
      Shandon Presbyterian Church Columbia SC
      Sharon Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Shiloh Presbyterian Church Grover NC
      Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church Abingdon VA
      Smallwood Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Sneads Ferry Presbyterian Church Sneads Ferry NC
      South Aiken Presbyterian Church Aiken SC
      South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Columbia SC
      South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      South Plains Presbyterian Church Keswick VA
      Southminster Presbyterian Church Gastonia NC
      Southminster Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Purcellville VA
      St. Andrew Presbyterian Church–PW Pinch WV
      St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Kilmarnock VA
      St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church Wilmington NC
      St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church New Orleans LA
      St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church–PW New Orleans LA
      St. David’s Episcopal Church North Chesterfield VA
      St. Giles Presbyterian Church Greenville SC
      St. Giles Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      St. James AME Church Asheville NC
      St. James Episcopal Church New York NY
      St. James Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      St. James Presbyterian Church King William VA
      St. John’s Presbyterian Church Reno NV
      St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte NC
      St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Richmond VA
      St. Paul Baptist Church Charlotte NC
      St. Philip Presbyterian Church Houston TX
      St. Stephen United Methodist Church Charlotte NC
      Stafford Presbyterian Church Fredericksburg VA
      Starmount Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      State College Presbyterian Church State College PA
      Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Stone Memorial Presbyterian Church Marion VA
      Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Synod of South Atlantic Jacksonville FL
      Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Richmond VA
      Synod of the Mid-Atlantic–PW Richmond VA
      Synod of the Rocky Mountains Longmont CO
      The First Church of Christ in Hartford Hartford CT
      The Presbyterian Church at Manning Manning SC
      The Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg Fredericksburg VA
      The Presbyterian Church of Radford Radford VA
      The Presbyterian Church–PW Fredericksburg VA
      The United Methodist Church – Richmond District Glen Allen VA
      The Village Church Prairie Village KS
      The Virginia Synod, ELCA Salem VA
      Third Presbyterian Church Sioux City IA
      Third Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Third Presbyterian Church–PW Norfolk VA
      Three Chopt Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Trinity Presbyterian Church Columbia SC
      Trinity United Presbyterian Church Salisbury NC
      Union Presbyterian Church Gastonia NC
      United Methodist Foundation of Western North Carolina Huntersville NC
      Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte NC
      Unity Presbyterian Church Fort Mill SC
      University Presbyterian Church Chapel Hill NC
      Valley Presbyterian Church Paradise Valley AZ
      Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church Naples FL
      Vienna Presbyterian Church Vienna VA
      Village Presbyterian Church Prairie Village KS
      Virginia Mennonite Conference Harrisonburg VA
      Virginia United Methodist Conference Glen Allen VA
      Waldensian Presbyterian Church Valdese NC
      Wardensville Presbyterian Church Baker WV
      Warrenton Presbyterian Church Warrenton NC
      Warrenton Presbyterian Church Warrenton VA
      Weddington United Methodist Church Matthews NC
      Wellshire Presbyterian Church Denver CO
      Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Chester SC
      West Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church–PW Port Allen LA
      West End Presbyterian Church West End NC
      Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      Western NC Conference The United Methodist Church Charlotte NC
      Westhampton United Methodist Church Richmond VA
      Westminster Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
      Westminster Presbyterian Church Greensboro NC
      Westminster Presbyterian Church Durham NC
      Westminster Presbyterian Church Nashville TN
      Westminster Presbyterian Church Richmond VA
      Westminster Presbyterian Church–PW Saint Louis MO
      White Memorial Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC
      Williamsburg Presbyterian Church Williamsburg VA
      Williamson Memorial Presbyterian Church Ringgold VA
      Winter Park Presbyterian Church Wilmington NC
      Woodburn Presbyterian Church Leland NC
      Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church Severna Park MD
  • Estates & Trusts

    • Adrienne T. Bailey Estate
      Alice G. Geekie Estate
      Anna M. Day Charitable Lead Trust
      Charles P. & Marion G. Lunsford Trust
      Clarence S. & Florence F. Wright Trust
      Currie Family Trust
      Dorothy Eleanor Sanders Estate
      Dorothy G. Schutrumpf Estate
      Dorothy Gills Trust
      Edwin Malloy, Jr. Charitable Lead Trust
      Elizabeth Degges Estate
      Elizabeth W. Cummings Trust
      Estate of Alfred M. Bell
      Estate of Anne P.  McIver
      Estate of Beatrice J. Fernandez
      Estate of Bernice Judy
      Estate of Betty A. Cowherd
      Estate of D. Kirk Hammond
      Estate of Dan I. McKeithen
      Estate of Doris C. Vaughan
      Estate of Dorothy L. Moore
      Estate of Dr. Charles L. & Nell A. Newland
      Estate Of Hilda Hindman
      Estate of Janice J. Brown
      Estate of John Alexander Meadows
      Estate of June  Ingram
      Estate of Kathrine Robinson Fort  Neel
      Estate of Laura Ann Martin
      Estate of Martha Sanders Oden
      Estate of Marvin Henry Budd
      Estate of Mary Carson Jones  Pease
      Estate of Sara B.  Staples
      Estate of Virginia M. Guest
      Estate Of William H. Terry
      Fannie R. Cooke Trust
      Frances P. Loftis Estate
      Frances Rosebro Estate
      Garlington Family Trust
      Hall Family Trust
      Harriet Gray & M. H. Hunter, Jr. Scholarship
      Helen Somerville Gray Estate
      Henry P. Bridges Ministers’ Trust
      Homer Gebhardt Trust
      Hornbuckle Family Trust
      Houck Family Trust
      J & V Smith Charitable Trust
      Jethro H. and Margaret Irby Charitable Trust
      Joan Caplinger Estate
      John G. Mitchell Estate
      John M. Scott & Emily S. Scott Irrevocable Trust
      John S.   Walkup Trust
      Joseph L. Stone Estate
      Josephine D. Starling Estate
      L. Richardson Sr Trust
      Lawton W. Posey Estate
      Margaret B. Moore Estate
      Marietta & Samuel Morgan Trust
      Martha F. McNair Estate
      Mary F. Carson Charitable Trust
      Mary Frances Buchanan Flowers Revocable Trust
      Mary Helen Gammon Jessup Trust
      Mary Martin Trust
      Mary V. Allen Estate
      Mary V. Henry Estate
      New Covenant Trust Company
      Northern Trust Company Charitable Trust
      Ovid Bell Irrevocable Trust
      Patsy M. McLeod Estate
      Peggie Atkins Estate
      Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Companies
      Percy R. Keffer, Jr. Estate
      R. C. Haynes Trust
      Randall McLeod Estate
      Richard Stuart Trust
      Rosa L. Wyatt Mem. Fund
      Rosebro Trust
      Rosebro Trust
      Rosemary B. Banta Estate
      Samuel K. Roberts Estate
      Stewart Bell Trust
      The Connolly C.  Gamble Trust
      The Estate of Cynthia Merrin  Kirkman
      The Estate of Doris M.  Darrah
      The Estate of Florence  Gilkeson
      The Estate of Henry H. Whiting
      The Estate of L. Madge Thompson
      The Estate of Marion  Notestein
      The Estate of Mary Bernard Hamilton
      The Estate of Russell Reid  Davis
      The Estate of Virginia Ann Gates
      The George R. & Evelyn W.  Brothers Charitable Trust
      Thomas Sparrow Trust
      Walter G. & Frances M. Sugg Perpetual Trust
      Warren W. Hobbie Charitable Trust
      Willene Braun Estate
      William Coltrane & Norma Craft Cannon Charitable Trust
      William K. Thompson, Jr. Trust
      William P. Putman Estate
      Yvonne B. Claytor Estate

  • Foundations

    • 4G Foundation
      Akers Foundation, Inc.
      Alcoa Foundation
      Amazon Smile Foundation
      American Endowment Foundation
      Anne Carter & Walter R., Jr. Robins Foundation
      Beazley Foundation, Inc.
      Bergstrom Fund Committee
      Betty Jane F. & Robert P. Williams Family Foundation
      Birdsong Charitable Foundation
      Bonfire Funds, Inc.
      Brewer Foundation, Inc.
      Cabarrus County Community Foundation
      Carpenter Foundation
      Carstarphen Family Foundation, Inc.
      Center For Scholarship Admin., Inc.
      Church State and Industry Foundation
      Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina
      Communities Foundation of Texas
      Community Foundation of Gaston County, Inc.
      Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
      Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
      Corning Incorporated Foundation
      Cousins Foundation
      Division of Homeland Ministries, Inc.
      Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program
      Duke Power Company Foundation
      E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
      Eleanor & James Barnhardt Foundation
      Ferguson Family Foundation
      Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
      Foundation for Roanoke Valley
      Foundation For The Carolinas
      Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
      G & G Family Foundation
      Gay and Erskine Love Foundation, Inc.
      GE Foundation
      Glenn Family Foundation
      Godbold Foundation, Inc.
      Hampton Roads Community Foundation
      Harriet & George Thorpe Foundation
      Herschel H. & Cornelia N. Everett Foundation
      Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
      Hunley Foundation
      Janet H. and T. Henry Wilson Foundation
      Jessie and Bill Kryder Fund
      John M. Belk Educational Foundation
      John S. and Katherine R.  Poindexter Charitable Foundation
      JPMorgan Chase Foundation
      Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund
      Kim Yejin Memorial Foundation
      Lilly Endowment Inc.
      Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
      LJ Family Foundation
      MacKinnon Family Charitable Foundation
      Mary & Daniel Loughran Foundation
      Missionary Emergency Fund
      Mt. Olive Pickle Company Foundation
      Mt. Olivet Foundation
      National Christian Foundation – Alabama
      Nicholas Bunn & Lucy Mayo Boddie Foundation
      Nivison Family Foundation
      Peachtree House Foundation, Inc.
      Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Foundation
      Presbyterian Foundation of Lumberton, Inc.
      R A Wilmoth Local Mission Fund
      Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
      Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
      Robert G. & Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation
      Rock Foundation
      Schwab Charitable Fund
      Scotland County Community Foundation, Inc.
      Shell Oil Company Foundation
      Shippensburg University Foundation
      Sinclair Charitable Remainder Unitrust
      Sloan Family Foundation
      St. Giles Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
      Stanly County Community Foundation
      Suffolk Foundation
      Texas Presbyterian Foundation
      The  Rockdate Foundation, Inc,.
      The  San Francisco Foundation
      The  Spartanburg County Foundation
      The  University of Mississippi Foundation
      The Albert Baker Fund
      The Anna M. Day Foundation
      The Bell Family Foundation
      The Belvedere Fund
      The Burford Leimenstoll Foundation, Inc.
      The Calvary Foundation
      The Cannon Foundation, Inc.
      The Coca-Cola Foundation
      The Community Foundation
      The Community Foundation
      The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
      The Community Foundation of Davie County
      The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
      The David Belk Cannon Foundation
      The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
      The Donahue Family Foundation
      The Dowd Foundation, Inc.
      The Duke Energy Foundation
      The Evelyn F. James Foundation
      The Gambrell Family Foundation
      The Graduate Theological Foundation
      The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
      The Gullquist/Mullin Family Foundation
      The Hampton Foundation
      The Harkey Foundation, Inc.
      The Howe Foundation, Inc.
      The Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation
      The John Templeton Foundation
      The Katherine & Thomas M.\Belk Foundation
      The Keller Family Foundation
      The Krone Foundation Inc.
      The Linhart Foundation
      The Lookout Foundation
      The M & J Foundation, Inc.
      The Malloy Foundation
      The Marsh Foundation, Inc.
      The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
      The Minor Foundation
      The Myrtle & R. T. Sinclair, Jr. Charitable Foundation
      The National Christian Foundation
      The Philip R. Myers Family Foundation
      The Ralph S. Robinson Family Foundation
      The Roy E. & Elizabeth C. Hock Foundation
      The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
      The Trexler Foundation
      The Trull Foundation
      The W. Duke Kimbrell Family Foundation
      The Winston-Salem Foundation
      Thompson Smith Foundation
      Titmus Foundation, Inc.
      TowneBank Richmond Foundation
      Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.
      Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
      Virginia Baptist Foundation, Inc.
      Westminster Foundation, Inc.
      William B. McGuire, Jr. Family Foundation
      Williams Family Foundation
      Wilson Family Foundation
      Windsor Foundation
      YourCause, LLC Trustee for Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts

  • Friends

    • Mr. James A. Abbott
      Dr. Anthony S. Abbott
      Mrs. Lorraine R. Abernathy
      Mr. Robert C. Abernathy, Sr.
      Mr. L. Allen Abernathy
      Dr. Paul John Achtemeier (Deceased)
      The Rev. Sandra L. Achtemeier
      Mrs. Mary Hoge Ackerly
      Dr. Samuel L. Adams
      Mr. George B. Adams, Jr.
      Mr. Edward R. Adams
      Mr. Howell E. Adams, Jr.
      Mr. Alfred B. Adams, III
      Ms. Mary Grace Adams
      Mr. Randall R. Adams
      Ms. Rebecca E. Addo-Nartey
      Ms. Michael Adler
      Mr. Won Y. Ahn
      Mrs. Sara S. Airheart
      Ms. Mary E. Alexander
      Mr. Kenneth D. Alexander
      Ms. Doris J. Alexander
      Mrs. Sallie A. Alexander
      Ms. Jennifer L. Alexander
      Ms. Eleanor B. Alexander
      Mr. William Allcott
      Mrs. Dorothy N. Allen
      Mr. Ronald J. Allen
      Mr. John T. Allen
      Mr. Carlton C. Allen
      Ms. Elizabeth S. Allen
      Ms. Laura Y. Alley
      Mrs. Rebecca B. Allison
      Mr. Charles W. Allison, III
      Dr. Stephen Allred
      Ms. Martha L. Alvis
      Ms. Clarice B. Amann
      Mrs. Katherine M. Ambrose
      Mr. Otis L. Amerson
      The Rev. James Eade Anderson
      Dr. David R. Anderson
      Mr. Perrin Anderson
      Mrs. Bette A. Anderson
      Dr. Stephen G. Anderson
      Mr. Richard Anderson
      Mr. Wyndham Anderson
      Mr. Vernon T. Anderson, Jr.
      Ms. Ellen A. Anderson
      The Rev. Sherwood W. Anderson
      Ms. Jean H. Anderson
      Mr. Bob L. Anderson
      Mr. Terrence Andre, Jr.
      Ms. Brenda H. Andrews
      Mrs. Joan V. Andrews
      Anonymous Gifts
      Anonymous Gifts to Charlotte
      Mrs. Jean R. Appich
      Ms. Caroline Applegate
      Mr. Fred Applegath
      Mrs. Toni Archer
      Mr. William M. Archer, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Mark B. Ardis
      Dr. Gregory T. Armstrong (Deceased)
      Ms. Carol R. Armstrong
      Dr. Levy M. Armwood, Jr.
