Clips and Lessons – ‘Sister Act’ and Resurrection


Sister Act

“Practicing Resurrection”

Topic for Conversation: This movie clip is about resurrection. The Sisters bring back their neighborhood from the dead and resurrect it into something new. God practices resurrection all the time and invites us to do the same thing in our lives.

Age group/intended group for discussion: High School Youth

Time frame:  45 minutes

Film (Title, year, director, availability – sources and formats): Sister Act, 1992,Emile Ardolino

DVD, Blue Ray, Netflix DVD

Scene(s) to use:  Chapters 18 Reaching Out:  57:52- 1:04:07

Description of scene(s):  This scene begins with Sister Mary Clarence after worship with the Mother Superior. The Mother is upset because of the change in worship. Sister Mary Clarence tricks the Mother into agreeing to let the convent go into the neighborhood to help out. The Sisters use their gifts and help resurrect their neighborhood.

How to set up clip viewing:  Explain to the group that prior to these scenes Mary Clarence was actually a Vegas singer who witnessed a murder. She was placed into protective custody and sent to the convent for protection.  She brings her gifts with her to the convent and helps others explore and share their gifts for worship and evangelism.

Questions to ask group before watching clip:

1.  Why do we worship?

2. How to the Sisters help the neighborhood both physically and spiritually?

3. What is the result of their actions?

4. How do they share their gifts?

5. How do they share the love of God?



View the clip: Chapters 18 Reaching Out:  57:52- 1:04:07


Theological conversation after viewing:

1.   Read over the questions you asked prior to viewing and let the youth answer them.

2.  Read Romans 6:5-11 to the group, then ask for a volunteer to read it again.

3.  In Jesus’ resurrection we see new life. What are other examples of resurrection? (Spring, trees losing their leaves and growing new ones, etc.)

4. How to the Sisters practice resurrection?

5.  Split the youth into smaller groups of 3-4. Ask each group to come up with a list of ways that we can practice resurrection.

6. Let each group present their ideas. Write them for all to see. Let the group vote on which ones they would like to do and plan a time to go and do it.

7. Why is practicing resurrection important?


Close the session:

Gather in a circle and close in this prayer:

“Gracious God we thank you for the story of the resurrection. Awake us to the death that is all around us and empower us to be people who bring resurrection. Be with us as we cannot do this alone. In the name of the Risen Christ. AMEN.”


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