Congregational Awards in Recognition of Innovative Ministries

For the 22nd year, Union Presbyterian Seminary has granted the Congregational Leadership Awards to churches who have shown leadership in developing new and effective ministries. As a national program, the awards of $1,000 each have been given to congregations in 28 states, touching the lives of thousands of individuals. Among the criteria for selecting award recipients is the realization of significant change in the congregation as a result of the initiative. In times of budget decreases, declining memberships, and competition for time and resources of congregants, the 2013 Congregational Leadership Awards winners have proven that the church is still a vital force in the daily lives of those who seek God.

Congratulations to the 2013 Congregational Leadership Award recipients: 

Homestead United Presbyterian Church of Homestead, PA, received The Al Dimmock Award for its excellence and congregational involvement in the empowerment of older adults.

The Community Presbyterian Church of Waldport, OR, received the Elinor Curry Award for its ministry of outreach and social concern that addresses the call of the church to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God,” and in so doing changes the congregation.

United University Church of Los Angeles, CA, received the W. T. “Tolly” Thompson Award for creatively meeting a vital Christian education need in the church community.

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Salem, OR, received the Katherine Hawes Award for its effective youth ministry that engages youth in all areas of the church’s mission, extending beyond the church into the community and the world.

For a complete overview of the 2013 Congregational Leadership Award recipients and information on the 2014 Congregational Leadership Awards, go to:  congregational_leadership_awards/