      Dr. William V. Arnold
      Mr. Joseph E. Arnold
      Mrs. Virginia R. Aronson
      Dr. Joe F. Arterberry
      Mr. C. Thomas Arvin
      Mr. Jack Ashworth
      The Rev. Yvette Assem
      Mrs. Peggie L. Atkins (Deceased)
      Mr. John L. Atkins
      The Rev. Patricia J. Austin
      Mr. Eugene C. Autry
      Mr. Joseph W. Avellar
      Ms. Monique Avery
      Mr. Raymond T. Avery, III
      Dr. Robert L. Avinger, Jr.
      Dr.  P. William Aycock, Jr.
      Mr. Randall P. Ayer (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ann O. Ayer
      Mr. Ronald M. Ayers
      Mrs. Sharon R. Ayers
      Dr. Hyun Chan Bae
      Mr. Todd Bagwell
      Mrs. Kinney C. Bailey (Deceased)
      Mrs. Miriam Bailey
      The Rev. Frederick L. Bailey
      Mr. John L. Bailey
      Mr. Philip B. Bailey
      Dr. Barbara Bailey-Etta
      Mr. Donald P. Baird
      Mrs. Alice H. Baker
      Mrs. Nancy L. Baker
      Mr. Leland L. Baker, Jr.
      Mr. Willard K. Baker
      Mr. A. Cornelius Baker
      Mrs. Elaine Baker
      Mr. Johnnie B. Bakkum (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary Allie Baldwin
      Mr. E. R. Baldwin, III
      Dr. Tyler E. Ball, D.D.S.
      Mrs. Cathy L. Ballard
      Mrs. Sarah Balsley
      Mr. Mark H. Banasiak
      Dr. Edna J. Banes
      Mr. Guy W. Bankes, Jr.
      Mr. Robert Banks
      Mr. Dave Banner
      Ms. Lee Ann Bannerman
      Ms. Grace Bannerman
      Mr. James E. Barb
      Ms. Carol B. Barber
      Mrs. Nancy O. Barbour
      Ms. Margaret A. Barclay
      Mrs. Bernetta Barco
      Mr. J. D. Barden, Jr.
      Ms. Mary Baril
      Mr. Stephen E. Baril
      Mrs. Barbara Kearns Barker
      Mr. Richard L. Barker
      Mr. Fred A. Barkley
      Mr. William Barnard
      Mr. Irvin S. Barnard (Deceased)
      Mr. L. M. Barnes, III
      Mr. J. Norris Barnes, III
      Dr. Thomas L. Barnes
      Mr. William T. Barnett, Sr.
      The Rev. Prentice H. Barnett
      Mrs. Janie W. Barnett
      Ms. Nada Barnett
      Mr. Richard H. Barnhardt
      Mr. W. Doak Barnhardt
      Mr. William B. Barnhardt
      Ms. Janice S. Barnhart
      Mr. John W. Barnhill, Jr.
      Mr. Robert E. Barnhill, Jr.
      Mr. J. Forrest Barnwell
      Mrs. Helen C. Barranger
      Dr. Lee C. Barrett, III
      Mrs. Martha W. Barrick
      Ms. Irene E. Barrier
      Mr. John G. Barrows (Deceased)
      Mr. Raymond P. Barry
      Dr. David L. Bartlett
      Ms. Mary C. Baskin
      Mrs. Lyn Battle
      Ms. Lucy C. Batts
      Ms. Brenda S. Baucom
      Mr. David F. Bauer
      Mr. Richard Baynton
      Mr. Beverly T. Beal
      Mrs. Martha P Beale
      The Hon. Michael E. Beale
      Mrs. Marian H. Beam
      Mr. Richard F. Bean
      Ms. Jean T. Bear
      Mr. James T. Beard
      Ms. Kathryn A. Beaton
      Mr. Daniel H. Beaton
      Ms. Beverly R. Beatty
      Mrs. Emily Beaty
      Ms. Lucile E. Beaver
      Mrs. Linda H. Becker
      The Rev. Charles A. Beckett
      Mrs. Lois A. Bedell
      Mrs. Leola R. Bedsole
      Mrs. Martha B. Beery
      Mr. John R. Belk
      Mr. Thomas M. Belk, Jr.
      Mr. Irwin O. Belk
      Mrs. Katherine M. Belk
      Ms. Jacquelyn Benbow
      Mrs. Kathryn F. Bendall
      Mr. William L. Bendall (Deceased)
      Mrs. Dolores H. Beran
      Mr. Theodore Bergen
      Mrs. Louise M. Berman
      Mrs. Judith B. Berry
      Mr. William W. Berry (Deceased)
      Mr. Marcellus J. Best, Jr.
      Mrs. Virginia E. Bibee
      Mr. Robert T. Bies
      Ms. Bobie Bilz
      Dr. Virgie M. Binford (Deceased)
      Mr. James D. Birch
      Mr. Glenn M. Birch
      Mr. William L. Bird, Sr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. Bruce Birdsey
      Mrs. Anne A. Bishop
      Mrs. Frances B. Bisselle
      Mr. Donald H. Bissett, Jr.
      Ms. Patrice Bittner
      Mrs. Sarah W. Bitzer
      Mr. John P. Black
      Mr. C. Trent Blackman
      Mr. C. Craig Blades
      Mrs. Virginia W. Blain
      Mr. William A. Blair
      Mr. Bill Blair, III
      Mrs. Irene W. Bland
      The Rev. Joseph J. Blankinship
      Mrs. Barbara W. Blanton
      Mr. John H. Blauvelt, III
      Dr. William M. Blaylock
      Mrs. Brenda B. Bledsoe
      Ms. Margaret Bledsoe
      Mrs. Norma W. Blevins
      Mr. Mark M. Bloom
      Mr. Richard H. Blount, II
      Dr. Brian K. Blount
      Mr. Clenton Blount
      Mrs. Sharon Blount
      Mr. R. Edward Blount
      Mr. Jeffrey E. Blount
      Mr. Ben Mayo Boddie, Sr.
      Mrs. Betsy B. Boddie
      Mrs. Maria Boehringer
      Ms. Nan H. Bogger
      Mrs. Jean C. Boggs (Deceased)
      Dr. Charles H. Boggs, Jr.
      Dr. Bill Boldin (Deceased)
      Mr. Donald B. Boldt
      Miss Marlyn L. Bolen
      Mrs. Pamela Bolling
      Ms. Debra M. Bollinger
      Mr. Randy C. Bolton
      Mr. Charles A. Bonar
      Mrs. Mary Ferguson Bond
      Mrs.Rebecca V.  Bondi
      Mr. Charles H. Boney, Jr.
      Mrs. Constance O. Book
      Mrs. Shirley S. Booker
      Mr. Paul Boone
      Ms. Laura L. Boosinger
      Mr. Mark W. Borst
      Mr. Ralph W. Bostian
      Mr. Thomas W. Boswell
      Dr. Wayne G. Boulton
      Mr. Donald A. Boulton
      Mr. James T. Bowen, III
      Mr. W. C. Bowen, III
      Ms. Marian Bowes
      Mrs. Ann O. Bowling
      Mr. Ernest H. Bowling, Jr.
      Dr. Richard F. Bowling
      Mr. William H. Bowman, III
      Mr. Frank A. Boxley, Sr.
      The Rev. William M. Boyce, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. & Mrs. Burton N. Boyd
      Mrs. Adelaide Boyd (Deceased)
      Ms. Hillary Boyd
      Mrs. Betty G. Boyd
      Mrs. Margaret R. Boyer
      Mr. Robert A. Boyette
      Mr. Willie L. Boykin
      Mrs. Ella W. Boyle (Deceased)
      Miss Sandra B. Boze
      Mrs. Jane Brabham
      Mr. John A. Brabson, Jr.
      The Rev. H. Dale Bracey
      Mrs. Betty M. Braddock
      Dr. W. Z. Bradford, Jr.
      Mrs. Linda S. Bradford
      Ms. Lois Lee Bradley
      Mrs. Kathryn B. Bradley
      Mr. Robert L. Bradley
      Mrs. Faith S. Bradley
      Mrs. Christine S. Brady
      Mrs. Terry M. Brady
      Mr. A. Brady
      Mr. Lee C. Branch
      Ms. Emma W. Branch (Deceased)
      Ms. Carolyn R. Brandt
      Ms. Okchin Brandt
      Ms. Heather Brannon
      Dr. James A. Brashler
      Ms. Ana Braulio (Deceased)
      Ms. Helen T. Braun
      Dr. Robert L. Brawley
      Dr. Bob W. Brawley (Deceased)
      Mr. John P. Brennan
      Mr. Joseph B. Brewer, III
      The Rev. David P. Bridges
      Mr. Shelby Powell Bridges
      Ms. Louise W. Brierre
      Mr. Mark Brindise
      Mr. Ben A. Brinson
      Mr. Earl M. Brinson
      Dr. Betsy Brinson
      Dr. E. Carson Brisson
      Mr. Jake Brisson
      Mrs. Hannah L. Britt
      Ms. Jennifer D. Britton
      The Hon. William D. Broadhurst
      Mr. John R. Broadway
      Mr. Austin Brockenbrough, III
      Dr. John I. Brooks, Jr.
      Mrs. Margaret W. Brooks
      Ms. Suzanna Brooks
      Mr. Stanford R. Brookshire, Jr.
      Mrs. Anne M. Brosko
      Mrs. Dorothy R. Brotherton
      Mr. Bill Browder
      Mr. Norman Lee Brown
      Mrs. Nancy R. Brown
      Mr. Donald E. Brown
      Mrs. Hope Brown
      Dr. Ernest H. Brown, Jr.
      Mr. Robert Brown
      Ms. Robin Brown
      Ms. Frieda Farfour Brown
      Mr. Michael D. Brown (Deceased)
      The Rev. Daniel L. Brown
      Dr. William P. Brown
      Mr. Daniel S. Brown
      Mr. Charles Brown
      Mr. Edward D. Brown
      Dr. Larry D. Brown
      Ms. Annett S. Brown-Blakeney
      Mr. Herbert H. Browne, Jr.
      Mr. William Stewart Bruce, Jr.
      Ms. Mary M. Brueggemann
      Dr. Walter Brueggemann
      Mr. James B. Brueggemann
      Mrs. Christina Brueggemann
      Ms. Lea Bruffy
      Mr. Roy W. Brun (Deceased)
      Mrs. Elizabeth S. Brunk
      Mr. Kenneth Stanley Brunsman
      Dr. James A. Bryan, II
      Dr. Edwin L. Bryan
      Mr. Sam Dunn Bryan
      Mr. William A. Bryan
      Mr. Harry M. Bryant, Jr.
      Mr. R. Calvin Bryson, Jr.
      Mrs. Patsy B. Buchanan
      Mr. William B. Buchanan
      Mr. T. Robins Buck
      Ms. Caroline B. Buckner
      Mr. Bruce R. Buenning
      Mrs. Alice F. Buford
      Mr. Frank H. Buhler
      The Rev. Malcolm M. Bullock
      Dr. Robert H. Bullock, Jr.
      Mrs. Sarah K. Bullock
      Mr. Joe Bunn
      Ms. Dorothy Burdeshaw
      Mrs. Carol S. Burgess
      Mrs. Amy E. Burgett
      Mr. Steve Burke
      Mr. Tyler Burkett
      Mrs. Betty B. Burkholder
      Ms. Cynthia B. Burkholder
      Mrs. Millie Burks
      Mr. E. C. Burleson, Jr.
      Mrs. Margaret T. Burlew
      Mr. Harry T. Burn
      Mr. Edmund C. Burnett, Jr.
      Mrs. Susan C. Burns
      Mr. Rufus L. Burrow
      Mr. William A. Burslem
      Mr. Douglas B. Burton
      Mr. Bruce Burton
      Dr. Richard C. Burts, Jr.
      The Rev. Robert S. Busey
      Dr. Richard G. Bush
      The Rev. Jesse R. Butler
      Ms. Elizabeth H. Butterworth
      Mr. Sidney Thompson Butz
      Dr. Ronald P. Byars
      Mrs. Maurine Bybee
      Mrs. Yvonne Bost Byers
      Mrs. Stephanie F. Bynum
      Mr. Harold N Bynum
      Mrs. Betty L. Byrd
      Mr. Joseph J. Byrne
      Mr. William Cabell, Jr.
      Dr. John B. H. Caldwell
      Mr. Paul H. Caldwell
      Mrs. Margaret C. Calhoun (Deceased)
      Mrs. Lena Sermons Calvert (Deceased)
      Mr. D. M. Campbell, Jr.
      Ms. Susan P. Campbell
      Dr. Paul T. Campbell
      Mr. David P. Campbell
      Ms. Joan Flemer Campbell
      Mrs. Susan Sharp Campbell
      Ms. Barbara Campbell-Davis
      Dr. Ernest R. Campe
      Mrs. Audre P. Cannell
      Dr. Katie G. Cannon
      Mrs. Corine L. Cannon
      The Rev. Jerry L. Cannon
      Mr. Thomas Cannon
      Ms. Sarah M. Cannon
      Ms. Pat Cantoni
      Mrs. June M. Cappello
      Mr. Richard H. Cardwell, III (Deceased)
      Mrs. Molly Carey
      Mr. J. B. Carlisle (Deceased)
      Mr. Richard Carlson
      Mr. Bert Carmichael
      Colonel & Mrs. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr.
      Mr. Jeffrey R. Carr
      Mrs. Kirby H. Carr
      Mr. Joseph C. Carreiro
      Ms. Connie E. Carrigan
      Dr. John T. Carroll
      Mr. R. Leon Carroll
      Mr. Henry N. Carrouth
      Mr. J. Martin Carstarphen, III (Deceased)
      Mrs. Catherine P. Carstarphen
      Mr. Steven L. Carter
      The Rev. Valerie Carter
      Mr. George B. Cartledge, Jr.
      Mr. Eric R. Carwile
      Mrs. Janet Casey
      Mr. Thomas A. Casey
      Ms. Dee M. Cash
      Mr. Michael B. Cashwell
      Mrs. Elizabeth N. Cashwell
      Mr. Steven N. Cashwell
      Mr. Matthew Castillo
      Mr. Charles F. Catlett, III
      Ms. Joanne M. Cauthen
      Ms. Jane A. Cecil
      Dr. Louis B. Cei
      Mrs. Lucy P. Cella
      Mrs. Josephine B. Chadwick
      Mrs. Barbara F. Chamberlain-Haynes
      Dr. Donald V. Chamblee, Sr.
      Mrs. Susan Chandler
      Ms. Elizabeth Chandler
      Mr. David T. Chandler
      Mr. J. Smith Chaney, Jr.
