Financial Aid for Current Students

Need-Based Grants

Student Eligibility and Application Process

The deadline to apply for need-based grants was June 1.

Need-based grants are available to qualified students in the M.A.C.E., M.Div., and Dual degree programs who apply by the due date.

Recipients must be full-time students and making satisfactory progress in their degree program. Eligible students must submit the Union Presbyterian Seminary Application for Need-Based Financial Aid no later than April 15th. Need-based grant recipients must re-apply and re-qualify each year. Prospective students who were not awarded a scholarship may also submit the need-based aid application.

Denominational affiliation, degree program, and status may affect the level of tuition support. Students who are members of the Presbyterian Church(USA) may be eligible for need-based grants of up to 100% of tuition. All other qualified basic degree students in eligible programs may receive need-based grants of up to 75% of tuition. This includes students who are members of the PC(USA), but who do not intend to be under care, or who do not have endorsements from their sessions.

Merit Aid

Merit and Promise for Parish Ministry Scholarships are awarded to incoming students based on their application for admission. Scholarships may be renewed by the faculty’s Student Awards and Assessment Committee (SAAC) each spring if the recipient continues to meet the conditions for the award.

Students who did not receive a scholarship at admission and who have achieved at least a 3.0 GPA during their study at UPSem may apply for a scholarship in January. Applications will be available from the financial aid office in February. The SAAC reviews these applications for academic merit and community participation. Awards will only be made if there are available funds in the budget.

Other Sources of Funding


Students who are members of the Presbyterian Church(USA) may be eligible to apply for grants from the denomination through the PC(USA) Office of Financial Aid for Studies. A student in the M.Div. program must be enrolled as an Inquirer or Candidate. The application period opens in April and ends in June. All applicants must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for this grant. Students may register for notification of the application period with the PC(USA) Office of Financial Aid for Studies.

The Fund for Theological Education

Information on grants from outside sources can be found at the Fund for Theological Education website.

Start your search early. Most scholarships have an application deadline in February or March.


Union Presbyterian Seminary also participates in the Federal Stafford Loan Program. While loans should be viewed as a last resort to financing a theological education, some students find them necessary to meet expenses. Approximately 20% of our students borrow from this program each year. For graduate students, the maximum unsubsidized loan is $20,500 per year. Although loan eligibility is based on cost of attendance less expected family contribution, a student cannot borrow in excess of $20,500.

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as the first step in applying for a loan.  Students should make sure that they complete the FAFSA that relates to the academic year for which they are seeking a loan and key in the Union Presbyterian Seminary school code of G03743.