Limited Enrollment Applicants

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Non-Degree Limited Enrollment

Union Presbyterian Seminary accepts a limited number of non-degree seeking, Limited Enrollment (LE) students each year. Limited Enrollment students may choose this path as:

  • Continuing education for a pastor or Christian educator
  • Personal growth through a limited number of seminary courses
  • Students from other seminaries seeking a course offered through Union such as Presbyterian polity
  • An opportunity to experience Union Presbyterian Seminary while discerning their own call to ministry

Limited Enrollment Requirements

Applicants must have graduated from a college or university accredited by one of the nationally-recognized regional accrediting agencies.

Limited enrollment students may take a maximum of four courses across any platform. Exceptions must be approved by the associate dean for academic programs in Richmond or the academic dean in Charlotte.

Limited enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid.

Limited enrollment students may subsequently apply to a degree program, and if admitted, request transfer credit for a maximum of four courses through the appropriate dean. A limited enrollment student must have paid all seminary bills before being admitted to a degree program.

Application Process

APPLICATION  Complete the Application for Admission.  You may either submit the form electronically, or you may print it out and mail it to the Admissions Office.  If you submit the form electronically, please don't forget to mail your check or money order for the application fee to the Admissions Office.

REFERENCES Please provide the names of two persons such as a pastor or church educator and/or a professor, or someone who can comment on your academic ability. In considering your request, Union Presbyterian Seminary may find it helpful to contact other sources of information.

TRANSCRIPTS Applicants must have an original transcript, showing courses and grades, sent directly from each accredited four-year college or university they have attended. A final transcript showing a bachelor's degree and the date conferred must be on file before a student may enroll.

ESSAY Limited Enrollment applicants must submit an essay of less than 800 words that speaks about their educational and ecclesiastical background, the courses they wish to take, and their reasons for taking them.

BACKGROUND CHECK A background check is required of all applicants who are:

  •     U.S. citizens
  •     Resident aliens
  •     International applicants who have lived in the U.S. for the last two years

The Admissions Office recognizes that personal integrity, emotional health, and spiritual maturity are essential to faithful and effective ministry. Yet we affirm that even serious misdeeds have sometimes been a part of an experience of growth, transformation, and call, by the work of God's Spirit that leads a person to seminary, and to faithful ministry. We also realize that people come to the attention of criminal justice systems for a variety of reasons-including not only the commission of crimes but also mistaken allegations, acts of civil disobedience, and systemic injustices such as racism. No charge or past offense automatically disqualifies an applicant from admission. All records will be evaluated in context, and prior to an admission decision.

The background check consists of two parts:

  1.     Applicants should download a Personal Disclosure Statement, disclose any information that may be found by the legal background check, sign the form, and mail it to the Director of Admissions at the address given.
  2.     Go to, click on "students," in the Package Code box, enter "ua37," select a method of payment for the $36.00, and complete the questions.

Presbyterian Church (USA) students need only complete the background check once. All PC(USA) seminaries can share. Your application file is not complete until the Personal Disclosure Statement and the results of the background check have been received at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

APPLICATION FEE An application fee of $30.00 must be included when mailing the application.
SUBMIT Mail application and all supporting documents to Union Presbyterian Seminary, Office of Admissions, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227.

Checklist Reminders

  • Even if you are applying using the online application, you may need to print out additional forms, fill them out by hand, and mail them.
  • If you are mailing the paper form, please include the application fee with your application form.
  • Each PDF form will open in a separate browser window.
  • To download our PDF forms you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug In.
  • For help or information, email or call Admissions Assistant Tanya Wineland at or 804.278.4221.