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American Beauty

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This film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1999.  This film can be somewhat difficult to watch as it has the same effect as the awkward feeling one experiences when a couple argues loudly during a dinner party at their house. It is real. It is uncomfortable.  But reviewer John Elam thinks it is worth your time!


Up (2009)

Occasionally, more than one student reviews the same movie.  Such is the case with Pixar’s UP.  If you click on the image at the left, you’ll be treated to two different reviews of this wonderful movie.

Field of Dreams

Watching Field of Dreams could help your group look at some of the big theological questions about the Kingdom of God, sacrificial love, and salvation.  All of this from a movie about baseball!

Freedom Writers (2007)

FAITH REVIEW – Freedom WritersFreedom Writers Thumbnail

Fiddler on the Roof