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Faith Review – Extraordinary Measures (2010)



In the 2010 film, Extraordinary Measures, the difficult and painful issue of terminal illness among children is tackled. The narrative follows the actions of a father with two children who are diagnosed with Pompe’s disease, which will kill them before they reach their teen years. He discovers a medical scientist who may provide the cure, and they relentlessly pursue this end through numerous hoops and struggles. In this faith review, some discussion questions are provided based upon the moral issues involved and the Christian struggle with discerning God’s will.


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Extraordinary Measures

Five Children & It

Union Presbyterian Seminary alumna Kelly Hames reviews this family film that makes can help children think about the distinctions between magic and hope.

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The Sound of Music


The Sound of Music (1965)

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Union Presbyterian Seminary student Noe Juarez offers suggestions for theological conversation with this perennial family favorite.

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Web Resource: Movie Mom


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Today’s review is of a blog on Beliefnet where Nell Minnow has been looking at movies with a parent’s eye for more than ten years.  Click on the image above to read a review of her blog.

Blood Diamond

blood diamond

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Union Presbyterian Seminary student Lisa M. Lewis-Jenkins states that “bringing theology to bear upon this film can help us understand the the complexities of this film and responsible Chrisian ethics. ”  She  suggests that comparing and contrasting the social gospel of Rauschenbusch with responsible ethics of Reinhold Niebuhr or Bonhoeffer could be useful with adult groups when using this film.