Exploring the Question of Jesus in Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Like Judaism, their Abrahamic cousin, Christianity and Islam insist that there is "No God but God." There is one God, the creator of all that is, and God alone is worthy of worship and praise. Human beings, however, are prone to idolatry—for mistaking what is not God with God. While Christianity and Islam share a commitment to monotheism, they disagree significantly about the identity and work of Jesus of Nazareth.

On February 17, at 7:30 pm, in Lake Chapel at Union Presbyterian Seminary, Joshua Ralston, instructor of theology, will offer the 2014 Dawe Lecture. His lecture will examine the question of Jesus—particularly Christian claims that he is the Word of God made flesh—within Christian-Muslim dialogue.  

Joshua Ralston joined the faculty at Union Presbyterian Seminary in January of 2013. His teaching and research is animated by the challenge of faithfully communicating and creatively rethinking Christian claims about God and the world in light of the history of Christian thought, other religious traditions (especially Islam), and the shifting socio-political landscape of the 21st century. His commitment to Christian-Muslim dialogue has been shaped not only through study, but more profoundly through teaching theology and interfaith relations in Nigeria and Egypt and through living in Israel/Palestine.

This lecture is free and open to the public. To view live webcast, go to www.unionlive.org

The Dawe Lecture series, which is held annually at Union Presbyterian Seminary, is funded through The Donald and Nancy Dawe Fund for Emotional and Ethical Growth. Because of Professor Dawe's long-standing interest and commitments in the area of multi-religious and multi-cultural understanding and interfaith dialogue, this lecture series seeks to contribute towards deepened awareness and insight in these areas of intellectual and especially practical religious concern.