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Last Chance Harvey

Lasdt Chance Harvey (2008)

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According to Union Presbyterian Seminary student Marty Simmons, this film is an excellent one to use in considering who is the outsider, what it is like to be in community, who decides who is allowed in
the community, and the possibilities of new community and reconciliation.

To read more about the film and how to use it as a conversation starter, click on the image to the left.

In America

In America (2002)The themes of redemption, hope, pain, loss and possibly immigration are all present in this film.

Click on the image to be taken to the review of the film by Bob Tuttle, recent Union Presbyterian Seminary graduate.

The Bucket List

The Bucket List (2007)

Today’s post offers both a faith review of The Bucket List and a suggested way to use the film in theological conversation with an adult study group.

Click on the image to read Mason Todd’s review of The Bucket List.

Up in the Air

Up in the Air is a film which allows the viewer a different perspective on the successes and losses encountered in the business world and the impact of those events on one’s personal life and relationships. In this uncertain economy, it is a very topical.

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Gran Torino

Gran Torino engages the audience around theological themes of how we accept, love, care for, and serve others who are different from ourselves.

In today’s post, you have not only a review of a movie, but also a good set of questions that can be used to engage your audience in theological discussion about the movie.  Check out both resources by clicking on the movie image to the left.