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Movies for Children and Adults to Share

For the most part, the movies we review on this site are  appropriate for youth and adults.  But, as Union Presbyterian Seminary graduate Mary Anne Welch points out,  watching movies and discussing them together can open children and adults to different points of view, and can lead to sharing deeper thoughts and feelings in a safe and accepting environment.

Mary Anne has developed an introduction to watching movies with your grandchildren, but anyone who loves children and interacts with them can use this guide.  Download the introduction today, and come back Thursday for a wonderful guide to 16 movies that are great for sharing together!

Photo used with permission

Monsters, Inc.

This is a family movie intended to entertain while offering a story on morality and character. There is a range of intentions from the simple story for little children that laughter is stronger than being scared to a complex interwoven story of morality, corporate responsibility and profitability.