Clips and Lessons – Moneyball and Finding Your Worth



“Finding your worth” lesson by Russ Pearson

Topic for Conversation:  This study is designed to help the youth understand that their worth is not found in material possessions or money, but rather it is found in our identity as children of God. God seeks us because we are worthy to God.

Age group/intended group for discussion: High School Youth

Time frame:  45 minutes- 1 hour

Film (Title, year, director, availability – sources and formats): Moneyball, 2011, Bennett Miller, DVD, Blue Ray, Netflix DVD

Scene(s) to use:  Chapters 15-16 Start at 1:54:45 End at 2:07:10

Description of scene(s): (Warning: Adult language is used) In these scenes Billy Beane, the GM for the Oakland Athletics, meets with the Boston Red Sox to consider an offer to be their new General Manager. Billy then meets with Pete and Pete says he was offered that amount of money because he is worth it. There are some scenes where Billy considers it. At the end of the movie the text tells us Billy didn’t take the offer but stayed in Oakland.

How to set up clip viewing:  This is the story of manager Billy Beane and his new way of making a team. The A’s have just lost their division series and their season is over. Billy is about to meet with the Boston Red Sox to consider an offer.

Questions to ask group before watching clip:

1. What does Billy have to gain by going to Boston?

2. What does he have to lose by going to Boston? (his daughter would be further away for one)

3. How tempted do you think Billy is?

4. Does his conversation with Pete help or hurt his decision? How?


View the clip: Chapters 15-16 Start at 1:54:45 End at 2:07:10



Theological conversation after viewing:

1.  Read Matthew 13:44-46 as a group.

2. Split the youth into 2 smaller groups and assign then one of the parables.

Group 1- Verse 44

Group 2- Verse 45-46

Instruct the groups to rewrite these parables using modern day examples. Give them about 5 minutes to do this. Listen to each group as they explain to the larger group.

3. What does the world consider worthy?

4. What is considered worthy in these parables?

5. Read this to the group: “In these two parables Jesus is describing what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. In the first parable it is like the treasure; the second it is like a merchant searching for pearls. The first describes the Kingdom’s worth, while the second describes what the Kingdom views as worthy: You. You are the pearl that the merchant is searching for.

6. What makes you worthy? (Or what makes people worthy to God?)

7. What are some ways that we can view ourselves as worthy to God? (What changes can we make?)


Close the session:

Gather in a circle and close in this prayer:

“God we thank you for considering us worthy of your Kingdom. When we doubt give us faith. Help us to see what the Kingdom of Heaven is really like. Let us be people who understand it’s worth and understand it wants us because we are worthy. We ask all these things in the name of Jesus who makes us worthy. AMEN.”


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