A Day in the Life of a Charlotte Student

So, what is it really like? 

First, let's talk about being a commuter student.  The Charlotte program is non-residential; therefore, the commute will probably be a major factor in your decision on where to take classes,  If you live outside of Charlotte, don't despair! We’ve had students come from as close as across the street and as far away as Eastern Tennessee.  Students quickly discover who lives in their area or along their route and carpools (as well as friendships) rapidly form.

Some students arrive on Friday afternoon or evening for an elective class, but others simply come early to avoid a pre-dawn commute.  A few will stay with “Friday Friends” who have opened their homes to seminary students for overnight accommodations and others with local students whom they have come to know.   However, most weekends mean starting your first class between 8:15–8:30am on Saturday morning.  For some, this may mean awakening to a very early alarm clock to bring them in from surrounding cities.    One way or another everyone makes it to class, and generally there is coffee (lots of coffee) involved along the way.

Classes last from 3 to 3½ hours (elective v. required) and there are breaks built in to class time.  At noon everyone who would like to gather for worship meets in the conference room where they will spend half an hour in fellowship.  A guest preacher from the community, one of the faculty, or even student cohort groups may be leading worship that day.  There is another hour for lunch on your own – although many students find this a great time to catch up with friends, finish that last bit of reading, or visit the library.  Classes resume at 1:30 and will go until 4:30 or 5:00pm.

There’s no doubt that it’s a full day, but it is a fulfilling day as well. There are ample opportunities to check in with professors on projects and assignments, meet with study groups, or simply relax for a few minutes between classes. We strive to make the Charlotte seminary campus more than just a place you spend your Saturdays, but rather a place that you consider your home as well. A place where you are encouraged in your journey, trained for your ministry and brought into a community of faithful believers who, like you, are seeking to answer God’s call.