The Least of These: Using Clips from Radio

Radio Least of These

[“Homeless,” by Haynes King (1831-1904) & the Movie poster of Radio]




“The Least of These”

Topic for Conversation:  In Matthew 25 Jesus tells us that when we treat the least of these with love we do it unto him. This study is intended to get youth to think outside their own social circles and be encouraged to treat “the least of these” with love.

Age group/intended group for discussion: High School Youth

Time frame:   45 minutes

Film (Title, year, director, availability – sources and formats):  Radio, 2003, Michael Tollin, DVD, Blue Ray, Netflix DVD

Scene(s) to use:  Chapters 22-23 DVD 1:17:06-1:24:00

Description of scene(s):  These two scenes deal with the death of Radio’s mother. She dies of a heart attack and Coach Jones go to visit Radio with his daughter. The house is a wreck as Radio is very upset and doesn’t understand what’s going on. After they leave Coach Jones explains to his daughter why he loves Radio by sharing a story from his childhood where he looked the other way.

How to set up clip viewing:  Radio is becoming more apart of Coach Jones family and his daughter has become a little jealous. This scenes picks up after a few setbacks with Radio and finds Radio facing the toughest situation of his life: the death of his mother.

 Questions to ask group before watching clip:

1.  What would you say to Radio?

2. What would you say to your daughter in this situation?

3. What is more important in this clip: Saying the right thing or just being there for someone?


View the clip: Chapters 22-23 DVD 1:17:06-1:24:00


Theological conversation after viewing:

1.  Read Matthew 25:31-40 as a group

2. What are some things these people did to others that Jesus counts as service to him?

3. What are some modern examples of people who are considered “the least of these”?

4. Coach Jones shares his story where he ignored someone in need when he was younger. Have you ever ignored someone in need? Share if you will

5. What does Coach Jones do that would be in line with these verses from Matthew? (spends time with Radio, meets with him at his most vulnerable, commits to being his friend during both good times and bad, etc)

6. We are called to love others just as Christ loves us. What are some ways in which we can become the sheep in this passage?



 Plan a service project with the youth. Let this project be “people oriented” where they must interact with others for it to be complete. Try to let the youth pick an idea but give them some suggestions like visiting people in the nursing home, visiting Church member shut ins, going to a children’s hospital and playing with the kids, etc. Pick a date and time and do it! All to often we have studies without much service. This study has the opportunity to do both and help the youth see their role as sheep in this world.


Close the session with this prayer:

God of love, help us to love others as you love them: without condition. Help us to see others with your eyes so we can be the sheep of this world. Give us the courage to step out of our comfortable lives and do something with our faith. Help all we do to bring glory to your name. In the name of Jesus the Christ we pray. AMEN.


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