Union Presbyterian is offering an alumni UPSEM email address to all alums!

Here's why:


* Believe it or not, not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter! If you know the name of a classmate, you can easily send them an email via a UPSem email address.

* With alumni emails, we can stay in touch with you even when you move.

* Using email as a more frequent form of communication, "going green" means less paper and less postage.


Key benefits of your Union Alumni Email Account (IT IS FREE!)

* Powered by Google, you receive free use of Google Apps-calendar, document sharing, website creation...efficient and simple ways to communicate and collaborate.

* Union Presbyterian email address for life:  Keep one email address for life and keep in touch with other alums and your alma mater--no matter where you move or if you change employment.

* From Alabama to Zambia!  Cloud technology allows you to connect, retrieve documents, update your church or personal calendar, or grab a contact from  your address book--no matter where you are.

* Tons of storage:  With 25 GB of online storage for your email, you never have to delete a message or worry about having enough storage to save large files such as video files or files containing graphics.

* Real-time collaboration:  With Google Docs, you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with people you invite-share a sermon, a calendar, a spreadsheet, a video, a photo gallery.  No need to go into your email and keep sending items to others.  Now, you can decide who can have access and invite them in.

Too many email accounts already?

It's easy to forward your al.upsem.edu email to your other existing email account.  Just follow the instructions after you have signed in to setup email forwarding.  Or if you want to get the most out of the features of your Google Apps account, you can manage and integrate your existing email accounts into your Union Presbyterian Alumni account. It's not as complicated as it sounds!  We'll help you out. 

We are constantly striving to offer useful programs and services to our alumni.  To take advantage of them, please go to  Resources.  There you will find several exciting new services such as our latest offering:  Union Exchange--a job posting and search site.  We will also be providing an alumni/ae Online Directory service soon!


Here to add value to your Union Presbyterian Seminary education, we're with you for life.

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