Charlotte Community

So what is it like to come to classes on the Charlotte campus? The Charlotte campus offers a unique opportunity for students whose jobs or other obligations during the week would prohibit them from undertaking a traditional weekday degree program to obtain a M.Div. or M.A.C.E. Often students are answering a call that has been many years in its formation and which will be a second or even third career for them. So, if this sounds like you, or even if you’ve just finished your undergraduate degree and are ready to answer a call to ministry, the Charlotte program is ready and waiting to take this journey with you.

Life on the Charlotte Campus

Exciting News!

April 4, 2013

Our Celtic cross has arrived!

The Charlotte campus was buzzing recently as our eagerly awaited 8-foot cross sculpture arrived.  The cross, designed by the mother-daughter team of Ruth McNay-Gray and Linda Harp of Kerrville, Texas, is unique in many ways.  It bears images, such as the Union Presbyterian Seminary logo and the baptism of Jesus, on the front, and a series of Chrisian symbols that grace the back (which is visible from the grand staircase of the seminary). It is also one of the largest pieces these artists have created and required approximaely six months of work.  The material is poured concrete which means this piece weighs in at nearly 5,000 pounds!  It was gently lowered into place by crane as the faculty and staff watched its careful passage from truck to courtyard.  It is an exquisite cross that not only bears witness to our faith, love, and committment to God, but will also be a symbol of our continued mission to train men and women for the work of the church.  We hope you will stop by and see it in person!


What does “a day in the life” of a Charlotte student look like?

Since the majority of our students are working during the week as well as attending to family and church obligations our classes meet on weekends.  All core classes will be offered on Saturdays to ensure that students are able to meet their required credits in a timely fashion.  There are often electives, or additional sessions of core classes, offered on Fridays.

         So, what is it really like? 


One frequently asked question is…

How do we shape community?

  •  Weekly worship led by members of the faith community, faculty members or students
  •  By being part of a “Cohort” (the group of students with whom you enter classes with in the fall) 
  •  On-line communities on BlackBoard and other forums like Facebook
  •  Faculty presence on campus; Professors who are regularly available to meet with students
  •  Carpooling with other commuting students from your area
  •  Forming study groups
  •  Special events hosted by the seminary
  •  Informal gatherings such as meals in-between or after classes with other students and faculty
  •  Building relationships with “Friday Friends” for those needing overnight accommodations
  •  M.A.C.E. and M.Div. students take classes together



Now that construction is completed on our new campus we are also often asked…

How does the new building affect student life?

  • Self-contained campus with worship, classroom and administration all in one building
  • Areas designed with a comfortable “homey” atmosphere both inside and outside the building to provide plenty of space to gather informally with friends or study groups
  •  Increased opportunities for interaction with the local community
  • Access to Sharon Presbyterian Church’s sanctuary for preaching classes and other seminary events
  • Easier and more convenient access to the theological library
  • Adjacent parking
  • A variety of restaurants from quick meals to full service within a 1 – 2 miles radius
  • Improved technology in both the classrooms and library
  • Ability to host more continuing education and community events

Check out our library blog and facebook page as well as the Charlotte worship facebook for recent photos and information about life on the    Charlotte campus! 

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