UPSem Alumni Reception in Pasadena, California

UPSem Alumni Reception in Pasadena, California

On a beautiful Saturday morning, in late November, ten UPSem alumni and spouses gathered for a reception held at the Monte Vistas Grove Homes in Pasadena, California. Hosted by Rebecca and Dean Thompson (B.D.’69, Th.M.’70, Ph.D.’74) with Huw (Th.M.’71) and Rachel Christopher (M.A.’72), the gathering provided opportunity for alums and friends to gather, share, and hear remembrances of their time as students in Richmond at Union and at PSCE.  Alumni Director, Clay Macaulay (D.Min’85) provided an update on current activities for UPSem in Charlotte and Richmond, and responded to questions about the seminary.

In addition to the Thompsons and the Christophers, those attending the reception included James Lee (Ph.D.’12) and Charlene Jin (Ph.D.’07), Phyllis and Bryce Little, Marilyn Manning (M.Div.’91) and Marie Melrose (PSCE,’72).   Established as a retirement community in 1924 by the Synod of California, Monte Vista Grove Homes provides independent living and full care to nearly 200 senior adults.  It is a holistic and vibrant senior community, as shown by those who gathered together on November 23rd, 2019.


Clay Macaulay (D.Min.’85)

Director of Alumni Development