Hybrid Takes on a New Meaning at UPSem

These days, hybrid often refers to the newest, most flexible model of fuel efficient transportation. At Union Presbyterian Seminary, hybrid refers to the newest, most flexible way of receiving theological education. Hybrid courses will be taught beginning this fall at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

These hybrid classes will provide the opportunity for students to learn from Union faculty who are among the top scholars in their respective fields. They are offered with a combination of online and intense on-campus classroom learning. In addition to current students, a limited number of other learners will be able to take one or more of these hybrid courses as limited-enrollment students. The on-campus schedule for Fall 2012 term hybrid courses is September 20-22 and December 6-8. Unless otherwise noted, all on-campus instruction is offered on the Richmond campus.  Among others, topics will include wealth and poverty in the bible, women in the bible, women as preachers, and social ethics.

Just as the hybrid vehicle provides new opportunities for consumers to make the best use of earth’s natural resources, the hybrid courses provide expanded opportunities for students to balance the desire for learning with their individual schedules.

If interested, contact the Admissions Office of Union Presbyterian Seminary at www.admissions.edu or 1-804-278-4339. Fall term 2012 application deadline is August 1 and for Spring term, December 15. For more information.