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Lesson Plan–Divergent: Insurgent (2015)


Samaritans and “The Factionless”–what do these topics have to do with the 2015 movie Insurgent? Perhaps the story in this film can help us better understand Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke’s gospel. This weekend retreat lesson plan for young adults or youth invites participants to explore what divides us and how we can better live into God’s call for a factionless world.

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Gathered at the Table: a Weekend Movie Retreat

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This retreat lesson plan invites Christian adults to view three classic films together and consider selected Biblical and theological texts to help the group think about, and experience, being a Christian community. The retreat experience especially engages participants to think about the role of table gathering and sharing of food in Christian tradition, theology and liturgy. What happens at the table when the group is gathered to eat?

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Faith Review: Selma (2015)


This film by director Ava Duvernay (the first African American woman to receive a Best Director award at Sundance Film Festival and a nomination for a Golden Globe Award) combines the genres of biography, documentary and drama in presenting the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King within the context of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  The film, reviewed here by Dr. Pamela Mitchell-Legg, Professor of Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary,  raises questions about how to live the Christian life amid the challenges of particular times and places in our broken world.


Faith Review– 28 Days (2000)


This is a film that chronicles Gwen’s journey from addiction to recovery and focuses on the role of community in that process. Initially resistant to help from her rehab counselor, Gwen slowly begins to admit her problems, participate in group activities, and develop relationships with other patients.

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Faith Review – The Lorax (2012)



Ted is desperately wanting to impress Audrey. They live in Thneedville, where everything — including the trees — are synthetic. In order to win the heart of the environmentally-interested Audrey, Ted seeks to find a real tree. Jessie Smith reviews this adaptation of the Dr. Seuss’ story. Theological discussion questions are included.

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