Extended Campus Community

The Extended Campus Program, referred to as the ECP community, offers persons who are unable to relocate to our Richmond campus and who are not able to commute to our Charlotte campus the opportunity to pursue the M.A.C.E. degree on a part-time basis.

Courses offered in the ECP community fulfill the same course requirements as the full-time M.A.C.E. residential program in Richmond. The course structure seeks to accommodate, insofar as institutional resources and goals permit, the busy schedules of adults with careers and families.

The required time for complication of the M.A.C.E. program through the ECP community will vary and is dependent upon several factors. These factors include how many classes are taken per term, enrollment status, and whether transfer credits from another institution are accepted. Generally, the minimum time required to complete the M.A.C.E. program through the ECP community is five years of continuous enrollment in two courses per term, the maximum number of courses per term allowed.