      Dr. Bong Hyon Chang
      Mr. Won Ho Chang
      Mr. S. K. Chang
      Ms. Margaret J. Chapman
      Mr. W. Bates Chappell
      Mr. Jonathan Chase
      Ms. Jane D. Cheadle
      Dr. Virginia Rose Cherry
      Mr. Lance W. Cherry
      Mrs. Peggy E. Cheshire
      Dr. Donald B. Chesnut
      Mr. Stephen R. Chesnutt
      Mr. Beverly L. Childress
      Mrs. Jean V. Childress
      Mr. John Milton Childress, II
      Mr. Nathan D. Childress
      Mr. David Yul Ha Cho
      Mr. Dam Choi
      The Rev. Larry Chottiner
      The Rev. Lazarus Chua
      Mrs. Byung Oak Chun
      The Rev. Paul Chun
      Professor Sei Chong Chun
      The Rev. Yong C. Chung
      Ms. Grace P. Cibula
      Dr. Joe L. Clark
      Mrs. Nancy G. Clark
      Mrs. Marjorie M. Clark
      Ms. Ellen L. Clark
      Mr. William G. Clark, IV
      Dr. E. E. Clark (Deceased)
      Ms. Kimberly A. Clark
      Mr. T. Hal Clarke
      Ms. Katherine S. Clarke
      Mr. John R. Clarke
      Ms. Diane Claybrook
      Mrs. Edith B. Cleaves
      Mr. Norwood Clemons
      Ms. Mary Carolyn Click
      Mr. Albert F. Clow, III
      Dr. Milton J. Coalter
      Mrs. Beatrice P. Coats
      Mr. Samuel W. Coaxum
      Mr. Linwood Cobb
      The Hon. William A. Cobb, Jr.
      Mrs. Jean M. Cochrane
      Mr. Kenneth S. Coe, Jr.
      Mr. Robert Coffey
      Dr. M. Terry Coffey
      The Rev. Don VanDyke Colby
      Mr. J. R. Cole, Sr.
      Mr. E. Nelson Cole
      Mr. Clay M. Coleman
      Ms. Mary King Coleman
      Ms. Mary Parrish Coley
      Mr. Raymond D. Collins, Jr.
      Mr. Henry O. Colomb
      Mr. Robert F. Colwell, III
      Ms. Hilary C. Coman
      Mrs. Elsie H. Combs (Deceased)
      Mrs. Louise N. Compher
      Ms. Mary M. Conner
      Mr. C. R. Conrad
      Mrs. Jane P. Conrad
      Dr. Walter H. Conser, Jr.
      Mr. Peter Conway
      Mr. Robert L. Cook, Jr.
      Mr. Gerry M. Cook
      Mrs. Harry C. Cook (Deceased)
      Mr. Richard A. Cook
      Dr. Charles L. Cooke
      Mr. A. Hamilton Cooke
      Ms. Rebecca K. Cooley
      Mr. Austin Craig Cooley
      Dr. Ralph W. Coonrad
      The Rev. Donald L. Cooper
      Mr. William F. Cooper, Jr.
      Mrs. Sharon Cooper
      Mr. Joseph A Cooper
      Mr. G. Kenneth Cooper
      Dr. Alton James Coppridge (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ellen G. Corbett
      The Rev. William J. Corey, Jr.
      Mr. Charles L. Cormany
      Ms. Angela M. Cosby
      The Rev. Cynthia A. Cosby
      Mr. Harvey L. Cosper, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary P. Coulling
      Mr. Willis A. Council
      Ms. Kristen Coupal
      Mr. William F. Covington
      The Rev. Wallace F. Covington
      Mrs. Gloria F. Cowan (Deceased)
      Mr. William S. Cowden, Jr.
      Ms. Barbara A. Cox
      Mr. Charles L. Cox
      Ms. Susan M. Cox
      The Rev. Thomas R. Coye
      Mr. Page S. Crabill (Deceased)
      Mrs. Laura C. Craddock
      The Rev. Kenneth P. Craig
      Miss May Joe Craig
      Ms. Sarah K. Craig
      Mr. Lloyd L. Craighill
      Dr. George W. Crane
      Mrs. J. T. Crawford
      Mr. John T. Crawford
      Mr. C. Wayne Creech
      Mrs. Lindy Creech
      Mrs. Nelson B. Crisp
      Mr. Charles W. Crist
      Mr. Richard E. Crom
      Mrs. Pauline L. Cronin
      Mr. William N. Crosby
      Mr. Douglas W. Crosby
      Ms. Rebecca K. Crosier
      Mr. Harry Lee Cross, IV
      Mr. Joseph M. Cross
      The Rev. Ralph W. Crouch, III
      Mr. Robert P. Crouch
      Mrs. Sarah A. Crowder
      Mr. Richard M. Crowder, Jr.
      Mr. E. L. Crump
      Mr. Richard P. Cullen
      Mr. Everett Culpepper
      Dr. R. Dale Culpepper
      Mr. Ron Culves
      Mrs. Laura A. Cunningham
      Mr. H. A. Curle, Jr.
      The Rev. T. Christian Currie
      The Rev. James S. Currie
      Dr. Thomas W. Currie, III
      Mrs. Eleanor L. Currin
      Ms. Terry A. Curro
      Ms. Dorothy H. Cushman
      Mr. James Cuthbertson
      Mrs. Judith H. Cutting
      The Rev. Thomas A. Cutting (Deceased)
      Mr. Kevin Dagenhart
      Dr. Donald C. Dahmann
      Ms. Robin Dail
      Mrs. Alice J. Dale
      Mrs. Elizabeth K. Dalton
      Mrs. Eugene L. Daniel, Jr.
      Mrs. Faye A. Daniel
      Mr. Marvin Daniel
      Mr. Hugh R. Daniel, III
      The Rev. David W. Danner
      Dr. James R. Darden, Jr.
      Ms. Diana M. Daughtridge
      Mr. Elijah L. Daughtridge, III
      Mr. M. Deans Davenport
      Dr. Nancy M. Davidian
      Mr. H. Lawrence Davidson
      Mrs. Billie M. Davis
      Mr. Charles M. Davis, Jr. (Deceased)
      Ms. Clarice T. Davis
      Dr. Elizabeth Y. Davis (Deceased)
      Mr. & Mrs. J. Roy Davis, Jr.
      Mr. J. Wade Davis, Sr.
      Mrs. Sandra Davis
      Mr. William F. Davis
      Dr. Robert M. Davis, Jr.
      Mr. James W. Davis
      Mrs. E. Jane Doubles Davis
      Mrs. Frances S. Davis
      Ms. Margaret S. Davis (Deceased)
      Ms. Harriet H. Davis
      Mr. Milton A. Davis
      The Rev. Dan F. Davis
      Mr. Peter Davis
      Mrs. Mary Webb Davis
      Mr. Dan M. Davis
      Mr.James C. Davis
      Dr. T. Phillip Davis (Deceased)
      The Rev. Michael Davis
      Mr. Ralph D. Davison
      Mrs. Nancy J. Dawe
      Dr. Donald G. Dawe (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margaret S. Dawson
      Mr. Clyde W. Day
      Mr. Paul B. Day, Jr.
      Mrs. Margaret M. Deacon
      Mr. James H. Deal
      Ms. Vernette A. Dean
      Mr. Ralph O. Dearborn
      Mr. Robert W. Deaton
      Mr. Fred H. Deaton, Jr.
      Mr. Richard R. DeBergh
      Mr. Herman R. Decker
      Mr. E. R. Deffenbaugh, Jr.
      Mr. Robert B. Delano
      Colonel Alice J. Delgado
      Mr. Mahlon W. DeLoatch, Jr.
      Mr. Robert S. Dendy, Jr.
      Mrs. Margaret L. Dendy (Deceased)
      Mr. H. Benson Dendy, III
      The Rev. Susan L. Denne
      The Rev. William H. Dent, Jr.
      Mr. Samuel A. Derieux
      Mrs. Mary Ann DeTrana
      Mr. Marion E. Devoe, Sr.
      Dr. Dawn DeVries
      Mr. Stephen B. Dewhurst
      Ms. Daphne H. Dews
      Mr. Robert G. Deyton, Jr.
      Mrs. Lacy W. Dick
      Dr. Charles C. Dickinson
      Mr. C. R. Dickinson
      Mr. John G. Dicks
      Mrs. Mary Anne Dickson
      Mr. Mark Diedrick
      Dr. Kennerly Digges
      Mr. Thomas G. Dill, Sr.
      Mrs. Elizabeth D. Dinwiddie
      Mrs. Kara E. Ditto
      Mrs. Adeline M. Dixon
      Mr. Charles D. Dixon
      Mrs. Jean G. Dixon
      Dr. Chip Dobbs-Allsopp
      Mr. Harold L. Dockins
      Dr. Richard A. Dodds
      Ms. Patricia P. Dole
      Mrs. Martha W. Domske
      Mr. Timothy J. Donahue
      Mr. Thomas H. Donahue, Jr.
      Mr. Robert T. Donnelly
      Mr. David H. Dorminey
      The Rev. Lucy Dorr
      Mrs. Anna L. Dorsett
      Ms. Mitzi Dorton
      Dr. Donald P. Douglass
      Mrs. Martha S. Draper
      Mrs. Martha Dreisbach
      Mr. Lewis H. Drew
      Mrs. Lane C. Ducker
      Mrs. Sharon G. Duckwall
      Mr. James J. Dudley
      Mr. George H. Dudley
      Mrs. Elizabeth H. Duerr
      Mr. S. Hardy Duerson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary Jarvis Duerson
      Mr. Kerry K. Duke
      Mrs. Darlene Duncan
      Mr. Gregory W. Duncan
      Ms. Debra L. Dunham
      The Rev. James C. Dunkin
      Dr. Katherine M. Dunlap
      Mrs. Kay F. Dunlap
      The Rev. Susan J. Dunlap
      Mr. Robert C. Dunn
      Mr. Jay O. Dunn, Jr.
      Mr. Leo J. Dunn
      Mrs. Alyce H. Dunn
      Ms. Zelle Dunn
      Mrs. M. Elizabeth Duvall (Deceased)
      Mrs. Beverly R. Dye
      Mr. Edwin F. Eadie
      Mrs. Elsie M. Eads
      Mrs. Frances C. Eagan
      Mr. James T. Earwood
      Dr. Steven P. Eason
      Mrs. Carolyn R. Eaton
      Mr. David A. Eddins
      Dr. Leonard L. Edloe, Jr.
      Mr. Thomas A. Edmonds
      Mrs. Thelma Edmondson
      Mrs. Carol T. Edwards
      Dr. George S. Edwards, Sr.
      Ms. Angela Edwards
      Mr. Larry W. Edwards
      Mr. Blucher Ehringhaus
      Dr. Rodger H. Eidson
      Mrs. Barbara C. Eikenberry
      Mrs. Molly J. Einstein
      Mrs. Peggie K. Eliason
      Mr. Frank T. Ellett
      Ms. Sandra G. Elliott
      Mr. Hildon D. Ellis
      Mrs. Irene S. Ellis
      Mr. Russell P. Ellison, Jr.
      Mr. William E. Elmore, Jr.
      Mrs. Brent W. Elmore
      Mr. Craig Emerick
      Dr. Stephen W. Emerick
      Mr. John C. Emerick
      Mr. John H. Emerson
      Mrs. Kathleen K. Emerson
      Lt. Col. Eugene Emmer
      Mr. W. S. Engelson
      Mr. J. W. Engleby, III
      Mr. Gary Epling
      Mr. Robert E. Esleeck
      Mr. John Etheredge
      Mr. William Ethridge
      Mr. Frederick W. Eubank, II
      Mrs. Margaret W. Evans
      Mrs. Beatrice W. Evans (Deceased)
      Mrs. Nellie T. Evans
      Mr. Roger D. Evans, Jr.
      Mr. John Borden Evans
      Ms. Angie M. Evans
      Mrs. Colleen T. Evans
      Ms. Charlotte K. Evans
      Mr. Rowland Evans, Jr.
      Mrs. Melanie Evans-Lowenberger
      The Rev. James S. Evinger
      Mr. Marshall E. Ewing
      Mr. A. Hugh Ewing, III
      Mrs. Anne Bryan Faircloth
      Mr. Alton M. Faires
      Dr. Colita Fairfax
      Mr. Robert M. Fales, Jr.
      Mrs. Billie L. Fansler
      Mr. William G. Faris
      Mr. Douglas M. Faris
      Miss Mary M. Farmer
      Mrs. Beth W. Farmer
      Mr. Luke Farmer
      Mr. James E. Farnham
      Ms. Susan S. Farr
      Ms. Louetta B. Farr
      Mrs. Susan B. Farrell
      Ms. Megan Farrell
      Mr. Jack A. Farrior
      Ms. Hope Farrior
      Ms. Ruthie Farrior-Rydgren
      Mrs. Anne F. Farrow
      Mrs. Anna Mary Faust (Deceased)
      Mr. Charles H. Favor
      Mr. Eugene L. Feagin
      Mr. Edwin R. Feinour
      Ms. Yvonne Felton
      Dr. Benjamin B. Ferdon
      Dr. James G. Ferguson, Jr.
      Mr. Ernest E. Ferguson
      Ms. Bonnie Ferguson
      The Rev. M. Dwight Ferguson
      Mr. Frederick J. Feusahrens
      Mr. Walther B. Fidler
      Mr. William C. Field
      Mr. Thomas V. Fields
      Mrs. Marjorie P. Fields
      Mr. Bruce Finch
      Mr. Edward S. Finley, Jr.
      Ms. Glenna Finnicum
      Mr. Harry O. Fishel, Jr.
      Mr. Alvin George Fisher, Jr.
      Mr. Harvey Nelson Fitton, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Howard M. Fitts, Jr.
      Mrs. Helen C. Fitzpatrick
      Ms. Clara B. Flanagan
      Mrs. Mary P. Fleming
      Mrs. Evamon Fleming
      The Rev. J. David Fletcher
      Dr. Charles P. Fletcher
      Mr. William M. Florence
      Mr. Douglas L. Flory
      Dr. Benjamin H. Flowe
      Mr. William W. Flowers
      Mr. Walter W. Flythe
      Mr.  David A. Foard, Jr.
      Mr. William L. Forbes
      Mr. R. Kevin Forbes
      Mrs. Joyce R. Forcke
      Mr. James H. Ford
      Mr. Larry G. Ford
      Mrs. Barbara Ford
      Mr. Traverse S. Foster, III
      Ms. Carmen F. Foster
      Mr. Joe Fountain
      Mrs. Mary G. Fountain
      Mr. Clarence Fouse
      Mr. Francis M. Fowlkes, Jr.
      Mr. Ernest L. Fox, III
      Mr. William D. Fox
      Ms. Mary L. Francis
      Mrs. Carolyn P. Franck (Deceased)
      Mrs. Jane W. Frank
      Dr. Richard M. Frazer, Jr.
      Mr. Blake Frazier
      The Rev. Edmund T. Freeborn, III
      Mrs. Betty C. Freeland
      Mr. R. L. Freeman
      Mrs. Pamela R. Freeman
      Mr. Isaac Freeman
      Mr. Joshua Freeman
      Mrs. Ellenor Ann Frelick
      Mr. B. G. French, Jr.
