Costs of Attendance


Full-time students are eligible to apply for on-campus or subsidized housing. Housing rates vary according to size and location. Apartment and dormitory charges should be paid promptly on the first day of each month. A housing deposit of $50 for new students is required to hold the apartment. A damage deposit equal to one month’s rent is required. A key deposit of $25 per key is collected at move-in.

During construction of new apartments, subsidized housing will be available at Abbington West End Apartments. This complex is approximately 12 minutes from campus.

On-campus housing charges are less than Richmond-area standard market rates and include basic utilities.

Dormitory rates range from $357 to $379 per month, depending on size, location, and bathroom facilities.

The following monthly rental rates for apartments at Abbington West End Apartments include all basic utilities except telephone and cable.



      • $470 per semester hour/ $1,410 per 3 credit hours course
      • $14,100 typical for nine-month academic year if 30 credit hours are taken
      • $2,820 courses worth 6 credit hours (i.e. Summer language school)
      • $16,920 total cost for 36 credit hours

      • $15,000 per year
      • $1,500 per term for Th.M. students who extend study past one nine-month academic year
      • $3,000 continuation fee per year for Ph.D. students
  • FEES

      • $200 activity fee per fall and spring terms for full-time students
      • $150 graduation fee for Dual degree recipients
      • $125 graduation fee for M.Div., M.A.C.E., and Th.M. degree recipients


Moore Hall 1BR - $379Melrose Place 2 BR - $725
Richmond Hall 1 BR - $475Abbington West End Apts 1 BR - $838
Richmond Hall 2/3 BR suite - $455Abbington West End Apts 2 BR - $953
Richmond Hall 4 BR suite - $440Abbington West End Apts 3 BR - $1,097

Living Expenses

1 Month9 Months11 Months

Expenses are based on a single student living in an apartment.

  • New students who begin in the fall term have a nine-month budget.
  • New M.Div. and Dual students who begin in the summer with Summer Language School have an 11-month budget.
  • Returning students taking Clinical Pastoral Education, Supervised Field-Based Learning, or Summer Supervised Ministry have an 11-month budget.

For a term or combination of terms not listed above, multiply the number of months attended by the one-month budget.

Living expenses for Federal Stafford Loan purposes are determined according to federal guidelines, which do not allow for living expenses for other family members. Only expenses of the student can be used for determining federal loan eligibility. Higher allowances are generally used to determine institutional aid, especially for married students.

Charlotte Campus


      • $470 per credit hour/ $1,410 per 3 credit hours course
      • $8,460 is typical for the 12-month academic year if 18 credit hours are taken over the three terms
  • FEES

      • $50 student activities fee per term ($150 per year)
      • $150 graduation fee for Dual degree recipients
      • $125 for M.A.C.E. or M.Div. degree recipients



      • $470 per credit hour/ $1,410 per 3 credit hours course
      • $5,640 is typical for the 2 semester academic year if 12 credit hours are taken
  • FEES

      • $15 activities fee per course
      • $125 graduation fee for M.A.C.E. degree recipients