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There are many websites that deal with themes of faith in movies today. This week, we offer information about thirteen of our favorite theology and film sites, that we use regularly. We hope you find some of them helpful to you, too…and we would love to hear from you about other theology and film websites you like!

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Lesson Plan – Inside Out (2015)



This 2015 Academy Award winning animated  film brings to life the emotions within a young girl named Riley.  We watch Joy, Anger, and the other feelings interact as Riley experiences daily life.  People of ALL ages can enjoy the film and engage in conversation about their own feelings and experiences.

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Lesson Plan – Spotlight (2015)

Spotlight was the winner of the 2016 Academy Award for best film. It deals explicitly with ETHICAL issues. For example: How should our media handle stories involving the church? Ethically, how do we in the church, handle situations of potential abuse toward children? What is our responsibility to the victims of abuse?

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“Crisis Hotline” (2015) – Lesson Plan




Suicide among our military veterans is a serious ongoing problem.  This award winning documentary takes us inside the world of a counseling hotline for veterans.

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Lesson Plan–Divergent: Insurgent (2015)


Samaritans and “The Factionless”–what do these topics have to do with the 2015 movie Insurgent? Perhaps the story in this film can help us better understand Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke’s gospel. This weekend retreat lesson plan for young adults or youth invites participants to explore what divides us and how we can better live into God’s call for a factionless world.

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