      Mrs. Margaret P. Fretwell (Deceased)
      The Rev. Robert D. Friend
      Ms. Jane Frist
      Dr. Karlfried Froehlich
      Mr. Michael Frontiero
      Mrs. Eleanor C. Fry
      Mr. Roger M. Fry
      Mr. Frank W. Fuller, Jr.
      Mr. W. Erwin Fuller, Jr.
      Mrs. Gay C. Fuller
      Mr. Sam B. Fullerton, Jr.
      Mr. F. Dudley Fulton
      Mr. Roger R. Fulton
      Dr. Frank E. Funk (Deceased)
      Mrs. Maxine J. Funk
      Mrs. Jacqueline D. Fuss
      Mr. Rufus H. Gaddy, Jr. (Deceased)
      Dr. Paul Galbreath
      Ms. Jo Bales Gallagher
      The Rev. Jeremy Galloway
      Mr. James A. Galloway
      Ms. Susan A. Ganz
      Mr. George C. Garden, Jr.
      Mr. John G. Gardner
      Mrs. Margaret M. Gardner
      Mrs. Jane T. Gardner
      Ms. Joan Gardner
      Mrs. Ann Garman-Pitcher
      Mr. Jon Garmon
      Mr. H. Glenn Garner
      Ms. Kristin Garner
      The Rev. India Garnett
      Dr. Nelson L. Garnett
      Mr. Victor L. Garraus
      Mr. William C. Garrett, Jr.
      Mr. Herbert Lewis Garrett
      Mr. Garry A. Garris
      Mr. William C. Gaventa
      Mrs. Lillian C. Gay
      Mr. John G. Geddes
      Mrs. Albert D. George
      Mr. Henry H. George
      Mrs. Angela M. George
      Mr. Harry D. George
      Dr. Robert W. Gerace-Almoney, M.D.
      Dr. B. A. Gerrish
      Ms. Rachel R. Getman
      Dr. Joseph M. Gettys (Deceased)
      Mr. Richard G. Gibbons
      Mr. Edward N. Gideon
      Mr. Floyd Gilbert
      Mr. Vic Gilchrist
      Mr. Franklin E. Giles
      Mrs. Florence W. Gilkeson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margaret J. Gill
      Mr. Howard E. Gill, Jr.
      Ms. Nancy Gillard
      Mrs. Willie H. Gillenwater
      Mrs. Mary May Mitchell Gillespie
      Mr. Richard D. Gillespie (Deceased)
      Mr. Donald E. Gillespie
      Ms. Hannah Gilliam
      Mrs. Mary Dudley Gilmer
      Mrs. Jacqueline Ginther
      Mr. Robert R. Glass
      Dr. Barbara M. Glenn
      Mrs. Jean G. Glennon
      Mr. Robert E. Glidden (Deceased)
      Mr. Nathan W. Goff
      Mrs. Lucille S. Gohdes
      Mrs. Sue F. Gohn
      Mr. David F. Gomez
      Mr. Phillips W. Goodell, Jr.
      Mr. J. Mark Goodman-Morris
      Ms. Katherine Elise Goodpasture
      Mr. G. Royden Goodson, Jr.
      Mrs. Rachel Riches Gordon (Deceased)
      Mr. Todd Gordon
      Mr. Paul A. Gottlieb
      Mrs. Nancy H. Gottwald
      Dr. William M. Gottwald
      Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr.
      Mrs. Verna L. Graff-Gessaman
      Mr. William E. Graham, Jr.
      Mr. William G. Graham
      Ms. Olivia Graham
      Dr. Sandra E. Gramling
      Mrs. Hoke S. Grant, Jr.
      Mr. William Michaux Grant
      Mrs. Charlotte T. Grant
      Mr. William D. Gravitt
      Mrs. Norma W. Gray
      Ms. Mary R. Gray
      The Rev. David J. Graybill
      Mrs. Kathryn W. Green
      Mrs. Catherine S. Green
      Mr. Melvin R. Green
      Ms. Mary E. Green
      Dr. Teresa A. Green
      Mr. Roland C. Greene, Jr.
      Mrs. Thelma A. Greeson
      Mr. John P. Gregg
      Mr. W. Richard Grey, III
      Mrs. Margaret R. Griebner
      Mr. Joseph W. Grier, III
      Mrs. Ara B. Griffin
      Mr. F. O’Neil Griffin
      Mr. William C. Griffin (Deceased)
      Mr. Ira Lee Griffin, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Rob Griffin
      Dr. Donald L. Griggs
      Mrs. John R. Grimes
      Ms. Kim D. Grimes
      Dr. Earl H. Grissinger
      Mrs. Elizabeth C. Grubbs
      Mr. Maynard Grunstra
      Mr. Owen S. Guise
      Dr. Sidney Loy Gulledge, III
      Dr. Sandy D. Gullquist, M.D.
      Dr. Charles G. Gunn
      Mrs. Beth Gunn
      Ms. Rebecca W. Gunn
      Ms. Jennifer L. Gunn
      Ms. Shirley S. Gunn (Deceased)
      Mr. George W. Gunn
      Mr. Fred J. Gunn
      Dr. Christopher S. Gunn
      Mr. Honnie B. Gunnoe, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Kenneth E. Gunther
      Ms. Mary Ellen Gurley
      Ms. Emily C. Gurry
      Mrs. Elizabeth I. Guss (Deceased)
      Mrs. C. Richard Guthrie
      Miss Martha Guy
      Mr. W. Blair Gwyn
      Mr. William B. Gwyn, Jr.
      Mr. Kenneth B. Gwynn
      Mr. Price H. Gwynn, III
      The Rev. Moses Ha
      Mr. Michael A. Haas
      Dr. Marvin L. Hage
      Mr. Gerald L. Hagen, Jr.
      Mrs. Alice H. Haggerty
      Mrs. Gayle Hunter Haglund
      Ms. Deborah Hahn
      Mr. Lester D. Haisley, Jr.
      Mr. Z. Bryan Haislip
      Dr. William D. Haithcock, Jr.
      Dr. Brenda A. Halbrooks
      The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Hall
      Mr. & Mrs. R. Garnett Hall, Jr.
      The Rev. Bradley D. Hall
      Ms. L. Heather Hall
      Mr. George R. Hall
      Mrs. Jacqueline D.  Hall
      Dr. Thomas B. Haller
      Mrs. Mary B. Hamilton (Deceased)
      Mr. Jeffrey W. Hamilton
      Mrs. Nancy W. Hamilton
      Ms. Louise C. Hamilton
      Mrs. Frances E. Hamilton
      Ms. Maxine A. Hamlett
      Dr. Donald E. Hammer (Deceased)
      Mr. W. B. Hammond, Jr.
      Mr. Herman D. Hammond
      Mrs. Julia R. Hampton (Deceased)
      Ms. Ann B. Hamric
      Mr. James H. Hance, Jr.
      Mr. Mike H. Hancock
      The Rev. Richard L. Haney
      Mrs. Bessie J. Hannan
      Mr. Hugh M. Hardaway
      Mr. William C. Hardaway
      Ms. Leslie M. Hardy
      Mr. Frank M. Hardy
      Mr. Gene M. Hardy
      Mrs. Elizabeth McChesney Hare
      Mrs. Martha M. Harenberg
      The Rev. James S. Hargraves
      Mr. Henry A. Harkey
      Mrs. Elizabeth A. Harkey (Deceased)
      Mr. James W. Harkness
      Mr. John C. Harlow
      Ms. Faith E. Harmon
      Mrs. Nanette M. Harmon
      Mr. Elliott Harrigan
      The Rev. Alice W. Harris
      Mrs. Alma S. Harris
      Ms. Charlsie S. Harris (Deceased)
      Ms. Faith B. Harris
      Mr. Douglas R. Harris
      Mr. Hugh T. Harrison, III
      Mr. Randolph F. Harrison
      Dr. Richard L. Harrison, Jr.
      Ms. Anne Gordon Harrison
      Mr. William M. Harrod
      Mr. David F. Hart
      Mr. Abel M. Hart
      Ms. F. Elizabeth Hart
      Ms. Suzan K. Hart
      The Rev. Steven J. Hartman
      Mrs. Georgia S. Harvey
      Mrs. Susan Nabers Haskell
      Mr. Robert T. Hasler, Jr.
      Mrs. Rebecca R. Hastings
      Mr. Lamar Hasty
      Mr. Peyton R. Hatcher (Deceased)
      Mrs. Shirley E. Hatcher (Deceased)
      The Rev. Susan D. Haugh
      Mrs. Heather L. Hawks
      Dr. Gwen A. Hawley
      Mr. Howard H. Haworth (Deceased)
      Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hay (Deceased)
      Ms. Mary S. Hay
      Mr. Ray H. Hayes
      Mr. Sherman L. Hayes
      Ms. Denise Hayes
      Mrs. Barbara M. Hays
      Ms. M. Susan Hays
      Ms. Sue M. Hayworth (Deceased)
      The Rev. Joy C. Heaton
      Mr. Harry L. Heckel, III
      Dr. Joseph R. Hedgpeth
      Ms. Holly Christina Heffernan
      Mr. Franklin B. Heiner
      Mr. Milton Heinowitz
      Mr. Dewitt F. Helm, Jr.
      Ms. Mary J. Helm (Deceased)
      Mrs. Martha S. Helmen (Deceased)
      Mr. Earl C. Helms
      Mr. Jerry L. Helt
      The Rev. Jennie Leake Hemrick
      Mrs. June Strickland Henderson
      Mrs. Cornelia L. Henderson
      Mr. Lykes S. Henderson, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. E. Leroy Hendricks, Jr.
      Ms. Elizabeth G. Hendricks
      Mrs. Lillye Y. Hendricks
      Mr. W. Milton Hendrixson
      Mr. William L. Hennessee, Jr.
      Mr. Philip A. Herbst
      Mr. Edward Herbst
      Ms. Sara Herlong
      Mrs. Kay L. Herrell (Deceased)
      Mr. David J. Herrell
      Mr. Brad Herring
      Mrs. Jean C. Hess
      Mrs. Dorothy M. Hess
      Dr. Elliott M. Hester (Deceased)
      Mr. Richard L. Hester
      Mrs. Blanche H. Heston
      Mr. Rudolph E. Heydel
      Mrs. Susan G. Hickok
      Mr. E. W. Higginbotham
      Mr. Douglas S. Higgins
      Ms. Nancy K. Higgins
      Mr. Samuel G. Highfill
      Mrs. Cornelia A. Hijiya
      Mrs. Nancy Thomas Hill
      The Rev. Rhonda Hill
      Mrs. Frances N. Hillman (Deceased)
      Ms. Elizabeth P. Marshall Hillsman
      Mrs. Hilda M. Hindman (Deceased)
      Mr. Robert C. Hinkle, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. John A. Hinkle
      Ms. Cynthia R. Hintze
      Mr. In Sung Hoang
      Mr. Roy E. Hock
      Mr. Jeb R. Hockman
      Mr. Richard X. Hodde
      Mrs. Deborah Hodde
      Mr. George R. Hodges
      Mrs. Marie A. Hodgin
      Mr. Timothy Hodgin
      Mr. Dieter L. Hoecklin
      Mr. Patrick G. Hogan
      Mr. Miles Hoge
      Mr. Thomas M. Hogg
      Dr. Harry F. Hoke, III
      Ms. Roxie O. Holder
      Mr. Russell B. Holderness
      Mr. Hayes R. Holderness
      Ms. Harriet T. Holderness
      Ms. Mary Jan Clark Holderness
      Mr. George A. Holderness
      Ms. Regina B. Holderness
      Mr. Dail Holderness
      Mr. Philip C. Holladay, Jr.
      Mr. Thomas M. Holland
      Ms. Judith S. Holland
      Dr. Clarence A. Holland, Sr.
      Mrs. Marjorie V. Hollandsworth (Deceased)
      Mrs. Annette J. Holler
      Mrs. Doris A. Holliday
      Mr. William G. Hollins
      Mr. Lowell L. Holmes (Deceased)
      Mr. John McNeill Holmes
      Mr. Thomas H. Holt
      The Rev. Paul Honaker
      Ms. San Yoon Hong
      Mr. Sung Woo Hong
      Mr. George F. Hoover
      Dr. Brinton A. Hopkins
      Mr. Robert H. Hopkins
      Mr. Harold S. Horan
      Mr. Robert C. Hord, Jr.
      Mrs. Dorothy S. Horne
      Mr. Jack D. Horner
      Ms. Lois S. Hornsby
      Mr. Carl E. Horton
      Mr. James C. Hostetler (Deceased)
      Ms. Martha Houchins
      Mrs. Deborah D. Houghton
      Dr. Charles Houghton, D.D.S.
      Mr. Joseph House, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Kathryn Howard
      Mr. Robert Howard, Jr.
      Dr. Catherine W. Howard
      Mrs. Elizabeth B. Howell
      Ms. Carol G. Howie
      Mrs. Patricia B. Howie
      Mrs. Nancy C. Hoy (Deceased)
      Mrs. Evangeline W. Hoyle (Deceased)
      Mr. Timothy Hoyt Duncan
      Ms. Pamela Hrncir
      Mr. Robert B. Hubbs
      Dr. Albert L. Huber
      Mr. Randolph Hudgins, Jr.
      Mrs. Doris H. Hudson
      Mrs. Betty M. Hudson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Karl G. Hudson, Jr.
      Mr. Robert S. Hudspeth
      Ms. Mary Evelyn Huey
      Mrs. Ivey O. Huff
      Mr. E. Glenn Huff
      Mr. David M. Huffine
      Mr. Steve Huffines
      Mr. John Lowell Huffman
      Ms. Jane E. Hughes
      Ms. Ina J. Hughs
      Ms. Anna T. Hull
      Mr. W. Martin Hull, III
      Dr. R. Douglas Humphrey, Jr.
      Dr. James D. Hundley
      Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hunley (Deceased)
      The Rev. Rodney M. Hunter
      Mr. Jeffrey C. Hunter
      Mr. Brian C. Hunter
      The Rev. Walter C. Hunting
      Mr. Richard B. Hurley
      Dr. Alvin J. Hurt
      Mr. Fredrick H. Hurt
      Dr. G. Samuel Hurt
      Mrs. Henry C. Hurt
      Mr. Thomas H. Huss
      Mr. James M. Hussey, Jr.
      Mr. J. Randolph Hutcheson
      Mrs. Muriel Hutchinson
      Ms. Ann Hewlett Hutteman
      Mr. Jae K. Hwang
      Mr. Stephen Hwang
      Mrs. Betsy Gilmour Hyde (Deceased)
      Ms. Eunice P. Hyllested
      Mrs. Sigrid Hyman
      Mr. Charles A. Ingram
      Mr. Joe J. Ingram, Jr.
