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Faith Review–True Confessions (1981)




Robert Duvall, who plays homicide detective Tom Spellacy, and Robert Deniro, who plays his younger brother Father Desmond Spellacy, a Catholic priest,  try to reconcile despite vast differences in their life experiences. Based on the 1977 novel by John Gregory Dunne who also co-wrote the screenplay, True Confessions is filmed entirely on location in Southern California with the Roman Catholic Church as an ever-present backdrop.

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Nebraska (2013)

nebraska As followers of Christ we are eager to serve others, but what, exactly, does that entail? In this film, younger son David (Will Forte) reluctantly puts his own daily life on hold so that he can accompany his aging father Woody (Bruce Dern) on what David perceives to be a dead-end quest. Yet the trip offers both of them opportunities for reconciliation and growth. Is the film suggesting that when we bear one another’s burdens we experience the redeeming presence of Christ? Nominated for six Academy Awards, this film directed by Alexander Payne employs the classic journey tale while illuminating human brokenness and the power of love, hope, and kindness.

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Faith Review – 12 Years a Slave (2013)

12 years a slave


Set two decades prior to the beginning of the Civil War, 12 Years a Slave tells the story of a free black man, Solomon Northup, who is captured and sold into slavery. All of the brutality and horror of slavery is depicted in graphic detail, but there is hope for Solomon through the help of Bass, portrayed by Brad Pitt. In this faith review, theological questions are provided for group discussion.


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Faith Review – Tender Mercies (1983)



Mac Sledge is a former country star whose life has become empty and lonely, fighting alcoholism his whole career. Divorced from his wife and distant from his teenage daughter, Mac comes across a widow who owns a small motel. She helps him with some work and eventually they are attracted to one another, finally marrying. Through this relationship, Mac is able to get his life back together, gets baptized, starts writing again, and even tries to heal his relationship with his daughter. In this faith review, several discussion questions are available, related to themes of mercy, love, faith, relationships, and so on.


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Faith Review – Gran Torino (2008)



Walt is a retired Korean war veteran and a recent widower. His neighborhood has deteriorated, crime has spread, and Walt is caught in the middle of it, confronted with an Asian gang in the neighborhood. One of teenage boys, seeking initiation in the gang, tries to steel his prized 1972 Gran Torino. Walt thwarts the effort, but eventually comes to help the boy pursue a better path. In this faith review by Jonathan Davis, discussion questions are included, involving themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, race relations, and community.


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gran torino