We are One We are One

ONE in spirit. ONE in vision. ONE in faith and service to the church.

Our Vision

Be ONE with us. Pledge your support today and ensure Union’s capacity to equip the church and its people to care for the world in the 21st Century.

With more than 200 years of faithful service behind us at Union Presbyterian Seminary, we enter our third century ready to build on our strengths and respond to the needs of our students, alumni, congregations, and the global church.

With a vision to serve the church in new ways, the leadership at Union has moved boldly forward. In a time of economic recession, the Board of Trustees voted for a fundraising campaign of $53 million. Volunteers and staff have raised $48 million during the “silent phase” to support new programs needed for a changing society and a changing church.

  • It’s about going out into the communities, empowering and encouraging this type of dialogue and action. This is one thing we can do to continue Kurtis’ life-long passion and legacy. It just feels right!

    - Jean Hess

Nine New Initiatives

More funds have been raised since we opened the campaign to a wider audience in November 2016. To complete the funding of these important initiatives, we are asking for your financial support for the last $3.5 million in our $53 million campaign!

A Message From Our Co-Chairs, NOVEMBER 2016

Dear Alumni and Friends of Union Presbyterian Seminary:

As he prepared his disciples for his imminent departure, Jesus lifted a prayer for those who would remain in this world as the body of Christ.  “Holy Father,” he said, “protect them . . . so that they may be one, as we are one” (John 17:11).

Christ’s hope was—and is—that the church bearing his name would be unified in faith, unified in service, and unified in love.  For more than 200 years, the institution now known as Union Presbyterian Seminary has been preparing leaders to serve that lofty hope. Today, that hope is still drawing together those who love the seminary and its mission.  We are one in our gratitude for what Union has done for us and our congregations.  We are one in our confidence in our current administrators, faculty and students. And we are one certainly in our enthusiasm about the next chapter of our beloved seminary as we take our first steps into a third century of faithful service to God.

For the past several years, the campaign team has been cultivating donors who have the means to offer major gifts to the seminary. Thanks to the generosity of such contributors, we have reached the $47 million mark in this quiet phase of the “we are ONE” campaign.  Now, it’s time for all of us to carry the seminary the rest of the way home. While most of us are not able to offer six-figure donations, all of us are members of the one body of Christ, and all of us are called to do our part for that body. In short, we cannot be ONE without you.

Because this campaign is all about unity, we are seeking as much participation from our alumni and friends as possible. Any gift you could offer—whatever the amount may be— will push us closer to the ultimate campaign goal of $53 million.

The fact that you are reading this letter means that you are already one of us. You have already played a significant role in the story of Union Presbyterian Seminary. Our hope in writing to you is that you will choose to remain a part of this ongoing story of faithfulness and service—that you will lend your hand to the exciting new chapter that we are writing together in the “we are ONE” campaign.

As you prayerfully consider what you can do today for the seminary we all love, we are honored to stand with you in gratitude, in faith, and in the abiding hope that we will continue to serve Christ and his church together for another 200 years.  We pray that you will join us in this work—that you will recommit your time, your energy and your treasure to Union Presbyterian Seminary as we come together in mission and ministry.


  • John W. Kuykendall, ‘64

    Campaign Co-Chair

  • Peter A. Bynum, ‘09

    Campaign Co-Chair

P.S. Be ONE with us. Pledge your support today and ensure Union’s capacity to equip the church and its people to care for the world in the 21st Century.

Our Goal

We are ONE, and we are on our way – but we need your participation to help raise the last $3.5 million to meet our $53 million campaign goal. Participate in God’s new things at Union Presbyterian Seminary! Pledge your support today. The time is now. The future is calling.

Total Raised $49.5 Million

we are ONE:
Goal $53 million.


Campaign Cabinet


John W. Kuykendall*
Peter A. Bynum*

Charlotte Honorary Chairs:

Elizabeth A. Harkey
William A. White, Jr.

Korea Co-Chairs:

One Ho Park*
Jong Hyeong Lee*

  • Samuel L. Adams
  • Richard C. Anderson
  • Richard N. Boyce*
  • Katie G. Cannon
  • Deborah Hodde
  • John C. Jester IV
  • Steven C. Lilly
  • Elizabeth Link
  • Katherine Belk Morris
  • Katherine W. Paterson*
  • Matthew A. Rich*
  • John B. Rogers, Jr.*
  • J. Marcus Shim
  • Lillian J. Smith
  • O. Benjamin Sparks III*
  • Claire W. Trexler
  • Jane R. Vann
Trustee Advancement Committee:
  • Edward L. Roberson III, Chair
  • Susan Forester DeWyngaert*
  • Fairfax F. Fair*
  • Carol Anne Love Jennison
  • Anne H. Logan
  • Matthew A. Rich*
  • Peter S. Ro