      Mr. D. Ronald Inlow
      Mr. L. S. Inscoe, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Carol F. Irons
      Mr. Howard S. Irvin
      Mr. Samuel S. Jackson, Jr.
      Ms. Jean E. Jackson
      Ms. Annette S. Jackson
      Mr. Wayne A. Jackson
      Mr. R. W. Jacob
      Mrs. Rachel A. Jacobs
      Mr. Hugh S. Jacobs, Jr.
      Mr. Michael R. Jacobs
      Dr. Margaret L. Jacobs
      Mr. F. B. Jacobs, III
      Miss Marian A. James
      Mr. William A. James (Deceased)
      Mr. Ron James
      Mr. John James
      Mr. C. Anderson James
      Ms. S. V. Jamison
      Mr. Thomas Jefferson, III
      The Rev. Carroll D. Jenkins
      Ms. Becky Jenkins
      Ms. Nancy McLean Jenkins
      Dr. Clauston L. Jenkins
      Mrs. Carol Anne Jennison
      Mrs. Agnes Reid Jenny
      The Rev. Seung Bo Jeon
      Mr. Jerry W. Jernigan
      Dr. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr.
      Mrs. Mary Helen Jessup (Deceased)
      Mr. John C. Jester, IV
      Mr. Gerald A. Jeutter, Jr.
      Mr. Jong Hwan Jo
      Mrs. Toby H. Jobe
      Mrs. Terry G. Johns
      Ms. Carolyn F. Johns
      Mr. Dennis D. Johnson
      Mr. Robert E. Johnson
      The Rev. Vicki Jones Johnson
      Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson
      Mrs. Tonya D. Johnson
      Mr. Eugene W. Johnson
      Ms. Anne E. Johnson
      Mr. Amos C. Johnson
      Mr. F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr.
      Mrs. Carolyn S. Johnston
      Mr. C. R. Johnston
      The Rev. Carol F. Johnston
      Mr. Wayne A. Johnston
      Mrs. David R. Johnston
      Mr. Walter T. Johnston
      Mr. John D. Jolly
      Mr. Hilliard Jolly
      Mr. Kevin Craig Jonas
      Mrs. Rebecca B. Jones
      Mr. Donald H. Jones
      The Hon. Robert B. Jones
      Mr. John M. Jones
      Mr. Thomas B. Jones
      Mr. Howard E. Jones
      Dr. Morris A. Jones
      Ms. Patricia M. Jones
      Ms. Dorothy J. Jones
      Mrs. Lucille Finch Jones
      Mr. Waldo Jones, Jr.
      The Rev. Natalie Jones
      Mr. Mark Jones
      Mr. Clinton E. Jones, Jr.
      Mr. James M. Jones, Jr.
      Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Jones
      Ms. Barbara M. Jones
      Mr. David B. Jordan
      Mrs. Patricia K. Jordan
      Mr. William H. Jordan (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sara Jane E. Joseph
      Mr. Max R. Joyner
      Mrs. Lucy G. Joyner
      Mrs. Bernice Judy (Deceased)
      Mrs. Susan J. Jumper
      Mr. Eun-Gee Jun
      Mrs. Debora A. Junker
      Mrs. Joyce S. Kallaher
      The Rev. Benjamin E. Kane
      Ms. Marjorie E. Kaufman
      Dr. R. David Kaylor
      Mr. Earl W. Keegan
      The Rev. Steve Keeler
      Mr. William E. Keenan
      Mr. George Kegley
      Mr. Graeme McGregor Keith, Sr.
      Mr. Henry H. Kellam, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Thomas F. Keller
      Mr. Dennis J. Keller
      Ms. Teresa Keller
      Ms. JaJuan M. Kelley
      Dr. Douglas G. Kelling, Jr.
      Dr.  Robert T. Kelly
      Mrs. Carol Kelly
      Mr. W. Richard Kelly, Jr.
      Mr. Kenneth R. Kelly
      Dr. John D. Kelton
      Ms. Mary Alice Kemp
      Mrs. Carol B. Kendall
      Mrs. Sadie L. Kennedy
      Ms. Katharine Kennedy
      Dr. Kathleen Kenney
      Mr. Carl Lee Kernodle
      Mr. Vincent G. Kerr
      Mr. Hal Dixon Kerr
      The Rev. Shannon J. Kershner
      Mr. Samuel D. Key
      Dr. W. Wayne Key, Jr.
      The Rev. Bradley B.P. Keyes
      Ms. Phyllis Kidwell
      Mr. Ray A. Killian, Jr.
      Dr. Tye Kim
      Mr. Sung Man Kim
      Mr. Taik Joo Kim
      Ms. Stephanie S. Kim
      Mr. Kun H. Kim
      Mr. Yun-Kuk Kim
      Mr. Kwanghee Kim
      Dr. Hyun Kim
      Professor Doil Kim
      Mr. Kenneth Kim
      Ms. Eun Kim
      Mr. Robert A. Kimbrough
      The Rev. Tukyul A. Kimm
      Mr. Ruffin King
      Dr. L. Richardson King
      Dr. Donald P. King
      Dr. Sterling King, Jr.
      Mrs. Karen R. Kinney
      Mr. Jack A. Kinzler (Deceased)
      The Rev. Gerald H. Kirby
      Mrs. Catharine C. Kirby
      Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kirby
      Mr. James E. Kirk, Jr.
      Mrs. Diane W. Kirkpatrick
      Dr. Benjamin G. Klein
      Mr. Robert J. Kloss
      Mr. John G. Knight
      Ms. Nancy J. Knowles
      Mr. John K. Knowles
      Mr. Richard W. Kohl
      Ms. Christina Kokiasmenos
      Mrs. William O. Kopp
      Mr. C. Phillips Kraemer
      Mrs. Ruth Ann Kramer
      Ms. Joyce P. Krauser
      Mr. A. B. Kreger, III
      Mrs. Anna C. Kreiner
      Mr. Charles E. Kress
      Mrs. Helen Krone
      Mr. Jonathan Kruschwitz
      Mrs. Jessie B. Krusen
      Ms. Rita M. Kugler
      Mr. Henry N. Kuhlman
      Mrs. Betty B. Kulp
      Mr. Burton J. Kunz, Sr.
      Ms. Linda Kurtz
      Ms. Jill Kurtz
      Mrs. Thomasina S. Lackey
      Mr. Benjamin R. Lacy, IV (Deceased)
      Mrs. Dorothy B. Lacy
      Mr. J. Gilmour Lake
      Ms. Sheppard Lake
      Mr. F. Louis Lambe, Jr.
      Mrs. Betsy Lamm
      Mr. David LaMotte
      Mrs. Mary P. LaMoyne
      Mr. John B. Lampe
      Mr. Stanard F. Lanford, Jr.
      Mrs. Anna M. Lang
      Mrs. Sue D. Langfitt
      Mr. Dean Langfitt
      Mr. Robert S. Langhart
      The Rev. Victor Langhorne
      Mr. Samuel W. Lanham, III
      Mr. Robert L. T. Larus, Jr.
      Mr. J. Brand Laseter (Deceased)
      Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Lau
      Miss Marilyn J. Laughbaum
      Dr. Richard E. Lawson
      Mr. Fontaine B. Lawson
      Mr. Thomas T. Lawson
      Mrs. Martha B. Lawson
      Mr. T. Gaylon Layfield, III
      The Rev. James E. Layman
      Mr. Thomas M. Leach
      Mrs. Dixie Leathers
      Mr. K. Joseph Lederer
      Mr. Michael J. Ledet, Sr.
      The Rev. Yun-gil Lee
      Mr. Clifford Y. Lee
      Mr. Simon Lee
      Mr. Hyun Nam Lee
      Mr. Dennis Lee
      Mr. Jin Hwan Lee
      Ms. Hye K. Lee
      The Rev. Im Woo Lee
      Ms. Rachael C. Lee
      Ms. Sharon Leech
      Mr. Leonard A. Lefiles, III
      Mrs. Karen Lefkoe
      Mrs. Lee C. Leggett
      Mrs. Susan S. Lehmann
      Ms. Martha J. Lehr
      Mrs. Marie Leigh
      Mr. Paul F. Leimer
      Ms. Alice C. Leliukas
      Mr. W. Tucker Lemon
      Mrs. Barbara B. Lemon (Deceased)
      Mr. William J. Lemon
      Dr. D. Jeffrey Lenn (Deceased)
      Ms. Betty H. Lesko
      Mrs. Myrtis Lester
      Mrs. Kathryn Lester-Bacon
      Ms. Sara Ashworth Levan
      Mr. James J. Lewis
      Dr. Thomas C. Lewis
      Mrs. Joan Thompson Libby
      Ms. Marilyn J. Liesch
      Mrs. Juanita J. Lillard
      Mr. Edward G. Lilly, Jr.
      Mr. Steven C. Lilly
      Mr. Luke M. Lim
      Mrs. Laura Lindsay
      Mr. Clark E. Lindsay, II
      Mrs. Jean Lindsay
      The Rev. Gordon Lindsey
      Mr. Carl W. Line
      Mr. Christopher Linton
      The Rev. Deborah Little-Bowser
      Mr. Robert R. Llewellyn
      Mr. Jeffrey Lloyd
      Miss Sarah E. Lobban
      Mr. Earl N. Locklear
      Mr. Robert A. Lofquist
      Dr. Anne Jones Logan
      Mr. Joseph D. Logan, III
      Mr. George W. Logan, Jr.
      Dr. Ardyth J. Lohuis
      Mr. John W. Lomax
      Dr. Bobby A. Lomax
      Mr. Carroll A. Londoner
      Mrs. Eugenia B. Loughrie
      Mr. Charles M. Louthan
      The Rev. Nigel L. Lovell-Martin
      The Rev. Richard W. Lovingood
      Mrs. Wilma S. Lowe (Deceased)
      The Rev. Canon J. Fletcher Lowe
      Ms. Shearer T. Luck
      Mr. Kirk A. Ludwig
      Dr. Holger O. Lundin
      Mr.  Charles I. Lunsford, II
      Mrs. Juanita C. Luoni
      Mr. Frank H. Luoni (Deceased)
      Mr. Edwin C. Luther, III
      Mr. Theodore C. Lutz
      Mrs. Celia K. Luxmoore
      Mrs. Susan Moyle Lynch
      Mrs. Faith C. Lyon
      Mr. Steven Jebum Ma
      Ms. Janice W. Mabry
      Mr. Lang Macbain
      Mr. J. Granger Macfarlane
      Ms. Janice Mack
      Dr. J. A. Ross MacKenzie
      Mr. Robert R. MacKenzie
      The Rev. Jeanne E. MacKenzie
      Mrs. Sandra H. Mackey
      Ms. Mary M. MacLeod
      Mr. William B. MacLeod
      Mrs. Mary S. MacMichael
      Mrs. Anne A. Madden
      Mr. Richard B. Madden
      Mrs. Francine D. Maestri
      Mrs. Martha W. Mallory
      Mr. Roswell T. Mallory, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Tommy Mangum
      Ms. Eileen M. Mannix
      Mr. William T. Manson, III
      Mr. Richard C. Manson, Jr.
      Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Manz
      Ms. Elva A. Mapp
      Mr. James A. Marchio
      Dr. James R. Markello
      Dr. Richard H. L. Marks
      Mr. M. E. Marlette, Jr.
      Mr. Jeff Marquis
      Mrs. Esther W. Marr
      Mr. Herbert E. Marth, Jr.
      The Rev. Joan C. Martin
      Mr. James E. Martin, Jr.
      Mrs. Joan W. Martin
      Mr. Travis Martin
      Dr. William B. Martin (Deceased)
      Miss Diane Martin
      The Hon. James G. Martin
      Mr. T. Farrar Martin
      Mr. Edward Martin
      Dr. A. Edwin Martin
      Ms. Martha L. Martin
      Mrs. Katie C. Marvin
      The Rev. David C. Marx
      Mr. Robert E. Mason, III
      Dr. James D. Mason, Jr.
      Mr. John W. Mason
      Mrs. Laura H. Mason
      Dr. Thomas N. Massey, Jr.
      Mrs. Ruth K. Massey
      Mrs. Florence D. Massie
      Mrs. Raymond L. Matherne
      Dr. Jerome Mattes
      Mr. B. Frank Matthews, II
      Mr. Joseph A. Matthews, Jr.
      Mrs. Langhorne S. Mauck
      Mrs. Janet H. Mauck
      Mr. Derek Maul
      Mrs. Patricia J. Mauldin
      Mrs. Harriet Hayes Mauze
      Mr. H. D. Maxwell
      Mr. John C. Maxwell
      Mrs. Ethelyn J. Maxwell (Deceased)
      Dr. Edward N. Maxwell, Sr.
      Mrs. Joan B. Maxwell
      Dr. William May
      Ms. Anne M. May
      Mrs. Janice W. Mayberry (Deceased)
      Mr. Walter A. Mayfield, Jr.
      Mr. Alan M. Mayfield
      Mrs. Virginia S. Mayforth
      Dr. J. Gary Maynard, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Benjamin C. Mayo, II
      Dr. Thomas T. Mayo
      Mr. David L. Mayo
      Mr. Hugh J. Mayronne
      Dr. S. Dean McBride, Jr.
      Ms. Maralyn McBride
      Mr. Neill G. McBryde, Sr.
      Dr. Hoyt M. McCachren
      Mrs. Jean B. McCammon
      Ms. Carol G. McCammon
      Mr. John B. McCammon
      Mrs. Judy C. McCamy
      Mrs. Elizabeth R. McCann (Deceased)
      Mrs. Lucy F. McCarl
      Mrs. Jean M. McCarter (Deceased)
      The Rev. Joan C. McCarthy
      Mr. Justin M. McCarthy
      Mr. Daniel V. McCarthy
      Dr. Charles R. McCarthy
      Mr. Jeff McCarthy
      Mrs. Elinore F. McCaskill (Deceased)
      Dr. Lloyd C. McCaskill
      Mr. William C. McCaskill
      Dr. Jalana L. McCasland
      Mr. Clarence M. McCauley
      Ms. Anita F. McCauley
      Ms. Susan McChesney
      Mr. John N. McClain, Jr.
      Mr. Robert McClean
      Mr. Madison P. McClintic
      Ms. Gloria B. McClintock
      Mr. Karl W. McClintock (Deceased)
      Mr. David S. McClung, II
      Mrs. Emma Elizabeth White McClure (Deceased)
      Mr. Harvey G. McComb, Jr.
      Mr. Samuel A. McConkey, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. Frank Y. McConnell
      Mr. William D. McCorkle
      Mrs. Janet D. McCormack
      Dr. David W. McCormick
      Ms. Sarah E. McCown
      Mrs. Janet L. McCulloch
      Mr. George M. McDaniel, Jr.
