Charlotte Campus Service of Thanksgiving

Alums, students, faculty, staff, and students of Union Presbyterian Seminary gathered at Queens University on Saturday, July 21st one final time to celebrate not an end but a beginning. In September when UPSem, Charlotte campus resumes classes, it will be in the new state-of-the-art facility on the grounds of Sharon Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC.

When the Charlotte campus first started, everyone worried about how this part-time, commuter student program leasing space from another university would ever form community. One important part of the community life that continues to flourish is the weekly worship.

While marking the end of an era on the Queens University campus, many recalled the early days of Friday night worship when it was in Morrison Hall around the conference table that the Lord's Supper was observed. Some recalled particular classes or professors who helped shape their ministries, or special events like the Texas Independence Day BBQ, when everyone came to eat, laugh, share fellowship, and listen to blue grass music. Although many expressed that they would miss the particular beauty of the Queens campus, all knew that it was not the buildings that house the memories, but rather the heart.

With some members of the Queens University administration attending, Dean Currie presented a gift to Queens' Associate Vice President of Advancement Adelaide Davis in appreciation for their hospitality and support over these past ten years. Without the benefit of Queens' infrastructure, the road would have been much harder indeed.

A Litany of Thanksgiving lifted up all those whose faith, industry, support, and vision has sustained us and moved us forward toward the realization of the new campus. Those mentioned included past and present students, faculty and staff, as well as the Dean's Advisory Council, the Board of Trustees, and many generous financial supporters.

It was another milestone in an albeit short history, but one that we hope to reflect upon in the future when we recognize and celebrate our beginnings on a journey that was itself a leap of faith.