Come and See: Sister Act and Worship

sister act and worship


COME AND SEE: Sister Act and Worship

Topic for Conversation: This movie clip is about worship. By using our God given gifts we are enabled to invite others to experience the joy we find in Christ. Mary Clarence shows the choir a bit of real soul in this clip and in the process of sharing their God given gifts others are gathered in to worship. They learn what real worship is about: Loving God with all you have.

Age group/intended group for discussion: High School Youth. Prepping for youth Sunday or other worship planning.

Time frame: 1 hour

Film (Title, year, director, availability – sources and formats): Sister Act, 1992,Emile Ardolino, DVD, Blue Ray, Netflix DVD

Scene(s) to use: Chapters 16-17 45:20- 57:52

Description of scene(s): These two scenes begin with a choir practice where Sister Mary Clarence is invited. She soon gets asked to help direct and instantly changes the feel of the choir. They slowly become a bunch of voices competing with each other to a cohesive group. Sister Mary Clarence brings out their natural God given gifts so they can be used for worship. This worship becomes infectious when they sing in church as others outside of church join in.

How to set up clip viewing: Explain to the group that prior to these scenes Mary Clarence was actually a Vegas singer who witnessed a murder. She was placed into protective custody and sent to the convent for protection. She brings her gifts with her to the convent and helps others explore and share their gifts for worship.

Questions to ask group before watching clip:

1. How does worship feel at your church?
2. What is the point of worship? Who are we worshiping?
3. Should worship be happy, contemplative, serious, or a mix? Why?
4. How does Sister Mary Clarence use her gifts?
5. Why do the people come in off the street?
6. How can worship change people?

View the clips: Chapters 16-17 45:20- 57:52

Theological conversation after viewing:

1. Read 1 Corinthians 12:26-40 as a group. Split it up as necessary.
2. What are some things said about how the Church in Corinth should worship?
3. What are some differences between your church and this Church in regards to worship?
4. Verse 26: “Let all things be done for building up” (NRSV) Does it build up the church or tear it down to have women leadership in church today?
5.Why did music change the atmosphere of worship in the movie clip?
6. What changes would you make to your worship service if you could?
7. What gifts have you brought to worship? Or what gifts could you bring to worship?


Option 1: Plan a worship service. Let youth give their input to plan a worship service. They can be as creative as possible. Use this worship service for a youth Sunday, youth group, or retreat. They can be plugged in, have ownership, and share their gifts.

Option 2: Make a altar/communion cloth. Communion (Eucharist) is an important part of worship for many people. Get some canvas or other heavy material and plenty of markers or tempura paint. After this study instruct youth to make a cloth they can use for worship to cover the altar or worship table. There are many ways this can be done so let their creativity flow. Encourage them to make it their own wonderful, joyful, creation.

Close the session:  If you chose to make the worship cloth, then place it on the table and gather around it. Otherwise just circle up.  Ask youth to share prayer requests and give ample time to hear them. After that ask the youth to think of one gift they have that they can use for worship. Ask them to think about that as you close in prayer.

“Gracious God. Thank you for opportunities for worship. Thank you for the gifts you have given us and thank you for letting us share these gifts. Help us as a Church to respond to worship with joy as we go out into the world. Give us courage to share the joy we experience with others in meaningful ways in hopes one day they could experience their own joy. Be with us and guide us we pray. Amen.”


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