      Mrs. Ruth W. McDonough (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary K. McDowell
      The Hon. Donald McEachin
      Mr. Pender R. McElroy
      Ms. Joyce McElwaine
      Dr. Thomas B. McElwee
      Mr. Robert J. McEwen, IV
      Mr. Jeffrey D. McEwen
      Ms. Gloria K. McFall
      Mrs. Helen S. McFerran
      Mr. Robert L. McFerren
      Dr. Donald R. McGinnis
      Ms. Anne McGinnis
      Mr. Burnell S. McGirt
      Mr. William H. McGregor
      Ms. Janet R. McGrew
      Ms. Betts Wiltshire McGurn
      Mrs. Anne R. McIlwaine
      Mrs. Mary Jane McIntosh (Deceased)
      Ms. Suzanne G. McIntyre
      Mr. Donald C. McIver
      Mrs. Lamar W. McIver
      Dr. Malcolm C. McIver, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Hervey E. McIver
      Ms. Carynne McIver
      Mrs. Mildred S. McIver
      Mrs. Jane Graham McKay
      Dr. Hamilton W. McKay, Jr.
      Mrs. Marilyn S. McKee
      Mr. A. Ward McKeithen
      Ms. Madge McKeithen
      Mrs. Betty Lou McKeon
      Dr. James C. McKinnell
      Mr. John B. McKinnon
      Mr. William E. McKissick (Deceased)
      Dr. James S. McKnight
      Mr. William S. McLean
      Mr. George A. McLean, Jr.
      The Rev. Don McLean
      Mr. William W. McLendon
      Ms. Peggy C. McLendon
      Mr. Randall A. McLeod (Deceased)
      Mrs. Marian G. McLiverty
      Mr. P. Dale McMahon
      Ms. Kristen L. McManus
      The Hon. J. Alex McMillan, III
      Mrs. Martha Fowler McNair (Deceased)
      Ms. Gussie McNair
      The Rev. Jay McNeal
      Mr. Frank A. McNeill
      Dr. John L. McNeill, Jr.
      Mr. J. Hugh McNeill
      Mrs. Margaret F. McPherson
      Mrs. Anne S. McQuiston
      Mr. Francis L. McRackan
      Ms. Amanda McTigue
      Mr. Randal McVey
      Mrs. Virginia H. Meador
      Professor Daniel J. Meador (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margene Means
      Mr. Thomas J. Meeks
      Dr. Mary N. Megson
      Ms. Joyce B. Melchert
      Mr. Daniel W. Mellinger, III
      Mrs. Lalla B. Mellor
      Mrs. Hope Burnette  Melton
      Mr. Horace B. Melton
      Mr. Owen B. Melton, Jr.
      Ms. Bethanne Melvin
      Mr. Harold R. Mendenhall
      Mr. Barry S. Merchant
      Mr. Lucius Merritt (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sharon Miller  Merritt
      Mrs. Billie V. Merritt
      Mr. John M. Mewborn, Jr.
      Mr. Mark L. Meyer
      Mr. J. Horst Meyer
      Mr. Seymour Meyerson
      Ms. Deborah G. Michael
      Mr. David B. Michaels
      The Rev. L. Craig Michel
      Mr. Austen C. Micklem, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Joan G. Glass
      Mr. Lloyd E. Mielenz, Jr.
      Mr. Sam R. Miglarese
      Dr. Daniel L. Migliore
      Mr. Robert W. Miles, Jr.
      Mr. Robert L. Milks, Jr.
      Mr. Pat Millen
      Mr. David L. Miller
      Mr. Esson M. Miller, Jr.
      Mrs. Peggy B. Miller
      Mr. Lewis Dudley Miller
      Mrs. Jane Edmiston Miller (Deceased)
      Mr. Andrew P. Miller
      Mrs. Kaye McKinney Miller
      Ms. Mae Lee B. Miller
      Mrs. Celia Miller
      Mr. James D. Miller, III
      Mrs. Linda P. Millican
      Mrs. Claire C. Mills
      Mr. Steven C. Mintz
      Dr. Stephanie Mitchem
      Dr. Tim Mizelle
      Ms. Cynthia M. Modlin
      The Rev. Eric J. Moehring
      Mr. Richard A. Moehring
      Mr. G. Radford Moeller
      Dr. John V. Moeser
      Ms. Tamsen J. Molenda
      Ms. Sally Molenkamp
      Mr. Oliver C. Moles, Jr.
      Mr. Charles R. Monroe
      Mr. James M. Monroe, Jr.
      Ms. Mary Otto Monte
      Mr. David M. Montgomery
      Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Moore
      Mr. John M. Moore, Jr.
      Mr. James G. Moore
      Mrs. Emily H. Moore
      Mr. Kenneth L. Moore
      Mrs. Vivian B. Moore
      Mrs. Debra C. Moore
      Mr. L. Donald Moore
      Mrs. Clita Moore
      Mrs. Mary R. Moore
      Mr. William D. Moore, Jr.
      Mrs. William J. Moore (Deceased)
      Ms. Ann L. Moore
      Dr. Brian W. Moores
      Dr. Stephen L. Moose
      Mr. John N. Moreau
      Mr. J. Tom Morgan
      Mr. W. Jackson Morgan
      Ms. Cathleen O Daniel Morgan
      Mr. Alexander C. Morgan
      Mrs. Susan O. Morhart
      Ms. Jane B. Morlan
      Mrs. Nikki Fowler Morris
      Mrs. Katherine B. Morris
      Mrs. Margaret J. Morris
      Mr. John S. Morris, III
      Mr. James Pharr Morrison, II
      Dr. H. Maxwell Morrison, Jr.
      Mrs. Helen H. Morrison
      Mr. Hugh H. Morrison
      Mrs. Margaret Knox Morrison
      Mr. Knox Morrison
      Mrs. Clementine G. Morrison
      Ms. Pamela A. Morrow
      Mr. Lawrence S. Morrow
      Mr. W. Keith Moser
      Mrs. Ann M. Watts Moses
      Mrs. Gayle B. Moses
      Mr. Norris P. Moses
      Mr. Garland L. Moss
      The Rev. Patricia W. Mouer
      Mr. Harry F. Mountcastle
      Mr. Thomas L. Mountcastle
      Mr. D. Max Muhleman
      Ms. Pauline E. Mula
      Ms. Sheila  Mullenax
      Dr. Edmund E. Mullins, Jr.
      Mrs. Betty G. Mulliss
      Mr. G. Marshall Mundy
      Mr. Kenneth M. Murchison
      Mr. John R. Murchison, III
      Dr. Mary L. Murphy
      Mr. J. Patrick Murphy
      The Rev. B. Edward Murray
      Dr.  A. Wendell Musser, M.D.
      Ms. Mary Nelson Myers (Deceased)
      Mr. Eric Myers
      Mr. H. Zach Nabers, III
      Mr. James Douglas Nagy (Deceased)
      Ms. Margaret W. Nea
      Mr. William L. Neal
      Ms. Lillian B. Neal
      Mrs. Terri H. Neal
      Mrs. Kathrine R. Neel (Deceased)
      Mr. W. Erskine Neel, Jr.
      Mrs. Esther W. Neel
      Mr. Sidney H. Neely (Deceased)
      Mrs. Doris N. Neil
      Mrs. Carrie S. Nelson
      Mr. Robert E. Nelson
      Ms. Katie K. Nelson
      Mr. Bradford M. Nesheim
      Mr. Norman D. Nettleton (Deceased)
      The Rev. Edward B. Newberry
      Mr. William R. Newcomb
      Mr. John E. Newell
      Mrs. Martha Daniel Newell (Deceased)
      The Rev. John E. Newell
      Mrs. Patricia F. Newman
      Mrs. Barbara C. Newton
      Mr. William T. Niblock
      Mr. Marc C. Niblock
      Mr. James E. Nichols
      Mr. Edward H. Nicholson
      Ms. Nancy Nickels
      Mrs. Melinda N. Nickle
      Mrs. Cambria M. Nielsen
      Mr. Rodger Nishioka
      Mr. Carleton D. Nix
      Mr. Norman Nobles
      Mr. William E. Noland
      Ms. Margaret L. Noonan (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sydney H. Nordt
      Mr. Paul W. Nordt, III
      Mr. Ronald A. Norelli
      Mr. Edward B. Norfleet
      Mr. William K. Normann
      Mr. Robert B. Norris, Sr.
      Ms. Tinsley O. Northen
      Mr. Gray N. Nuckols, Jr.
      Mrs. Deme T. Nunley
      Ms. Charlotte Nye
      Mr. Joseph B. Obenshain
      Mr. Jock O’Connell
      Mr. Jeffrey C. O’Connor
      Dr. William L. Odom, Sr.
      Dr. Akin Oduolowu
      Mr. John E. Offerdahl
      Mr. Joe F. Ogburn
      Dr. Dunbar H. Ogden
      Mrs. Gun Chul Oh
      Ms. Margaret Oliver
      The Rev. Richard A. Olson
      Mr. Stewart O. Olson
      Mr. John P. Olsson
      Ms. Mirriam M. Oman
      Mr. Leander S. O’Neal
      Ms. Maureen O’Neil
      Mrs. Willierean Crosby O’Rourke
      Mrs. Shelvie J. O’Rourke
      Mrs. Maria T. Osborn
      Mr. James M. Osborn
      Mr. William Osborne
      Mrs. Mildred M. Osina (Deceased)
      Mr. P. D. Ostwalt
      Mr. Eugene P. Ott
      Mr. Gerald V. Otteni
      Mrs. Martha A. Overby (Deceased)
      Ms. JoAnn M. Overstreet
      Mr. William H. Overton, Sr.
      Dr. Duncan S. Owen, Jr.
      Ms. Deveda Owens
      Mr. John W. Oxenham (Deceased)
      Mrs. Helen May Oxenham (Deceased)
      Mrs. Bernice F. Pace
      Ms. Frances L. Padgett
      Mrs. Sarah W. Padgett
      Mrs. Mary K. Page
      Mr. David B. Pahren
      Mr. Oliver L. Paige
      Mrs. Frances R. Paige (Deceased)
      Dr. & Mrs. Dong Soo Kim
      Mr. William L. Painter, III
      Mr. Larry I. Palmer
      Mrs. Gail E. Palmer
      Mrs. June M. Pankey
      Mrs. Carol L. Papa
      Dr. John V. Parham, Jr.
      Mr. L. Clayton Parham
      Mrs. Cynthia S. Paris
      Dr. Chang Hwan Park
      Dr. Leland M. Park
      Mrs. Lynnette H. Park
      Dr. Sung G. Park
      Ms. Carol Parke
      Mr. F. Byron Parker, Jr.
      Mr. John B. Parker
      Mr. Robert E. Parker
      Dr. Delores A. Parker
      Mr. Joseph E. Parker, Jr.
      Dr. Evelyn L. Parker
      Mr. Richard J. Parler
      Mr. Robert Parlow
      Dr. Larry H. Parrott
      Ms. Pamela A. Partain
      Mrs. Jayne H. Paschall
      Ms. Julie Pastore
      Ms. Mary Elizabeth Pate
      The Rev. Graham M. Pattterson
      Mr. Richard C. Pattisall
      Ms. Elizabeth C. Paul
      Mr. W. David Paxton
      Mr. Davis A. Paxton
      Dr. Charles F. Payne
      The Rev. Ulysses S. Payne
      Mr. Edwin B. Peacock, Jr.
      Mr. Willie D. Peak, Jr.
      Ms. Charon E. Peak
      Mr. Yoo I. Peal
      Mrs. Gwynn S. Pealer
      Mrs. Cynthia C . Pearce
      Mr. J. Norman Pease, III
      The Hon. David H. Peeples
      Mrs. Nelle C. Pender
      Ms. Frieda E. Penninger
      Mr. William E. Perdew (Deceased)
      Mrs. Barbara B. Perry
      Ms. Marcia D. Perry
      Ms. Thelma Louise Perry
      Mr. Howard M. Persinger, Jr.
      Ms. Ada Z. Peterman
      Dr. R. Brookes Peters
      Mr. Michael B. Peters
      Mr. David F. Peterson
      Mr. William B. Peterson (Deceased)
      The Rev. Addie Peterson
      Mrs. Mary Alice Peterson
      Mr. Thomas W. Pettyjohn, Jr.
      Mrs. Evelyn M. Pharr
      Mr. Ashton Phelps, Jr.
      Mr. Roy G. Phelps, Jr.
      Mr. James L. Phillippe
      Mr. Gary Phillips (Deceased)
      Mr. George G. Phillips, Jr.
      Mr. Randel E. Phillips
      Mr. J. Robert Phipps (Deceased)
      Mrs. Martha Ann Phipps
      Mrs. Fair K. Pickel
      The Rev. Charles N. Pickell
      Mr. Edward P. Pickett
      Mr. Larry M. Picot
      Mrs. Katherine S. Piephoff
      Ms. Linda O. Pierce
      Mr. J. S. Pierce, Jr.
      Ms. Janet E. Pierce
      Mr. Michael Pignatello
      Mrs. Eleanor S. Pillow
      Ms. Elizabeth A. Pinney
      Mr. William H. Pinson, Jr.
      Mrs. Marjorie A. Pipkin
      Mrs. Rebecca B. Pitchford
      The Rev. Roger B. Pittard
      Mr. Frank H. Pittenger (Deceased)
      Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Pittenger
      Mrs. Patsy H. Pittenger (Deceased)
      Mr. Ronald G. Pittman
      Mr. Roland L. Pitts
      Mr. Robert M. Pitts
      Mrs. Betty A. Plocek
      Mrs. Carolyn K. Plunk
      The Rev. Stephen W. Plunkett
      Mr. William Weaver Plyler
      The Rev. Steven F. Plymale
      Mrs. Dorothy S. Poe
      Mr. Jon Pogach
      The Rev. Dean Pogue
      Dr. John S. Poindexter, III
      The Rev. Robert Pollack
      Mrs. Ethel L. Pollock
      The Rev. William H. Pollok
      Mrs. Helen L. Ponko
      Mr. Joe D. Pool
      Mr. Rodney M. Poole
      Dr. John H. Pope, Jr.
      Mrs. Ruth M. Pope
      Mr. R. G. Porter, III
      Mr. John R. Porter, III
      Mr. John David Porter, III
      Mr. Richard M. Porter
      Mr. Robin Porter
      The Rev. Henry J. Postel
      Mr. David Pottenger
      Mrs. Sue O. Potter
      Dr. Watson O. Powell, Jr.
      Mrs. Sonia O. Powell
      Mr. Craig R. Powell
      Mr. Kermit G. Pratt
      Mrs. Sarah M. Preddy
      Dr. Ernest Prentice
      Mr. Charles J. Prescott
      Dr. Norris W. Preyer (Deceased)
      Dr. Mary Jo Pribble
      Mrs. Faye H. Price
      Mr. James S. Price (Deceased)
      The Rev. J. Christopher Price
      Mrs. Audrey Price
      Mr. Robert T. Priddy (Deceased)
      Mr. Brian A. Primack
      Mr. Howard L. Prince
      Dr.  James A. Privette
      Miss Carol J. Propst
      Mrs. Marie D. Prosser
      Mrs. Margaret G. Pryor
      Ms. Kathryn L. Pryor
      Mrs. Janet B. Puckett
      Mr. Frank M. Pugh
      The Rev. John E. Pugh
      Mr. J. Bradley Purcell
      Mr. Robert K. Purks
      Dr. Alvin N. Puryear
      Mr. William K. Putney, Jr.
