Alumni Giving Back Scholarship

Present Giving, Future Change


Union Presbyterian Seminary has a strong tradition of providing excellent scholarships to students.

Why Give?

·       Our students need support:  They are juggling families, jobs and studies.  Many are in school part time because they cannot afford full time study.

·       The church needs support—Students who graduate with high debt loads can often not afford to go to smaller churches where salaries are lower.  Churches, large and small, need our excellent graduates from Day One after graduation.

·       The seminary needs support—increasing costs and the general state of the economy make it more difficult to maintain our commitment to providing student financial support.

Why you?

·       Chances are, if you were a student at Union, ATS, PSCE, or Union-PSCE, you received support when you were here.  The people who helped you were often alumni/ae such as you.  They cared about your education.

·       The Alumni Office is committed to connecting alumni/ae with students and the seminary.  “Alumni Giving Back,” is a very tangible, needed, and immediate way that connections that make a difference can be made.

·       A seminary education is not just valuable professionally.  It also has value for the Body of Christ, the Church, as men and women leave this place to serve Jesus Christ.  Gratitude to the seminary is one thing.  Gratitude to God is our ultimate goal.  Giving out of gratitude, indeed can foster:

“…Present Giving.  Future Change.”

Giving is easy:    Monthly payments are debited to your bank account or debit card—no need to remember to write checks.  We debit your account or card until you tell us to stop.

Giving is do-able:  $20 a month is something that we can all do—less than a dollar a day.

Funds gathered with other alumni participation will be deposited to a restricted Alumni/ae Scholarship Sponsorship Fund.  Your Scholarship Sponsorship Fund will be distributed annually to support:

1.     Scholarship for ECP and part-time students

2.     Support for students in the Community Leadership Program providing pre and post-matriculation mentoring

3.     Stipend support for graduates receiving calls from a small church with 75 members or less—an important strategy to sustain small church development

Giving is fulfilling.  Your financial support and prayers will help sustain our commitment to our students.

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For more information, please contact:  Rev. Dr. Clay Macaulay,, 804.278-4382