International Applicants

Union Presbyterian Seminary welcomes international students who plan to serve the global church.

Basic Degrees Applications



  • Documented endorsement of their denomination or other church agency.
  • English Language Proficiency:  International students who do not speak, write, or read English as their first language are required to submit scores from the four sections of the internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT). Scores from the paper-based test will no longer be accepted. Applicants must achieve a minimum of 20 on each section of the iBT. Those who have completed four years of bachelor’s or higher level of study in an institution where English is the primary language of study may request an exemption from the Director of Admissions. Test information is available from Educational Testing Services at
  • Interview:  An interview with a member of the faculty is required. Once we have received your completed application and your TOEFL scores, we will help you to schedule it. There are three ways in which you may interview: in person on either campus, by Skype, or by phone. Please contact Tanya Wineland, Admissions Assistant, at 804.278.4221 or by email at to arrange your interview.
  • Financial requirements:  An International Student Certification of Funding form with bank statements showing available funds from each source of assistance and documentation certifying the availability of funds sufficient to cover living expenses during the course of study at Union Presbyterian Seminary. Applicants who are accepted must deposit funds with the seminary by May 1 preceding the fall term.
    • Living Expenses (2014-2015 estimated costs)
      $31,383 single student 12-month budget for insurance, tuition, books, and living expenses if living on campus.
      $42,687 married students with no children 12-month budget for insurance, tuition, books, and living expenses if living on campus.
    • Financial Aid
      Students who are admitted and qualified for need-based financial aid receive funds to pay up to 75% of tuition. Particularly well-qualified international students may receive aid in the form of merit scholarships. However, international students who accept merit-based scholarships are not eligible for institutional need-based aid. Financial aid will not cover travel or living expenses.
  • The international student advisor in the academic dean’s office will assist admitted students in completing visa forms after money has been deposited.
  • Submit all required forms and deposit all required funds by May 1 for each year of study.
  • All international students and their family members living in the U.S. are required to have health insurance through a company approved by Union Presbyterian Seminary.

Checklist Reminders

  • For questions about the application process, contact Tanya Wineland via email: or telephone: 804.278.4221.
  • UPSem recommends international students not bring family members with them for the first year of study.
  • International applications are accepted for Richmond campus only.
  • International students cannot apply as a Limited Enrollment applicant.