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Faith Review – Eat Pray Love

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How does our search for a meaningful and enriched life intersect with our search for God? In this film review by Jana Creighton, you will discover a number of theological themes throughout the 2010 film, Eat Pray Love, related to a woman’s quest for an integrated physical and spiritual life. There are several possible conversation starters included.


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Last Chance Harvey

Lasdt Chance Harvey (2008)

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According to Union Presbyterian Seminary student Marty Simmons, this film is an excellent one to use in considering who is the outsider, what it is like to be in community, who decides who is allowed in
the community, and the possibilities of new community and reconciliation.

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Something to Talk About

How should we, as persons of faith, respond to the question of infidelity in marriage?  How do we, as family and friends of married people, help them to uphold their marriage vows?  How can we help families heal during a divorce?  Bringing our theology into conversation with this movie could be an important way to talk about those questions.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Freedom Writers (2007)

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