      Mrs. Joan O. Pyne
      Dr. William G. Quarles
      Mrs. Elizabeth M. Quarles
      Mr. T. Richard Rabon
      Mrs. Mary T. Rada
      Dr. Harry A. Raddin, Jr.
      Mrs. Mary C. Ragland
      Mr. William C. Ragland (Deceased)
      Mr. Ulric H. Rainard
      Mr. David B. Rainard
      Mr. Joshua Ralston
      Mr. Bruce Ralston
      Mrs. Ansley Rambeau
      Mr. Julio C. Ramirez
      Ms. Molly Ramkey
      Ms. Kristin Ramkey
      Ms. Carol Ellis Ramkey
      Mr. Edward A. Ramsaur
      Mrs. Audrey L. Ramseur
      Mr. John M. Rancke (Deceased)
      Mr. William D. Randolph
      Mr. Gerald L. Rankin
      Ms. Ann Rankin
      Mr. Lawson A. Rankin
      Mrs. Lorena B. Ransdell
      Ms. Lynn Ransom
      Dr. William A. Ranson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margaret H. Ranson
      Mr. Robert C. Rapp, Jr.
      Mrs. Susan D. Ratchford
      Ms. Madeline Raucci
      Mr. George W. Ray, III
      Mr. Jimmy G. Ray
      Mr. Pryor D. Rayburn
      Mr. James T. Raynor (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ardis O. Rea
      Mr. Thomas S. Reams
      Mr. George L. Reams
      Mrs. Sara E. Reams
      Mrs. Lou H. Reaves
      Mr. John A. Redhead, III
      Mrs. & Mr. Sarah P. Redington
      Mr. Edward G. Redman
      Mr. William Reeves
      Mr. Steven A. Reeves
      Mr. William D. Reeves (Deceased)
      Ms. Jessica R. Regelson
      Dr. Eugene M. Regen, Jr.
      Ms. Margot Regen
      Mr. David Reichel
      Mr. James R. Reid, III
      Mrs. Penny Clarke Reid
      Mr. Henry Baylor Reinhart
      Mr. Michael L. Remington
      Ms. Rebecca Rencher
      Mr. Wayland W. Rennie
      Mr. Waverly Rennie
      Mr. G. Everett B. Reveley
      Mr. Harry D. Revell
      Dr. John O. Reynolds, Jr.
      The Rev. Charles Reynolds
      Mr. Rodney Reynolds
      Dr. Haesun Rhee
      Dr. Syngman Rhee (Deceased)
      Mr. Syng Kyu Rhee
      Mr. Won Woo Rhee
      Mr. Wonmin Rhee
      Mr. Won Hyuk Rhee
      Ms. Mina Rhee
      Ms. Nancy S. Rhine
      Ms. Pauline U. Rhodes
      Ms. Janelle A. Rhyne
      Mrs. Shirley B. Rice
      Mr. R. Coleman Rice, Jr.
      Mrs. Betty J. Rice (Deceased)
      Ms. Elizabeth J. Rice
      Dr. David W. Richardson
      Mr. Richard D. Richardson
      Mrs. Jeanette J. Richardson
      Mrs. Margaret T. Richardson
      Mrs. Virginia W. Richardson
      Ms. Peggy R. Richardson
      Mr. Raymond M. Richeson
      Mr. H. L. Richey, III
      The Rev. Edwina Richmond
      Mrs. Natalie A. Rickabaugh
      Ms. Edith Ridderhof
      The Rev. Paul N. Ridolfi
      Mrs. James W. Riggs
      Mrs. Genevieve S. Rigsby
      Mr. William L. Rikard, Jr.
      Mr. John D. Riley, Sr.
      Ms. Christiane Rimbault
      Mr. David  A. Rinehart
      Mrs. Maria W. Rippe
      Dr. Peter S. Ro
      Ms. Judith L. Robb
      Mr. Edward L. Roberson, III
      Mr. Russell Roberson
      Mr. Henry B. Roberson, Jr.
      Dr. Jane C. Roberts
      Mr. John M. Roberts
      Mr. John Roberts
      Mr. Wayne B. Roberts (Deceased)
      Ms. Judith Roberts
      Mr. William L Robertson, Jr.
      Mrs. Callie C. Robinson
      Mr. James C. Robinson
      Mr. Ralph S. Robinson, Jr.
      Mr. Isaac A. Robinson
      Mr. Allan C. Robinson, Jr.
      Mrs. Mary Potter Robinson
      Mr. Richard D. Rodda
      Mr. John H. Roddey, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. John G. Roddey
      Mr. Ben L. Rodgers
      Mrs. Ruth Ann Rogers
      Mr. Walter G. Rogers
      Mr. Franklin E. Rogers
      The Rev. Jack B. Rogers
      Ms. Lila G. Rogers
      Mrs. Christine K. Rogillio
      The Rev. James A. Rohne (Deceased)
      Errol G. Rohr
      Mrs. Margaret P. Rollins
      Mrs. Martha F. Rollins
      Mr. Carl Rollins
      Mrs. Betty G. Rollins
      Mr. Ben Lacy Rose, Jr.
      Mrs. Barbara M. Rose
      The Rev. W. Fred Rose
      Mr. David L. Ross
      Mr. Kenneth M. Ross
      Mrs. Sue Deaton Ross (Deceased)
      Ms. Donna S. Rosser
      Mrs. Frances S. Rossmassler (Deceased)
      Mrs. Jane D. Rourk
      Mrs. Virginia G. Rovnyak
      Ms. Rebecca Rowden
      Mr. Josiah P. Rowe, III
      Dr. K. W. Rowe
      Mrs. Joyce Rowe
      The Rev. S. Paul Rowles
      Mr. Scott D. Roy
      Mrs. Virginia Clark Royall (Deceased)
      Mr. Joseph Rudder
      Mrs. Jane A. Rudisill
      Mrs. Ann Lewis Ruff
      Ms. Nancy L. Ruff
      Mrs. Martha B. Ruggles
      Mr. John A. Rupp
      The Rev. Kenneth Ruppar
      Mrs. Sara S. Rushing
      Ms. Frances J. Rushing
      Mr. Daniel C. Russell
      Ms. Helene T. Russell
      Mrs. Nancy L. Russell
      Mr. David Rust
      Mr. H. L. Ruth, Jr.
      Dr. Key Sun Ryang
      Dr. Linda Ryder
      Mrs. Daphne Davis Rye
      Mr. Richard E. Sackett
      Dr. Rodney S. Sadler, Jr.
      Ms. Mary H. Sadler
      Mr. James E. Sager
      Mr. James Sahakian
      Mrs. Mirlyn M. Salmon
      Ms. Janet Salters
      Mrs. Frances A. Sam
      Mrs. Charlene B. Samford
      Mr. Wellford L. Sanders, Jr.
      Mrs. Grace W. Sanders
      Mr. Peter Sanders
      Mrs. Ann Morgan Sanders
      Mrs. Martha C. Sanders (Deceased)
      Mr. M. N. Sanders
      Mr. E. L. Sanders
      Mr. Bradford Sanders
      Mr. Stuart S. Sanderson
      Dr. C. Lennart Sandquist (Deceased)
      Dr. Julie C. Sanford (Deceased)
      Ms. Patricia M. Sargent
      Ms. Karen Sarver
      Ms. Sherry A. Satin
      Ms. Frances B. Sattes (Deceased)
      Ms. Ellen Harrison Saunders
      Mrs. Betsy Ivey Sawyer
      Mrs. Deanna Sawyer
      Mrs. Barbara S. Sayes
      Mrs. Dori Ann Schelhammer
      Mr. Eric L. Schellenberger
      Mrs. Rebecca S. Schenck
      Mr. Walter G. Schleh
      Mrs. Elizabeth T. Schneir
      Dr. William M. Schotanus
      Mr. George C. Schoulda
      Mr. James W. Schout
      Mr. Gordon Dalton Schreck
      Mr. G. A. Schryer
      Mrs. Margaret M. Schuckers
      Ms. Michelle Schueffner
      Ms. Amita Schultes
      Mr. Michael F. Schultze
      Mr. William F. Schutt
      Mr.  Edward A. Schutt
      Dr. Carol L. Schnabl Schweitzer
      Ms. Alice M. Schweitzer
      Mr. J. Lloyd Schweizer
      Mrs. Janet S. Scott
      Mr. Russell C. Scott
      Mrs. Jane Kraemer Scott
      Mrs. Ruth B. Scott
      Ms. Nancy B. Scrine
      Mr. Charles E. Seaton
      Mr. Anthony C. Segreti
      Mr. Bruce W. Seidel
      Mrs. Sue M. Setzer
      Mrs. Jane Sewell
      Mr. Robert M. Sexton
      Mr. Bob Sexton
      Mrs. Christi B. Shadbolt
      Mr. David N. Shane
      Mr. Thomas M. Sharpe
      Dr. Edward A. Sharpless (Deceased)
      Mr. Robert J. Shaw
      Mr. Robert E. Shaw
      Mr. William C. Shears (Deceased)
      Mrs. Mary M. Shelby
      Mrs. Angeline S. Shell
      Mrs. Florence H. Shelor
      The Rev. James C. Shelton
      Ms. Muriel Griffing Shelton
      Mr. C. Edward Shepard
      Mrs. Ruby M. Sheridan
      Mrs. Lillian M. Sherrill (Deceased)
      Mr. Allen D. Shifflet
      Mrs. Lusina M. Shiflet
      Dr. J. Marcus Shim
      Mr. John A. Shimp
      Dr. Philip T. Shiner
      Miss Retha A. Shirkey
      Mr. Raleigh A. Shoemaker
      Ms. Lorna A. Shoemaker
      Mr. E. Graham Shook
      Mr. Roy E. Shore
      Ms. Anne H. Showalter
      Mr. Scott D. Showalter
      Dr. W. Ferrell Shuford, Jr.
      Mr. Joe Emmett Shuler
      The Rev. Natalia Shulgina
      Mr. William F. Shumadine, Jr.
      Mr. Stuart Shumate (Deceased)
      Mr. Steven C. Sigel
      Mrs. Elaine Morgan Sills
      Mr. W. Gary Simmons
      Mrs. Lois F. Simmons (Deceased)
      Mrs. Edith M. Simmons
      Mr. Chris Simmons
      The Rev. Elizabeth McGregor Simmons
      Mr. Robert F. Simon (Deceased)
      Mrs. Charlotte A. Simon
      Ms. Sarah Simpson
      Mr. John H. Sinclair
      Mr. Donn J. Sinclair
      Ms. Martha V. Singdahlsen
      Mr. James M. Skidmore, Jr.
      Mr. Wilson F. Skinner, Jr.
      Ms. Maria C. Slack
      Mr. Joseph Slay
      Ms. Mary Anne Sledge
      Dr. C. Freeman Sleeper
      Dr. C. Richard Slider
      Mr. Ross Sloan
      Mrs. Emily R. Sloter
      Mr. Wade K. Smith
      Mrs. Lena Maie Smith (Deceased)
      Mrs. Diane Smith
      Mrs. Marilyn Smith
      Mr. George M. Smith
      Mr. Basil A. Smith
      Mr. H. Thompson Smith
      Dr. Walter R. Smith
      Ms. Mary O. Smith
      Ms. Delores M. Smith
      Mr. John E. Smith, II
      Mrs. Linda Atteberry Smith
      Dr. Mark O. Smith
      Mrs. Betty N. Smith
      The Rev. Kent L. Smith
      Mr. B. Prestley Smith
      Mr. Robert J. Smith, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Monnie W. Smith
      The Rev. Ken W. Smith
      Mr. John R. Smith
      Ms. Ann H. Smoot
      Dr. Mark A. Smylie
      Ms. Elizabeth R. Snead
      Mr. David G. Sneeden
      Mrs. Eleanor C. Snellings (Deceased)
      Mrs. Jean S. Snively
      Ms. Martha E. Snyderwine
      Mrs. Jean L. Sodestrom (Deceased)
      Ms. Grace V. Solomon
      Mr. Atwell W. Somerville (Deceased)
      Mrs. Sarah N. Sommers
      Ms. Sara Sommers
      Mrs. Emma Sorrells
      Dr.  Richard N. Soulen
      Mr. Jonathan Soulen
      Mr. Mickey G. Southerland
      Mr. Jack H. Spain, Jr.
      Mrs. Annette S. Sparks
      Ms. Kathryn M. Sparks
      Ms. Pamela Jane Sparr
      Mr. J. Morris Spearman
      Mrs. Sandra F. Spears
      Mr. John K. Speas
      Mrs. Marian G. Speight
      Mr. C. Allen Speight
      Mrs. Lena Mae H. Spencer
      Mrs. Ava Clark Spencer
      Dr. Samuel R. Spencer, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mr. J. Boyd Spencer
      Mr. Robert Spicknall
      Mr. Maurice M. Sponcler, Jr.
      The Hon. John M. Spratt
      Mr. R. David Sprinkle
      Mr. Mark Sproul
      Mrs. Betty Jean Sproule (Deceased)
      Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Spruill
      Mr. Laurence G. Sprunt
      Mrs. Sarah Wood St. Cyr
      Mr. Joseph W. St. John
      Dr. William K. Stacy
      Miss Gloria E. Stadler
      Ms. Adria L. Stagg
      Mr. Robert G. Stakenas
      Mr. Hugh R. Stallard
      Ms. Joyce H. Stancill
      Mrs. Marty F. Stanfield
      Mr. William W. Stanfield, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ida R. Stanley
      Mr. William H. Stanley (Deceased)
      Mr. Robert W. Stansell
      Mr. William E. Staples
      Mrs. Barbara W. Stark
      Mr. William A. Steadley-Campbell
      Mr. J. Francis Steadman
      Mr. W. Perrin Steele (Deceased)
      Mr. Joel E. Stegall, Jr.
      Ms. Donna Steidel
      Dr.  R. Mark Steigel
      The Rev. Isabel F. Steilberg
      Mr. J. Oliver Stein
      Mrs. Phyllis Wohlford Stephens (Deceased)
      Mr. Walter L. Stern
      Mrs. Marti J. Steussy
      Dr. Ward W. Stevens
      Mrs. Ingrid H. Stevenson (Deceased)
      Ms. Martha M. Stevenson
      Mrs. Diane Stevenson
      Captain Edgar T. Steward
      Mr. Donald W. Stewart
      Mrs. Susan S. Stewart
      Dr. Robert J. Stewart (Deceased)
      Mr. Theodore Stewart
      Mr. James W. Stewart, III
      Mrs. Anne J. Stewart
      Dr. John R. Stike
      Mrs. Gloria R. Stipp
      Mr. Eugene F. Stites
      Mr. Bruce C. Stockburger
      Mr. William C. Stokes
      Mr. William A. Stokes (Deceased)
      Mrs. Ivey Courtney Stone (Deceased)
      The Hon. William F. Stone, Jr.
