Faith Review–After Earth (2013)

after earth

In this futuristic film written by Will Smith and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Kitai Raige is fighting the creature Ursa as well as fighting his own doubt, fear, and guilt. His father urges him to “take a knee” in order to focus on the present moment. What does “taking a knee” mean in this context?  What does “taking a knee” mean with reference to fear and confidence?

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Faith Review–Philomena (2013)

philo   This film, directed by Stephen Frears, tells the heartbreaking story of a broken system under the direction of Irish Catholic nuns who take care of pregnant, unwed, young women. It is a story that explores issues related to shame, abandonment, repression, anger and ultimately forgiveness. Where is grace given? Where is grace received?  Philomena (Judi Dench) and a political journalist (Steve Coogan) go on a quest to find out about Philomena’s son Anthony.

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Faith Review–Becket (1964)


Becket is a fictionalized account of the 12th century conflict between King Henry II of England (Peter O’Toole) and Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Richard Burton). It tells the story of historical persons who struggled with the issue of church vs. state—a debate that was well underway in 12th century England and is still a hot topic in our own nation.


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Faith Review– 28 Days (2000)


This is a film that chronicles Gwen’s journey from addiction to recovery and focuses on the role of community in that process. Initially resistant to help from her rehab counselor, Gwen slowly begins to admit her problems, participate in group activities, and develop relationships with other patients.

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Nebraska (2013)

nebraska As followers of Christ we are eager to serve others, but what, exactly, does that entail? In this film, younger son David (Will Forte) reluctantly puts his own daily life on hold so that he can accompany his aging father Woody (Bruce Dern) on what David perceives to be a dead-end quest. Yet the trip offers both of them opportunities for reconciliation and growth. Is the film suggesting that when we bear one another’s burdens we experience the redeeming presence of Christ? Nominated for six Academy Awards, this film directed by Alexander Payne employs the classic journey tale while illuminating human brokenness and the power of love, hope, and kindness.

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