Celebrating 200 years

Union Presbyterian Seminary, one of 10 theological schools of the PCUSA, was founded in 1812 as a theological adjunct of Hampden-Sydney College in central Virginia. Above, Dr. Christopher Howard, president of Hampden-Sydney College, and Dr. Brian K. Blount, president of Union Presbyterian Seminary, stand in front of an historical marker commemorating the seminary's historical location on the Hampden-Sydney campus.

Take a walk through the seminary’s history and listen to the podcasts along the way that tell the story

Episode 1: How and Why the Seminary Was Created. In this seven-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser explains the circumstances that led to the 1812 creation of a Theological Institution in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia. Click Here

Episode 2: From Hampden-Sydney to Union Seminary. In this seven-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser describes the Seminary’s early years, including a few without a professor. We then learn where the name “Union” comes from.
Click Here

Episode 3: A Southern Institution.  In this eight-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser discusses the rise of sectionalism in the years leading up to the Civil War, how a New Yorker kept the seminary going, and why its leaders decided to move the campus to Richmond.  Click Here

Episode 4: The Move to Richmond. In this seven-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser describes how the seminary’s 1898 move from Hampden-Sydney to Richmond profoundly transforms its character, in what’s sometimes called the beginning of urban ministry. Click Here

Episode 5: Integration.  In this six-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser recounts how the seminary began to include minorities and women as students, and how it participated in the Civil Rights movement. Click Here

Episode 6: Question of Identity.  In this 5-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser chronicles how the war in Vietnam and questions over faculty qualifications threaten the seminary’s sense of self. Click Here

Episode 7: P.S.C.E. In this eight-minute episode, Dr. Sweetser explains how the Presbyterian School of Christian Education, later federated with Union Theological Seminary, came to be.  Click Here