Interfaith Studies and Middle East Travel Seminar

THE140 Christian Theology & the Abrahamic Religions - Ralston

Jews, Christians, and Muslims all claim to worship the one God, who created the universe, called Abraham/Ibrahim, and revealed God's will to humanity. Yet they disagree on issues of profound import such as the (tri)unity of God, the centrality of the law, and the identity of Jesus and Mohammad. In light of this complex history, this course aims to stimulate Christian theological reflection both about and with our Abrahamic cousins. Our theological trialogue will focus on the following themes: God, creation, scripture(s), land, law, prophets, supersessionism, and the Shoah. Assignments will include readings from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim authors, class presentations, a review essay and a final constructive project. 


Tuition for the course is $1,350 for three credit hours ($450 per credit hour), plus travel costs, room and board for two campus visits. Students not currently enrolled at UPSem should contact Tanya Wineland for enrollment information. 

Please be sure to review technology requirements on the hybrid course landing page on the UPSem website.

Middle East Travel Seminar

The Middle East Travel Seminar, "Lands of Faith and History," is set for May 8-29, 2014. The itinerary this time will take us to Turkey and Israel/Palestine, with opportunities to see ancient sites, walk in the footsteps of the Israelites and first Christians, and to learn more about the modern cultures of these fascinating places. Trip leaders are Professors Samuel L. Adams, Frances Taylor Gench, and Joshua Ralston. The approximate cost is $5,500 (the seminary does provide student subsidies), inclusive of air, lodging, and food.

If you have decided that you would like to travel to the Middle East, please email Sam Adams ( a paragraph articulating your interest in engaging this experience. The paragraph should indicate why you are interested in this particular seminar and what you hope to gain from participating in this learning experience. If you are a Union Presbyterian Seminary student, please indicate your degree program and year. If you are an alumni/ae or "friend" of the seminary, please indicate the year you graduated from Union or PSCE (if applicable), your current vocation, and why you want to go on this particular trip.