Former students welcome President Blount to Taiwan

By Mike Frontiero
Director of Communications

Union Presbyterian Seminary President Brian K. Blount lectured in Taiwan at the Taiwan Theological College and Seminary. While he was more than 8,000 miles from home, many familiar faces greeted him.

Dr. Blount taught Cultural Hermeneutics with the help of several translators, including Union Ph.D. alum Hung-Chaun Lai and some former students of Blount’s from Princeton Theological Seminary. The president of the host seminary in Taiwan also is a former student of Blount’s.

“All told, I had taught four of their current faculty,” Dr. Bount said. “And I was president of Union when Hung-Chaun was a student here in Richmond. It’s nice, as a teacher, to see people impacted by one’s work in ministry in places like Asia.”

Dr. Blount gave five lectures in Taiwan. During his two-week overseas trip, he also visited China.

President Brian K. Blount, center, with Union Ph.D. alum Hung-Chaun Lai and his wife Daphne.

President and Mrs. Sharon Blount in front of the seminary chapel.

A poster promoting President Blount’s lectures.