      Mrs. Deanna Stone
      Ms. Anne L. Stone
      Mrs. Mary F. Stoneburg
      Ms. Elizabeth Storrs
      Mr. Mark Stoudenmire
      Mr. John W. Stoughton
      Dr. Brian C. Strain
      Mr. Robert A. Stratton
      Mr. J. William Straughan
      Mr. William J. Strickland
      Dr. June Strickland
      Mr. Christopher R. Stringer
      Mr. James B. Striplin
      Ms. Jacquelin G. Strohkorb
      Dr. Ralph A. Strong (Deceased)
      Dr. J. B. Stroud
      Mr. Robert E. Stroud
      Mr. Irving R. Stubbs
      Mr. J. Phillip Stubbs
      Mr. David R. Stubbs
      Mr. George C. Stuckey
      Mrs. Martha G. Styers (Deceased)
      Mrs. Catherine T. Sugg (Deceased)
      Mr. James T. Summerlin
      The Rev. Charles A. Summers
      Mr. Ken Sunth
      Mrs. Phyllis I. Supple
      Mr. John G. Sutphin
      Mrs. Kendra  Swager
      Mr. Thomas Swan
      Mrs. Prudence I. Swerlick
      Mr. Ray Swetenburg
      Mr. Jay Swick
      Mrs. Lilliam R. Swindell
      Mrs. Grace P. Sydnor
      Ms. Willmina Sydnor
      The Rev. Dr. J. Richard Szeremany
      Mr. Ralph F. Tackes
      Mrs. Betsy Tanabe
      Ms. Louise B. Tardy
      Mr. John A. Tate, III
      Mr. Joseph K. Taylor
      Mrs. Arline J. Taylor
      Mr. Thomas M. Taylor
      Mr. Nat D. Taylor
      Mrs. Coy H. Temples
      Dr. Daniel M. Teng
      Mrs. Sharon M. Terell
      Mrs. Evelyn O. Terry
      Ms. Judy A. Tesnow
      The Rev. David J. Tetrault
      Mr. Marvin F. Tew, Jr.
      Ms. Virginia A. Tewey
      Mr. Larry T. Thigpen
      Mr. John N. Thomas, Jr.
      Mrs. Gillis Thomas
      Mr. Brent M. Thomas
      The Rev. James A. Thomas
      Mr. Charles S. Thomas
      Ms. Tricia M. Thomas
      Ms. Deborah C. Thomas
      Ms. Jean Thomas
      Mrs. Dorothy G. Thomason
      Mr. J. Alston Thompson, Jr.
      Mrs. Patsy S. Thompson (Deceased)
      Mr. W. McIlwaine Thompson, Jr.
      Mr. Paul J. Thompson, Jr.
      Mr. William T. Thompson, III
      Mr. Reuben D. Thompson, IV
      Ms. Teri Thompson
      The Rev. Robert Thompson
      Ms. Mary Ellen Thomsen
      The Rev. Judith E. Thomson
      Mr. Herbert Bruce Thomson, III
      Mr. Scott Thornhill
      Mr. George W. Thorpe
      Ms. Laurie E. Thrash
      Mr. Jim Thurber
      Mr. J. Christopher Tickle
      Ms. Barbara J. Tiller
      Ms. Beth Tillett
      Mr. William M. Timberlake
      Mr. Alvin R. Timm
      Mr. William E. Tims
      Mr. T. Bryan Tims
      Mr. Donald R. Tindall
      Ms. Lynda Tinsley
      Mrs. Joyce M. Tipton
      Ms. Joan S. Tipton
      Mrs. Patricia M. Tivnan
      Dr. Nelia Adams Tobey
      Mrs. Mary Nell Todd
      Ms. Donna Marie Todd
      Ms. Martha K. Torkington
      Mr. McNair Tornow
      Mr. Brent A. Torstrick
      Dr. W. Sibley Towner
      Ms. Bernita S. Townes
      The Rev. Jim Townsend
      Mrs. Marie Trantham
      Mrs. Anne E. Treichler
      Dr. G. Earl Trevathan, Jr.
      Mr. John F. Trexler (Deceased)
      Ms. Alice E. Trexler
      Ms. Kim Trone
      Mrs. Joan T. Trotti (Deceased)
      Mr. Michael A. Trotti
      The Rev. Dr. Ostein B. Truitt
      The Rev. Robert Tschanen-Moran
      Mrs. Leonora C. Tubbs
      Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck
      Mr. Gene M. Tucker
      Mr. Walter D. Tucker
      Mrs. Lenoir W. Tucker
      The Rev. Thornton W. Tucker
      Dr. Judy V. Turk
      Dr. Francis S. Turnage
      Mr. J. Neil Turnage
      Mr. Thomas Turnbull, IV
      Mrs. Marjorie S. Turnbull
      Mr. Thomas P. Turnbull
      Ms. Virginia S. Turner
      Ms. Patricia Gill Turner (Deceased)
      Mr. James E. Turner
      Mrs. Jean Tyler
      Ms. Katheryn B. Tyler
      Mr. Joseph M. Tyson
      Mr. P. Cornelius Underdown, Jr.
      Mr. Ken Updike
      Ms. Mary H. Urquhart
      Mr. Carlton W. Utley
      Mr. Douglas M. Valentine
      Dr. Mark Valeri
      Mr. Albert Van Dorp
      Mrs. Edith G. Van Meter
      Mr. Harry E. Van Pelt
      Ms. Ellen Vance
      Mr. Jerry Vandegrift (Deceased)
      Ms. Mary Claire Vanderschaaf
      Mr. F. William Vandiver, Jr.
      Ms. Margaret VanLandingham
      Dr. Jane R. Vann
      Dr. J. Daniel Vann, III
      Mrs. T. George Vaughan, Jr.
      Dr. Robert C. Vaughan, III
      Mrs. Doris C. Vaughan (Deceased)
      Mr. Robert E. Vaughn, Jr.
      Mrs. Christine A. Vaughn
      Mr. Andrew G. Vaughn
      Ms. Catherine S. Vaughn
      Dr.  Ramon Velez
      Mrs. Jean Via
      Ms. Gail Viau
      Ms. Ruth E. Vincent
      Mr. Richard A. Vinroot, Sr.
      Ms. Jacquelyn E. Vinson
      Mr. George I. Vogel, III
      Mr. James J. Vogler
      Mr. Joseph A. Volk
      Dr. Mary L. Voorhess
      Mrs. Lella C. Wake
      Dr. Paul W. Walaskay
      Ms. Nancy Waldo
      Ms. Michelle J. Walker
      Mr. John N. Walker (Deceased)
      Ms. Catherine N. Walker
      Mr. Dan Walker
      Ms. Melanie G. Walker
      Mr. James W. Wall (Deceased)
      Mr. Evan J. Wall
      Mr. James G. Wall
      Mr. Byron D. Wall
      Mr. David G. Wallace
      Mrs. Shirley C. Wallace
      Ms. Yolanda Wallace
      Mrs. Joanne Wallis
      Mr. James R. Walls (Deceased)
      Ms. Beth Walsh
      Mr. Charles Dorsey Walters (Deceased)
      Ms. Peggy S. Walters
      Dr. Daniel R. Walters
      Mrs. Mary G. Walton
      Mr. Samuel W. Warburton, Jr.
      Mr. B. Thomas Ward
      Mrs. Sue M. Ward
      Dr. William B. Warden
      Dr. Mary R. Wardrop
      Mrs.Betty B. Ware
      Mr. James C. Waring
      Dr. Robert B. Warlick, Sr.
      Dr. Harold C. Warlick
      Mr. Lindsay C. Warren, Jr. (Deceased)
      The Rev. David R. Warren
      Mr. Harry J. Warthen, III
      Mr. Robert F. Warwick
      Mrs. Sherry H. Washam
      Mrs. Frances L. Washburn (Deceased)
      Mr. & Mrs. Carlton B. Waskey
      Mr. J. Edward Watson, III
      Mrs. Ann M. Watson
      Mr. James H. Watson
      Mr. Thomas C. Watson, Jr.
      Mrs. Mary R. Watson
      Mr. David Watson
      Mr. Herman E. Wattwood, Jr.
      Mrs. Wanda E. Wazenegger
      Dr. David A. Weatherford
      Dr. Rebecca H. Weaver
      Mrs. Dorothy H. Webb
      The Rev. Pamela Webb
      Mr. Phillip R. Webb
      Mr. & Mrs. Evan H. Webster
      Dr. John Webster
      Dr. James T. Welborn
      Mr. John H. Welborn
      Mr. C. Barret Welchman
      Mrs. Jeanette M. Weller
      Ms. Christine S. Wellons
      Mr. J. Thomas Wells
      Ms. Pamela H. Wells
      Mr. Calvin F. Wells, Sr.
      Mr. Richard A. Wells
      Mr. Jeff Wells
      Mr. Robert B. Welsh
      Mrs. Marilyn Werst
      Mr. Robert N. Wesley, Jr.
      Mrs. John W. West, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Margaret Cannon West
      Mrs. Edwina W. Westbrook
      Mrs. Joyce E. Westbrook
      Mrs. Josephine E. Whang
      Professor Min Hyo Whang
      Ms. Kathi Whitcomb
      Mr. E. Lynwood White, Jr.
      Mr. Otto White
      Mrs. Eugenia N. White
      Mr. Robert I. White
      Ms. Sophie Ann White
      Mrs. Mary F. White
      Mr. William A. White, Jr.
      Mr. Guy H. White, III
      The Rev. Ayuko White
      Mr. Harry L. White
      Ms. Judy White
      Mrs. Rose V. White
      Ms. Candice W. White
      Mrs. Mary Lynn White
      The Rev. Edward A. White
      Mr. Robert M. White
      Mr. & Mrs. Murray B. White, Jr.
      Mrs. Carolyn L. Whitener
      Mr. Charles N. Whitener, Jr. (Deceased)
      Mrs. Elizabeth G. Whitener
      Mr. John C. Whitfield
      The Hon. Henry H. Whiting (Deceased)
      Mrs. Donna Whitlock
      Ms. Susan Edmonds Whitlow
      Ms. Janice Whitman
      Ms. Stephanie Whitman
      Mr. Raymond H. Whitney
      Ms. Donna Wickersham
      Mr. Lyle K. Wieber
      Mr. Walter D. Wiggins, Jr.
      Mr. Christopher W. Wightman
      Mr. Yitzkhak Wilansky
      Ms. Catherine J. Wilck
      Mr. Joe H. Wilck, III
      Mr. William M. Wilcox
      Dr. Henry D. Wilde, Jr.
      Mrs. Anne B. Wilgus
      Mrs. Joan E. Wilkinson
      Mr. Emerson Willard
      Mr. Cranston Williams, Jr.
      Mr. R. Bertram Williams, III
      Mrs. Eunice Wall Williams
      Mrs. Nancy I. Williams
      Dr. Max W. Williams
      Mr. John L. Williams
      Mr. David Miles Williams
      Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams
      Mr. Timothy P. Williams
      Ms. Anne S. Williams
      Ms. Sharell R. Williams
      Ms. Elizabeth C. Williams
      Ms. Patricia B. Williamson (Deceased)
      Ms. Margaret J. Williams-Riecke
      Ms. Fay B. Willis
      Ms. Mildred L. Willson
      Mrs. Anne C. Wilson (Deceased)
      Dr. Bonny B. Wilson
      Mrs. Mary G. Wilson
      Dr. Robert A. Wilson
      Mr. Charles T. Wilson, Jr.
      Mrs. Mary H. Wilson
      Mr. John F. Wilson
      Mr. R. F. Wilson (Deceased)
      Mrs. Nancy D. Wilson
      Mrs. Janet H. Wilson
      Mr.  Clifton M. Wilson, Jr.
      Mrs. Joan B. Wilton
      Mr. William B. Wiltshire
      Mr. Paul Faison Winborne
      The Rev. Robina Winbush
      Ms. Nancy D. Windes
      Mr. Joseph T. Wingard, III
      Mr. W. Allen Winget
      Mr. & Mrs. James W. Winslow
      Mr. Reginald C. Winstead
      The Rev. Milton Winter
      Mr. McDonald C. Winton
      Mrs. Katie M. Wireman
      Mrs. Jayne Kelley Wirrick
      Mrs. Elaine O. Wise
      Ms. Emma G. Wise
      Mr. Dan Witherspoon
      Miss Patty Artz Withrow
      Mr. Peter McDearmon Witt
      Mr. R. Thomas Wolfe
      Mr. Richard D. Wong
      Miss Janie E. Wood
      Mr. James A. Wood
      Mrs. Virginia H. Wooddell (Deceased)
      Mr. John H. Woodfin, Jr.
      Mrs. Marilyn M. Woodhouse
      Mrs. Betty G. Woodruff
      Mr. Samuel B. Woods, Jr.
      Mrs. Julia M. Woodward (Deceased)
      Mrs. Roland C. Woodward
      Mrs. Mary Ann Woody
      Mrs. Velva Woollen
      Mr. S. Dillon Wooten, Jr.
      Mrs. Julia S. Worth
      Mr. William Alan Wray
      Mr. Robert A. Wright
      Mrs. Jill Wright
      Mr. Fletcher Wright
      Mr. Perrin Wright
      Mrs. Peggy W. Wright
      Mrs. Andrea N. Wright
      Mr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins
      Mr. Julius E. Wroniewicz
      Mr. Richard S. Wurst
      Mrs. Joyce C. Wyatt
      Mrs. Pauline C. Wynn (Deceased)
      Mr. Robert L. Wynn, III
      Mr. David I. Wynne
      Mrs. Pauline W.  Wysor
      Mr. Mark E. Yachmetz
      Mr. Marcus E. Yandle, Sr.
      Ms. Shirley Yates
      Mr. John E. Yeates
      Mrs. Judith H. Young
      Mr. Glenn A. Young
      Dr. John A. Young
      Mr. Richard D. Young
      Mr. James L. Young
      Ms. Yvette V. Young
      Mr. David B. Young
      Mr. William Young
      Mr. Shuwaski Antwan Young
      Ms. Carolyn V. Young
      Mrs. Doris B. Youngdale
      Mrs. Jean Penny Yount
      Dr. Sylvia Yount
      The Rev. Yeo O. Yun
      Dr. Louis Zbinden
      Dr. James M. Zealy (Deceased)
      Ms. Hanna Zhu
      Mr. Clarence M. Ziegler (Deceased)
      Dr. Beverly A. Zink-Sawyer
      Mr. David Shane Zumbro