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Clips and Lessons – Priorities and Despicable Me

Despicable Me and Priorities


Our priorities are often a relentless pursuit of selfish ends — security, prestige, renown, pleasure. Yet, these selfish priorities can be disrupted by love, beauty, and grace. We are then torn and must make the choice of whether to reorient our priorities. In this lesson by Russ Pearson, you can lead your students into a discussion involving this dilemma, as demonstrated in the film, Despicable MeDiscussion questions include a comparison with Jesus’ priorities in Luke’s gospel.


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Priorities and Despicable Me

Clips and Lessons – “Greatness” and Despicable Me

Despicable Me - Gru


What is true greatness? In the film, Despicable Me, Gru wants to be the greatest by performing the crime of the century! In Luke 22, the disciples want to be the greatest in the Kingdom of God, but are their priorities much different from Gru’s base ambitions and desire? What does Jesus say? Explore this theme in this lesson by Russ Pearson, designed for middle or high school youth.


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Despicable Me and Greatness

Clips and Lessons – The Least of These: Using Clips from Radio

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How do we reach “the least of these” — those who are poor and dispossessed, broken and weary, confused and depressed? What does it look like when we reach outside of our own private worlds and enter the world of another — perhaps a darker world than we are accustomed to? In this lesson designed for youth groups, the class leader will facilitate discussion and activities around this theme, using clips from the film, Radio.


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Clips and Lessons – Living Into the Fullness of Life and The Bucket List

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We all know that “life is short,” but do we use the time given us to live fuller and more faithful lives? How should Christians think about their “bucket list”? This lesson will help you lead your class into a discussion involving these critical questions, using a clip from the movie, The Bucket List. Click on the QRcode or scan it to open this lesson:


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Wall Street

Wall Street (1986)

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Union Presbyterian Seminary student Newton Cowan offers both a review of Wall Street and some suggestions for ways to engage a class in conversation.

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