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Easy A


Topic for Conversation: This study deals with the topic of judging others. Youth will discuss real life situations. This clip does have some adult language and themes so be cautious and know your group before doing this study. The beginning of the clip starts a little in the scene. It leaves out Olive’s present, which is an adult toy, mainly because it is not relevant to the study and would be distracting.

Age group/intended group for discussion: High School Youth

Time frame:  45 minutes

Film (Title, year, director, availability – sources and formats):  Easy A, 2010, Will Gluck: DVD, Blue Ray, Netflix DVD

Scene(s) to use:  Scene 13 and 14: 37:10-42:32

Description of scene(s):  Olive has made a deal with the devil so to speak. Her friend Brandon, who is secretly gay, asks Olive to fake having sex with him so the guys won’t bully him anymore. She agrees and as rumors spread she throws out all the cards and takes on the identity people gave her- A slut.

How to set up clip viewing:  Tell the youth that these clips have some adult themes present as well as adult language. Encourage them to be mature about this as the overall theme is more important. Tell them that Olive is a regular high school girl until she is asked to fake having sex with her gay friend Brandon. These scenes are the direct aftermath of her choices.

Questions to ask group before watching clip:

1. Why do people love gossip?

2. Why does Olive do what she does?

3. Once the rumors begin, is there a clear way out? Why or why not?

4. What group would you fall into? (Evangelicals, Olive, Olive’s ex-friends). Why?

View the clip: Scene 13 and 14: 37:10-42:32


Theological conversation after viewing:

1.  Read John 8:1-11 as a group.

2. Who are the characters in this story? (write them down for all to see)

3. What roles do they play? (write them down for all to see)

4. How do these roles relate to High school?

5. Why does Jesus respond the way he does?

6. What is the bigger issue here: Interpretation of scripture or pointing out sinners

7. How does Olive relate to the woman in the story? How does she differ?

8. What role would Jesus play in Olive’s story?

9.  Split youth into two or three small groups. Give them these talking points:

A. Talk about a situation in school that got blown out of proportion because of gossip

B. Talk about why gossip is fun

C. Talk about the effects gossip can have on friendships.

10. Gather back in a large group and ask youth to share their stories.


Close the session:

Gather in a circle and tell youth to remain silent for 1 minute. Tell them to pray silently for those people who have been affected by gossip. Tell them to pray for themselves to be the ones who treat others like Jesus treated the woman. Say “AMEN” when 1 minute is up.


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Click here to open a printable copy of this lesson by Russ Pearson

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