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Clips and Lessons – Sister Act and Worship

Sister Act and Worship


What is worship? How do we come together as a community and sing our praises to God? What is the goal of worship? Explore these questions and themes through a clip from the film, Sister Act. Numerous discussion questions and activities are included in this lesson plan targeting high school youth.

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Sister Act

Faith Review: Billy Elliot (2000)

Billy Elliot\


Struggling to pursue the gifts that God has given you? Facing opposition from family and the expectations of class and culture? Explore these themes through the 2000 film, Billy Elliot, the story of a boy pursuing his gift of dancing. Included at the end of the review are conversation starters and theological topics.

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Billy Elliot qr

Clips and Lessons – Using Elf to Explore “Who Are You?”

Elf Who Are You

Welcome to the new rollout of Theology and Film.  We begin with our first program designed to be taught in the space of an hour or less.  We call these “Clips and Lessons.”  We begin by asking the question “Who Are You?”  Student Russ Pearson has put together this lesson for middle and high school students that helps us to learn that we are children of God, each with our own special and spiritual gifts.  As you check out the “Clips and Lessons,” take a moment to sign up for email notices of new postings.  Visit us at



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Ratatouille (2007)

What can a rat teach us about using our gifts, welcoming the ‘outsider’ and considering how we treat those who we think don’t belong in the same places we do?  This wonderfully-animated feature film might help you think about these questions.

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The Guardian (2006)

How are we stewards of our gifts for the kingdom of God?   In what ways do we encourage others to use their gifts?    This is one of the theological questions asked in this 2006 drama that takes place at a Coast Guard training facility.